Link: Steven Cree Molison is back in Blackstone

From Frank Peebles of the Prince George Citizen:

Back in Blackstone
Televisions are once again the frame around Prince George actor Steven Cree Molison. The local thespian has been a regular cast member of the cult-popular cable show Blackstone. The program has been likened to Breaking Bad and Weeds for its raw, authentic edginess as it depicts life behind the scenes on a Canadian Indian reserve. Written and directed by aboriginal filmmaker Ron E. Scott, it is woven with humour and heart, but it tackles dirty politics and violence. Continue reading.

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3 thoughts on “Link: Steven Cree Molison is back in Blackstone”

  1. “Compared to…Weeds“?! It’s nice to see a Steven Cree Molison interview – Daryl Fraser is one of the dark-horse characters on Blackstone – but the only connection I see between Blackstone and Weeds is that they both aired on Showcase.

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