Link: Rachel Nichols talks Continuum future – “Perhaps this isn’t the end”

From Morgan Jeffery of Digital Spy:

Rachel Nichols talks Continuum future: “Perhaps this isn’t the end”
“I’d like to see the fourth season be such an incredible success that maybe we can get a little bit more out of it,” she admitted. “Maybe there are some legs to it somewhere else and I think that the fans would be in support of that. Continue reading.

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2 thoughts on “Link: Rachel Nichols talks Continuum future – “Perhaps this isn’t the end””

  1. Wow, the U.S. is only getting S3 of Continuum now?? It’s been so long since it aired here I figured SyFy had aired it long before now.

  2. I’m fairly sure that Digital Spy article is timed to a UK premiere on UK Syfy. S3 aired in the USA a few weeks behind its airing in Canada.

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