Everything about Heartland, eh?

Sunday: Lost Girl, Heartland, Dragons’ Den, Republic of Doyle


Lost Girl, Showcase
When Kenzi’s childhood friend is snatched away, Bo follows her bestie underground to help find him. Meanwhile, Dyson’s new partner looks like trouble for Bo.

Heartland, CBC – “The Road Ahead”
Amy and Ty hold off telling the family their great news when they return from their trip to find everyone reeling from the devastating fire at Lou and Peter’s home.

Dragons’ Den, CBC
The Dragons put their fitness skills to the test; a franchise opportunity spins a few wheels and the largest ask ever drops Dragon jaws. Plus; a Prairie product creates a buzz in the Den.

Republic of Doyle, CBC – “Bloodwork”
Jake and Mal are given no choice but to help an escaped convict prove his innocence, and they get a glimpse of the drug trade in the city in the bargain; Tinny’s curiosity about her father grows; Jake finds out why Leslie’s been off the radar. Guest stars: Erin Karpluk, Joris Jarsky, Joel Thomas Hynes, Avery Ash, Gordon Miller.

Sunday: Lost Girl, Dragons’ Den, Republic of Doyle, Heartland, Million Dollar Neighbourhood


Lost Girl, Showcase – ConFAEdential and Season 3 premiere
Kicking off the third season is Lost Girl ConFAEdential, a catch-up show where faenatics get up close and personal with the cast as they discuss the on and off camera antics of the past two seasons. The special is set to air before the season three premiere on January 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase. Season three promises more twists and turns for TV’s favourite succubus, Bo (Anna Silk: Being Erica, Billable Hours). This season sees Bo make a romantic choice, but finds the road to commitment riddled with obstacles. Throughout the season, unexpected jeopardy stalks Bo and those she cares about. Though Bo battles many foes, her greatest enemy will prove to be the one that resides within her.

Dragons’ Den, CBC – “Second Chance”
A Toronto deli drives its way back into the Den; a tanning business from seasons past leaves a Dragon turning red again; and an entrepreneur from Season 1 hopes this time the Dragons will see eye-to-eye with his idea. Plus, a fast food idea comes back for seconds.

Republic of Doyle, CBC – “From Dublin With Love”
The extended Doyle family shows up on the doorstep unannounced and in huge trouble, leaving Jake and Mal to tangle with some formidable gangsters from across the pond; Leslie Bennett is mysteriously absent from work; Jake receives an unexpected gift. Guest stars: Angus MacFadyen, Mark Critch, Oliver Becker, Martin McCann, Arnold Pinnock, Sarah Jurgens.

Heartland, CBC – “The Road Ahead”
Amy and Ty hold off telling the family their great news when they return from their trip to find everyone reeling from the devastating fire at Lou and Peter’s home.

Million Dollar Neighbourhood, OWN Canada – season premiere
The second season of Million Dollar Neighbourhood launches on Sunday, January 6 at 8 p.m. ET, on Corus Entertainment’s OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada), this year featuring the financially struggling residents of Bowmanville, Ontario, who have just 10 weeks to increase their collective net worth by $1 million dollars. With the help of new host, personal financial expert and financial literacy advocate Preet Banerjee, and returning host, expert psychologist Dr. Joti Samra, participating Bowmanville families take on drastic measures as they attempt to wrestle down their personal debt, reign in their spending and find new sources of income as they commit to becoming Canada’s next Million Dollar Neighbourhood.

Heartland’s “epic episode” tonight teased


By Diane Wild of TV, eh?

Some of the Heartland cast were on hand at CBC Vancouver’s Open House and Food Bank Day on Friday, where more than $500,000 was raised for local food banks.

I spoke to Lower Mainland natives Graham Wardle (Ty), Jessica Amlee (Mallory) and Alisha Newton (Georgie) and will have more on our discussion in the new year. But tonight is a big episode. How big? Well, I don’t know, really, but I can guess. If you’re a regular viewer of Heartland you probably can — and have — too. The official blog is hyping this episode as “EPIC.” What could it be, what could it be? Hmm. Apropos of nothing, Ty and Amy sure have been dating for a while, haven’t they?

The cast revealed no actual spoilers, but we talked around the apparently epic episode and its epic scene. I mentioned that I had a feeling people were probably correct in their guessing.

“Probably,” Wardle sort-of confirmed.

“There’s a significant event that happens and while we were shooting the scene of this event, it was supposed to be a beautiful sunset but it was thunder and lightening,” said Wardle. “When you see it you won’t know all these things. We had to use special camera tricks to make it seem the opposite of what it was.”

New tonight: Call Me Fitz, Heartland

Call Me Fitz, HBO Canada – “And Baby Makes … Fuck! Part 2”
With Ali in labour, Fitz sets out to buy the dealership back from the Ruptals before his son is born… and before his Father buys it back first. There’s just one tiny problem – money. So when Ken is kidnapped by the gay mob in search of their Wurlitzer, Fitz must choose whether to rescue him, abandon him, or use the opportunity to finance the purchase of Fitzpatrick Motors. Meanwhile, Josh saves the Ruptals by “killing” them, Ali remains undecided about her priorities, and Meghan falls into a hole.

Heartland, CBC – “Do The Right Thing”p
When Ty needs some engine parts for his broken down truck he’s forced to turn to the last person on earth he wants help from – his stepfather, Wade.