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Link: Cutting the cord: 16% of Canadians don’t pay for traditional TV service, CBC report finds

From Aly Thomson of The Canadian Press:

Cutting the cord: 16% of Canadians don’t pay for traditional TV service, CBC report finds
A growing number of Canadians are ditching their traditional television subscriptions, according to a new CBC research report.

The May 2015 report said more than half of Canadians currently without cable television have “cut the cord,” meaning they had a television subscription and cancelled it.

“With the prevalence of TV content on the Internet and Netflix, Canadians are seeing less need to have a TV subscription,” the report said. Continue reading.

Link: Why TV networks are dialling down divisions and sharing shows

From Simon Houpt of The Globe and Mail:

Why TV networks are dialling down divisions and sharing shows
Much’s audience has Snapchatted and Instagrammed and just plain wandered away lately, so this year its anxious corporate parent tried to win the channel some new friends by placing last Sunday night’s MMVAs on a cross-generational clutch of Bell’s TV properties: Not just Much, but also the main CTV network as well as CTV Two, MTV, MTV2 and M3. Continue reading.

Food Network and Tricon start production on The Incredible Food Race

From a media release:

Family, food, and fun are racing to Food Network Canada’s Fall schedule as production begins on the new Canadian original series, The Incredible Food Race. Hosted by Rick Campanelli (Entertainment Tonight Canada), each episode of The Incredible Food Race features two families battling it out in a super-charged race full of fun food challenges and a main event: the family versus family cook-off of a kid-approved meal.

Food Network Canada’s Chef Corbin Tomaszeski (Restaurant Takeover, Dinner Party Wars) joins the series as chef mentor and commentator for each episode’s main cook-off event. In each episode, the competing families will battle for the grand prize of a year’s supply of free groceries, courtesy of series sponsor, Walmart Canada.

The Incredible Food Race shoots its six episodes across Toronto and the GTA this summer, with stops at some of the city’s most buzzed about food events. Production gets underway this weekend at Toronto Ribfest 2015. The Incredible Food Race will premiere on Food Network Canada in Fall 2015 – broadcast details to be announced at a later date.

YTV renews The Stanley Dynamic for second season

From a media release:

Corus Entertainment’s YTV is pleased to confirm it has renewed its hit show The Stanley Dynamic, from Amaze Film + Television with animation by 9 Story Media GroupThe hybrid live action/animated series focuses on the fun-loving Stanleys, a close-knit family with one big twist: their son Luke is an animated cartoon character. Production on the second season of 26×30 minute episodes begins this summer. The first season of The Stanley Dynamic ranks in the top 5 shows for kids 6 to 11 on YTV.

The first season of The Stanley Dynamic focuses on teenaged twin brothers Larry and Luke entering high school. In the second season, the world of the Stanley family will include even crazier antics from the twins, their sister Lori’s ever expanding insect menagerie, and misadventures with their parents, Lane and Lori. Just when viewers thought they had the Stanleys all figured out, some new additions to the household — including pets and extended family members — will totally shift the Stanley dynamic. Season 2 of the series is set to premiere in Fall 2016.

The Stanley Dynamic brings family viewers together to laugh along with the Stanleys. Cartoon Luke and his flesh-and-blood twin brother, Larry, are navigating high school and trying to fit in. Luke prefers to stay under the radar, but his ability to stretch his body like a wad of gum keeps him in the spotlight, while Larry’s love of attention is constantly getting him into trouble. Luckily, the twins have the support of their cartoonist dad, who chronicles the family’s adventures in his comic strip, their overworked mom, and their bug-obsessed, genius sister. Despite the fact that Luke is a cartoon, in the eyes of the Stanleys and the world around them, Luke is just a regular kid, living in a three-dimensional world.

The Stanley Dynamic was created by Ken Cuperus, Jocelyn Hamilton, and Jamie Piekarz. Ken Cuperus (Total Drama Action, Mr. Young) is executive producer/showrunner with Michael Souther (Call Me Fitz, Saint Ralph) and Teza Lawrence (Call Me Fitz, Saint Ralph) also serving as executive producers. Alice Prodanou (My Babysitter’s a Vampire, The Fresh Beat Band) is co-executive producer and Victoria Hirst (Mr. Young, Away From Her) is the Producer.


Link: Has the CRTC Lost Touch With Canadians?

From Barry Kiefl in the Huffington Post:

Has the CRTC Lost Touch With Canadians?
The CRTC has recently introduced a new policy which affects what Canadian programs we will see on TV. The policy is based on some very questionable sources and often just pure speculation about what Canadians want. Perhaps the Commission has been paying too much attention to pundits and arcane, one-off surveys and too little to average Canadians. Continue reading.