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Link: Katee Sackhoff To Star In & Create Futuristic TV Series For Reunion Pictures

From Nellie Andreeva of Deadline:

Katee Sackhoff To Star In & Create Futuristic TV Series For Reunion Pictures
Battlestar Galactica alumna Katee Sackhoff is set to topline another drama set in the future, this one her own creation. Sackhoff has teamed with Continuum producer Reunion Pictures for the project, Rain, which she wrote and is executive producing though her Fly Free Productions.

Rain is described as an evolutionary parable that gives us a look into our possible future as a species viewed through the eyes of a soldier named Rain (Sackhoff). It explores how the long-term effects of global warming, the burning of fossil fuels and the scientific manipulation of nature’s balance rot the world and contribute to its decline. Continue reading.

WGC Screenwriting Award nominees announced

From a media release:

The WGC Screenwriting Awards, held at the elegant Koerner Hall in Toronto, take place on April 27, 2015. The awards are hosted by writer, actor, and comedian Ryan Belleville, and are co-written with stand-up/sketch comedian Jeremy Woodcock. The WGC Screenwriting Awards have a unique focus: it’s all about screenwriter and script.

Guest presenters include X Company’s Connor Price and Sunnyside’s Patrice Goodman. They will be joined onstage by show runners Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis (X Company), and Gary Pearson (Sunnyside).

More than 150 scripts were nominated for awards in seven categories, with 29 chosen as finalists. In total, 51 screenwriters are up for awards at the gala event. Several special awards, including the WGC Showrunner Award, the Sondra Kelly Award, and the Writers Block Award, will also be presented.

Among this year’s finalists are the screenwriters behind TV drama hits like Saving Hope, Orphan Black and 19-2. TV comedy nominees include scripts from well-known shows like Trailer Park Boys and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. All of the scripts in each category —children’s, animation, documentary, movies and miniseries, shorts and webseries, TV comedy, and TV drama — are strong contenders.

The winners will be announced on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 8:30 p.m., at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning’s Koerner Hall.

The Writers Guild of Canada represents more than 2,200 professional English-language screenwriters across Canada. These are the creators who write the distinctly Canadian entertainment we enjoy on our televisions, movie screens, and digital platforms.
2015 WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalists

The Day My Butt Went Psycho, Season 1 “Everybooty Loves the Great White Butt”
Written by Craig Martin

Fangbone, Season 1 “The Warbrute of Friendship”
Written by Simon Racioppa & Richard Elliott

Johnny Test, Season 6 “Johnny’s Junky Trunk”
Written by Sean Jara

Nerds and Monsters, Season 1 “Kaboom With a View”
Written by Greg Sullivan

Annedroids, Season 1 “New Pals”
Written by J.J. Johnson

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Season 4 “Goodwill Toward Men”
Written by Billy Brown & Dan Angel

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Season 4 “Mrs. Worthington”
Written by Melody Fox

Some Assembly Required, Season 1 “Dance Crew Evolution”
Written by Cole Bastedo & Jenny Siddle

You & Me, Season 1 “Ninja Squirrel”
Written by Katherine Sandford

The Cholesterol Question
Written by Michael McNamara

Norman McLaren: Animated Musician
Written by Donald McWilliams

Shameless Propaganda
Written by Robert Lower

The Best Laid Plans “You Had an Option, Sir”
Written by Jason Sherman and Susan Coyne

Elephant Song
Written by Nicolas Billon

Sex and Violence, Season 1 “Surface Scars”
Written by Thom Fitzgerald

Bill & Sons Towing, Season 2 “Cleaning House”
Written by Mark De Angelis

Darknet “Episode 3”
Written by Doug Taylor

Darknet “Episode 5”
Written by Randall Cole

Out With Dad, Season 3 “Outed”
Written by Jason Leaver

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy “Everyone’s a Suspect”
Written by Jill Golick & Julie Strassman

Mr. D, Season 3 “Old School”
Written by Andrew De Angelis

Sensitive Skin, Season 1 “Not the Haitian Corpse”
Written by Bob Martin

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Season XXI “Episode 16”
Written by Mark Critch, Shaun Majumder, Mike Allison, Bob Kerr, Susan Kent, Greg Thomey, Jon Blair, Sonya Bell, Abdul Butt, Tim Polley, Heidi Brander, Adam Christie, Kevin Shustack, Jeremy Woodcock
Contributing Writers: Dean Jenkinson, Ron Sparks

Trailer Park Boys, Season 8 “Episode 4”
Written by Mike Smith & JP Tremblay & Robb Wells

19-2, Season 1 “Partners”
Adapted by Bruce M. Smith

Lost Girl, Season 4 “La Fae Époque”
Written by Michael Grassi

Orphan Black, Season 2 “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”
Written by Tony Elliott

Saving Hope, Season 3 “The Way We Were”
Written by John Krizanc

Strange Empire, Season 1 “The Oath”
Written by Jackie May

White Pine Pictures developing limited scripted series WIRE MEN

From a media release:

White Pine Pictures and STV Productions are pleased to announce they are collaborating on the development of the limited series Wire Men in association with Power.

Wire Men reveals early tech wars as we’ve never seen, against the backdrop of America’s race to become the industrial and technological leader of the world. Alexander Graham Bell is at the centre of a cutthroat race to invent the telephone and entangled in a bitter rivalry with the unscrupulous Thomas Edison. They were the Zuckerberg, Jobs, and Gates of their day – brilliant young men at the top of their game.

The new drama is based in part on the book Reluctant Genius: Alexander Graham Bell and the Passion for Invention by noted historian and best-selling author Charlotte Gray. Her book Gold Diggers:Striking It Rich in the Klondike, was adapted for the Ridley Scott ratings hit Klondike; the first scripted series commissioned by Discovery.

The collaboration marks the first time these two Award-winning production houses are working together on a project.

The partnership between Executive Producers Peter Raymont (White Pine Pictures), Alan Clements and Sarah Brown (STV Productions), and Susan Waddell, CEO of Power, was initiated at MIPCOM last year and the agreement was signed at this year’s MIPTV 2015.

The series will be produced as a UK-Canada treaty co-production and Power will act as the series’ international co-producer and distributor and will be discussing the project with broadcasters at MIPTV.

Canadian Media Production Association seeks to appeal CRTC Let’s Talk TV decision

From a media release:

The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) has filed an application for leave to appeal asking the Federal Court of Appeal to set aside a CRTC decision to no longer enforce critical safeguards for independent producers in their dealings with Canada’s largest private broadcasters (Bell, Rogers, Shaw and Corus). These safeguards, known as terms of trade, were put in place in 2011 by the CRTC in the form of regulatory conditions designed to redress the imbalance of bargaining power between independent producers and broadcasters.

“We had no choice but to seek to appeal this aspect of the Let’s Talk TV decision” said Michael Hennessy, CMPA President and CEO. “Regulatory enforcement of producer safeguards is the only way to ensure producers are able to negotiate fair deals with the media giants. They are critical for the health of the independent production sector and the thousands of creators and skilled workers it employs.”

In its leave to appeal application, the CMPA argues that the CRTC failed to provide the CMPA with notice or the opportunity to make proper submissions with respect to this critically important issue for independent producers. The appeal is not related to the CRTC’s recent policies to provide more choice and affordability to Canadian TV viewers.

“We are disturbed that the CRTC has decided to no longer enforce safeguards for independent producers without any notice or asking us a single question on the subject at the Let’s Talk TV hearings,” says Hennessy. “Without the current regulatory conditions to ensure fair bargaining, and in the absence of any other Codes or safeguards, thousands of jobs and hundreds of businesses are in jeopardy. Even more troubling to us is that at the same time the enforcement for producer safeguards were withdrawn, the CRTC enhanced protections afforded to much larger industry players like independent broadcasters and cable providers such as Cogeco and TELUS.”

Total film and television production volume in Canada in 2013/14 was $5.86B and accounted for over 125,000 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs including 49,300 direct jobs on productions. That accounts for $7.5B GDP to the economy. Canadian independent television production accounted for $2.3B in volume, generating 49,000 FTEs including 19,300 direct jobs, and $2.9B in GDP.

Link: Canadian Film, TV Tax Credits Drying Up As Provinces Seek To Balance Budgets

From Michael MacDonald of The Canadian Press:

Canadian Film, TV Tax Credits Drying Up As Provinces Seek To Balance Budgets
Camera operator Andrew Stretch remembers the day in 2013 when a campaigning politician looked into his camera lens and promised to help create jobs that would allow more young people to stay and work in Nova Scotia.

The politician was Stephen McNeil, now the province’s premier.

Stretch says McNeil broke his word last week when he tabled a budget measure that effectively kills a tax credit that most other provinces are still offering the film and TV industry. Continue reading.