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Poll: Who are your favourite Canadian TV cops?

Have you heard the news, Rookie Blue fans? Season 6 of Global’s homegrown cop drama returns on Thursday, May 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Andy, Swarek, Oliver, Dov and the rest make up the latest crop of cops created for Canadian TV shows. How do the Rookie Blue folks stack up against Det. Murdoch and the Toronto Constabulary? Where do Haven‘s east coast coppers rate against B.C. boys and girls in blue?

We’ve put together an exhaustive list of current and past Canadian TV cops for you to choose your three favourites from. If we missed any, type them up in the comments section. Let the voting begin!

Who are your favourite Canadian TV cops?

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Review: Haven closes out explosive midseason finale

When one door closes on Haven, at least one more if blown wide open. And true to form, Thursday’s midseason finale, “Chosen,” did just that, shutting down the Mara/Audrey storyline while jumping off in a somewhat new direction.

Directed by Shawn Piller, “Chosen” picked up from last week’s story with a rapid-fire delivery of some key facts: Charlotte is 1,100 years old and is Mara’s mother. Mara, who is 600, became super-bad after being split from Audrey and doesn’t realize what a truly evil girl she’s been. Also? The mysterious aether is from the void between the two worlds and Charlotte and Mara belong in that other world. As a die-hard Haven fan, even I had to chuckle at the main storyline after I’d typed it. Only in this genre can stuff like that happen and no one bats an eye.

Anyway, Charlotte wanted to meet up with Mara and–with help from Audrey–perhaps the two could show Mara the err of her ways. And, if things worked out like Charlotte hoped, Mara and Audrey would become one again and the Troubles would stop. After all, Mara had said she turned off Duke’s leaking Troubles. (Raise your hand if you loved that exploding husband off the top of the episode. “I told you not to touch anything!” Good old Duke.)

Speaking of, the lanky lad was once again the odd man out in the situation, leaking black eye goo while seeing the gal he’d grown to have feelings for disappear. Now there is just Audrey, and Nathan has his love back. Duke, meanwhile, lost Mara and is in a very bad way. By episode’s end we’d learned that not only had Mara not turned him off like she’d told Charlotte, but he was exploding Trouble leeches out of his eyes. Now, instead of just a few people having them, it looks like every Havenite is going to be Troubled.

Like I said, only on Haven.

Notes and quotes

  • “I’m about eleven-hundred in your years. Mara is six-hundred. Ish.”–Charlotte
  • Turns out Dwight is into super-old chicks
  • “Lady, I know problems and store-bought Kahlua is not a problem.”–Duke
  • “I have to go to The Great Gull to pick up a body. With a sponge.”–Gloria
  • Dave and Vince’s realization that the Croatoan massacre may have happened around Haven is an interesting twist, but there is still lots to cover in that storyline.

Haven returns in 2015 on Showcase.

Review: Edge and Christian’s Haven reunion upstaged by Mommy issues

Once again, I must tip my hat to Shawn Piller and the rest of the folks at Haven. Why? Because my assumptions about Duke and Mara–and a bunch of other things–were all wrong. Thursday’s newest episode “Chemistry,” one week before the season finale, revealed conclusions to a couple of stories while blowing the door wide open on one other. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Dwight and McHugh
A lot was made of the fact former WWE tag team champs Edge and Christian would reunite on Haven (me included), so I was a tad disappointed their meeting was A) short, and B) talk about girls. I know McHugh will be back with more to do next year, so I’m holding out hope he’ll do more than just dry glasses and sip beer. Also, McHugh successfully dethroned Nathan as the man with the lowest and most gravelly voice in Haven.

Duke and Mara
The controversial decision to have them sleep together ended up being what I had suspected was the case all along: Mara used sex to play Duke. Mara and William’s end-game was always to create a weapon of some sort, and now it appears she has one in Duke. Crying black tears (is it aether?) and able to absorb and pass along Troubles? Yeah, Duke just morphed into something equally cool and scary. What he does with these new powers will be very interesting. Will he punish Mara for what she did to him, or will he embrace the awesome powers he has been given? (How neat is it when Duke’s eyes turn grey?)

Charlotte and Dwight
It was super-cute to see Haven’s second most serious cop get jiggy with the town’s newest visitor. After alleviating some stress he was a lot more relaxed and–shocker–even joked with his cot-mate.

Charlotte’s real identity
After realizing she wasn’t from the CDC, Vince wondered if Charlotte was CIA, black ops or even a military contractor. Turns out he was wrong: she is Audrey/Mara’s mother. The repercussions of this reveal is stunning, the most significant of which is that Dwight slept with Audrey’s mother. Let that sit in your mind for a minute or two. Story-wise, it appears Charlotte (if that is even her real name) is intent on nothing but the best forAudrey and wants to take Mara down. Was it Charlotte who put Mara in the barn in the first place? Hopefully we’ll find out the answer to that, and more, next week.

Notes and quotes

  • “What did you think we were going to do? Have brunch? Do crosswords in bed?”–Duke
  • “You have an angry energy, and I like that in bed.”–Mara
  • “You’ve got the heart of a figure skating judge.”–Dwight

Haven airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Review: Duke and Mara do the dirty deed in Haven

Well, Duke and Mara finally did it. Literally. The pair took the shipping mantle of “Dara” by consummating their relationship on a moth-eaten rug at the fishing cabin. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. To say I was surprised is just plain wrong. I give grudging props to the Haven writers’ room for coming up with a unique way to get Duke and Mara into bed–an expelled Trouble threatened to bake them unless it could be broken by him connecting with someone–but I call foul on the relationship.

As several readers have pointed out, it wasn’t that long ago that Jennifer and Duke were a much-loved item and the woman who killed her was the same gal he just got carnal with. I have a problem with that. Now Duke may end up regretting what just happened, but I don’t think so. After all, this is the same guy who pined for Audrey and now he’s got her. Well, a version of her at least. Haven certainly has a creative way of solving the love triangle.

“Reflections” also got into a battle for the aether, with Duke wanting it prior to his horizontal bop and Nathan and Dwight trying to stop him from taking it. Now a fourth person has entered the fray, a mysterious ball cap wearing dude sporting a Guard tattoo. Since Kirk is the only new character to grab any kind of airtime, I’m pretty sure it’s him.

Meanwhile, the Dwight/Charlotte relationship is starting to smoulder. He invited her out for dinner again but the pair had to call it off after the aether went missing and the latest Trouble–tied to low self-esteem–took up their time. Charlotte may not be from the CDC, but she’s not in a rush to reveal Haven’s secrets either. As a matter of fact, she’s grown more fond of the quirkiness in town, joining forces to stop that latest Trouble and further suppose that the Troubles are science-based rather than supernatural as everyone has assumed. Now that Nathan has stolen a strand of hair from her brush, perhaps we’ll find out just what Charlotte is up to and if it will affect her relationship with Dwight.

Notes and quotes

  • “You are the realest person I know. More real than me most days.”–Nathan
  • “It’s like she was a life-sized Mrs. Potatohead.”–Gloria, after a woman literally fell to pieces
  • “Would you step aside? My popsicles are melting.”–Mara
  • “I like pretty toes.”–Mara

Haven airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

William Shatner joins Haven as recurring guest star


From a media release:

The Shat hits the fan next year on HavenWilliam Shatner (Star Trek) is set to guest star in a four episode arc of the Showcase fan-favourite series in 2015. Canadian icon Shatner will play a pivotal character that has the potential to forever impact the fate of the town of Haven and its Troubled residents.

Airing Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT, Haven races toward its game-changing midseason finale with the last two episodes of 2014.

In “Chemistry” (airing December 4), divided loyalties put Haven’s heroes at odds with one another, while a terrifying revelation changes everything. Canadian Jay Reso – also known as WWE Superstar Christian Cage – appears in the episode, reuniting with his real-life, lifelong friend and former tag-team partner Adam Copeland (WWE Superstar Edge Rated R), who plays Dwight. In a recurring guest role, Reso will play McHugh, one of Dwight’s oldest and closest friends.

Then, in the midseason finale “Chosen” (December 11), a shocking revelation threatens to upend the fragile stability of Haven. Mara’s endgame is finally revealed, while Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) pursue a plan to stop her once and for all.

There’s more Haven to come as the series returns to Showcase in 2015 with 13 all-new episodes. Shatner, Reso, Laura Mennell (Alphas) and Kris Lemche (Joan of Arcadia) are among the guest stars to be featured when the series returns next year.