Everything about Masterchef Canada, eh?

Home cooks and their families face off in MasterChef Canada: All-Star Family Edition

From a media release:

CTV is cooking up a feast of MASTERCHEF programming, and it all begins with the television event MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION, premiering Monday, Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The two-hour CTV Original Special brings together past MASTERCHEF CANADA winners, their families, and some special guests to compete for $10,000 for the charity of their choice. The home cooks returning to the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen are Season 1 winner Eric Chong, Season 2 winner David Jorge, Season 3 winner Mary Berg, and MASTERCHEF CANADA: A HOLIDAY SPECIAL winner Pino DiCerbo.

MASTERCHEF CANADA judges Michael Bonacini, Alvin Leung, and Claudio Aprile will serve up four nail-biting challenges, and decide which teams face elimination and which ones move forward. The special also airs Monday, Dec. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on Gusto. As with 2014’s MASTERCHEF CANADA: A HOLIDAY SPECIAL, MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION was created by Proper Television in collaboration with CTV and Endemol Shine Group.

In MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION, four MASTERCHEF CANADA champions are joined by their families to compete in four increasingly difficult culinary challenges: the Better-Half Skills Race, the Mother and Child Mystery Box, the Bossy Sibling Coaching Challenge, and the Family Feast Team Cook. Over the course of the two-hour special, select family members will compete alongside Eric, David, Mary, and Pino, as they work to impress the judges with their creativity and skill. The family who cooks their way to victory will win the first MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION and $10,000 for their chosen charity.


#TeamEric (Blue Apron)
MASTERCHEF CANADA Season 1 Winner Eric Chong joins the competition with his mother Zena, girlfriend Jenn, and brother Andrew. Eric entered Season 1 with a recent engineering degree. His parents did not want him to pursue cooking, but claiming the MASTERCHEF CANADA title helped him win their support. Eric is now chef and co-owner of R&D, the successful Toronto restaurant he opened with MASTERCHEF CANADA judge Alvin Leung. #TeamEric is competing for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

#TeamDavid (Red Apron)
David Jorge, the winner of MASTERCHEF CANADA Season 2, was a high school dropout and concrete worker who dreamed of something more. After his victory he opened S+L Kitchen and Bar in Langley, BC, in partnership with the Joseph Richard Group, and has two more restaurant projects on the go. David is joined in the kitchen by his mother Maria, brother Kevin, wife Tanis, and sons JJ and Nuno. #TeamDavid is competing for the Surrey Food Bank.

#TeamMary (Green Apron)
Season 3’s winning home cook Mary Berg is competing with her new husband Aaron, brother Michael, and her mom Myra. Following her win, Mary left her job as an insurance broker and started her own catering company, Perfect Day Events. #TeamMary is competing for the SickKids Foundation.

#TeamPino (Purple Apron)
Pino DiCerbo, winner of MASTERCHEF CANADA: A HOLIDAY SPECIAL, is no longer a stay-at-home dad. He now offers private chef services via Chef Pino Di Cerbo’s Cucina Rustica and cohosts a YouTube cooking show with his mother Filomena. Pino will be joined again by his mom, sister Ange, wife Anna, and sons David and Adam. #TeamPino is competing for Brandan’s Eye Research Foundation.

The culinary season continues on CTV following the premiere of MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION with the return of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR for its fifth season in February 2017 as a new batch of talented kids showcase their skills in the kitchen and passion for food. MASTERCHEF CANADA is also set to return in Winter 2017 for Season 4 with a new group of talented home cooks from across the country. Viewers looking to satisfy their hunger for MASTERCHEF CANADA before the series returns can stream all past seasons on CraveTV™.

The MASTERCHEF format and finished programmes are represented internationally by Endemol Shine Group, and is based on a format originally created by Franc Roddam.


MasterChef Canada auditions take place on Aug. 6

From a media release:

This summer Canadian home cooks have the chance to demonstrate their culinary chops during the MASTERCHEF CANADA Season 4 Open Casting Call Saturday, Aug. 6 in Toronto. Armed with their best dish, passionate Canadian home cooks have the opportunity to embark on a unique food journey by coming to the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel, and can also apply online at CTV.ca/MasterChefCanada before auditions close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, Aug. 6.

Home cooks are encouraged to arrive at the MASTERCHEF CANADA Season 4 Open Casting Call for 7 a.m. ET on Saturday, Aug. 6 at the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel (225 Front St. W), with one prepared dish. Applicants will be given three minutes to plate their dish before presenting it to professional tasters, and as there will not be any kitchen facilities or supplies available, all dishes will be tasted at room temperature. Applicants must also be able to carry everything they need into the audition room. Prospective competitors will be judged on how their dishes taste, as well as plating, creativity, skill, and food knowledge. Home cooks are encouraged to visit CTV.ca/MasterChefCanada, where they can complete the online application in advance of their audition, and also read the FAQs. All applicants must be amateurs, and cannot have worked professionally in a culinary environment as a cook, chef, or in food preparation.


Comments and queries for the week of June 24

MasterChef Canada

If Jeremy had served one entree rather than four dishes in one, I think he would’ve had a better change of winning. His mistake was making four dishes rather than one in the entree round. —Rich

Wow, that’s all I can say. What a disappointing finale. Jeremy was supposed to win. They wanted a Canadian female to win for ratings, but at least find someone other than Jeremy to put her up against. He outclassed her on so many levels. —Ed

I will not watch MasterChef Canada again. The decision and shallowness of this year’s decision has left a very bad taste in my mouth. —Cynthia

It must have been a very difficult decision for the Chef judges, but I was happy that Mary came out victorious. I will bet that Jeremy gets some offers in the culinary industry in his future. —Joyce

Jeremy threw in everything but the kitchen sink in that appetizer, four sushi dishes and dessert. That doesn’t make it creative! Would you like a bison entree, followed by four different raw seafood rolls and then a dessert that had cream in it? None of the dishes were connected in any way.  For those of you who think Mary won because she is a woman, how would you like it if a man won and everybody said he only won because he’s a “man”? You are sore losers. Veronica, Matthew, the doctor and several other contestants got as much face time as Mary did on the show. She won because she’s a great chef—get over it! —So There

For those who thought Jeremy should have won, keep in mind that the winner was likely decided not just based on the final round but over the entire competition. At any rate, I didn’t think Jeremy decisively beat Mary in the final round. Keep in mind, none of us tasted the food. —Rabbit

I think Mary had it in the bag all season and her final meal looked and obviously tasted great. Good on you girl. Hope you get everything you want. —Glenys

Haunted Case Files

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see the series premiere in the U.S. for a few more weeks, it’s both exciting and a relief to read your thoughts about Episode 1. Anna and I shared five of our most compelling investigations complied over the last six years of investigating some of the most haunted locations in the U.S.A. Villisca is certainly an experience we will not forget, it is good to know through our stories you felt some of the anxiety and fear this location, as well as the others, experienced by each of us. We are a bit biased when it comes to the content and the impact our stories have with the viewers. It is good to read such a positive recap.
In closing, we can attest to the fact that ALL of what you hear and see is real, experienced by each of us, (The Paranormal Investigators Squad). We love what we do, we continue to Seek the Truth. One location at a time! Thanks for a Great Review!! Regards.—Alan and Anna Tolf, PoppaNana Paranormal Investigations, Michigan

Private Eyes

I’ve always made fun of my girlfriend’s detective shows, but not Private Eyes. I’m hooked especially on Cindy Sampson, now there is one sexy woman. Let’s just hope this show lasts a little while; not a bad show for being Canadian. —John


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MasterChef Canada winner plans her future

Mary Berg won Season 3 of MasterChef Canada, but she’s only beginning her culinary adventure. The energetic insurance broker from Pickering, Ont., captured the grand prize on Sunday night by beating Jeremy Senaris with her cohesive three-course creations. But winning the series, a trophy and $100,000 is just a launch pad for Berg, who plots to run her own catering business … and perhaps return to television.

“I have a project in development with Bell Media and Proper Television and we’ll see where that goes,” Berg says with a smile during an interview Monday afternoon. “I met with Proper Television and was showing them some photos and they sat me down and approached me.” Berg is mum on anymore details regarding the potential television project, but does plan to continue catering. Sunday’s season finale broadcast didn’t stop her from catering an event for 29 on Saturday night.

Regarding her three-course finale of golden beet borscht, surf and turf and blueberry financier, Berg plotted the meal once she’d made the Top 5 so she’d be prepared, using the inspiration of her family as the basis for her choices. Being prepared was never an issue for Berg, but being too adventurous was. Case in point? Deciding to create four different eclairs in an Elimination Challenge that put her on the cusp of going home.

“As soon as I started that challenge I thought, ‘Mary, you idiot, why are you doing this?’ but I had decided and once you make a decision like that you just have to go with it,” she says with a laugh. “And even though I look frazzled, I get it done.” Berg was in the bottom two a second time this season after leaving a bone in the fish she’d prepared; she still has that piece of bone.

But that’s all in the past. Berg is eying future prospects … and finally getting her hands on the trophy after it was taken away at the conclusion of filming.

“I know where I’m going to put that,” Berg says. “In my house, on the speaker for my record player. It’s very central. I don’t have trophies, this is my first, and I’m going to place it somewhere noticeable.”