Everything about Mohawk Girls, eh?

APTN’s Mohawk Girls ending after five seasons

It’s the end of the road for Mohawk Girls. That’s the word from co-creator, co-executive producer and director Tracey Deer, who broke the news to TV, Eh? during a one-on-one interview at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference. Deer was part of a panel entitled I Am: A Discussion on the Female Gaze alongside Shoot the Messenger‘s Jennifer Holness, Degrassi‘s Courtney Jane Walker, Odd Squad‘s Robby Hoffman and moderated by Saving Hope‘s Katrina Saville.

“This is our final season,” Deer confirmed. “[Cynthia Knight] and I have always known where we wanted to get these girls, from the three-arc conception of the show, so we’re doing it.”

Filmed and set in Montreal and the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Mohawk Girls stars Brittany LeBorgne as Zoe, Heather White as Caitlin, Maika Harper as Anna and Jennifer Pudavick as Bailey. Pre-production on Season 5 begins next week; the last six episodes were greenlit by APTN two weeks ago.

Mohawk Girls has been nominated for several Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series, Best Writing in a Comedy Program or Series and Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Comedic Role for LeBorgne.

What can fans expect from Season 5? Deer was mum on details but did say the series’ final scene makes her cry every time she thinks about it.

“The final scene is going to be traumatic [to film],” Deer admits. “There is an event that is going to take up a lot of the final episode and there is a pool involved.”

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Mohawk Girls sparkle at Powwow!

Love lost, love found, love decisions and SPARKLES! Co-creators Tracey Deer and Cynthia Knight jam it all in as we tied up the loose ends in the season finale of Mohawk Girls.

First I will deal with the Zoe (Brittany LeBorgne) storyline as that moved to its natural conclusion. Zoe finally hit rock bottom after last week’s scandal; her father (Erland Campbell) came to her home and delivered the election results. Not only did Zoe lose the election, she was also responsible for her mother’s (Tantoo Cardinal) loss too.  And it also appeared #Zohserase may be finished: Ohserase (Shawn Youngchief) took his leave of “sick and twisted” Zoe with fondue pot in hand! And, to top things off,  the Band Council fired Zoe as their legal counsel. Zoe has lost her entire world and has to admit the truth to her friends: she is a sex addict. The last we saw of Zoe this season, she was checking herself in for treatment.

The rest of the episode revolved around Kahnawa:ke’s annual Powwow Weekend. We caught up with Caitlin (Heather White) and Bailey (Jenny Pudavick) discussing the election when Anna (Maika Harper) rode up on her bicycle begging Caitlin’s forgiveness for sleeping with Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother). Caitlin wasn’t having any of that and instead helped Bailey prepare for the powwow. Bailey confided in Caitlin, revealing she slept with James (Jeffrey Wetsch). Caitlin has to wonder if Bailey is trying to sabotage the good thing she has with Watio (Jimmy Blais).

Maika Harper (Anna) taking direction from co-writer, co-producer Tracey Deer

Finally, powwow arrived and  Elijah (Gregory Odjig) witnessed Anna’s bullying and called her out on it. He reminded her that being a Mohawk isn’t about being an angry bully. These two kindred spirits spent the remainder of their time exploring Mohawk traditions together; the very thing Anna has been craving all this time.

Meanwhile, Butterhead caught up with Caitlin—OK, he actually photobombed Caitlin in a selfie she was sending to Leon—and once again he was putting the moves on her. He confessed the entire time he was with Anna he was thinking about Caitlin instead. Their fierce battle set tongues wagging and everyone was assuming Caitlin and Butterhead were back together. Caitlin had a heart-to-heart with her father (Lawrence Bayne) and she was again reminded that the future of her people depends on her settling for a Mohawk man. When she heard Butterhead singing on the powwow grounds, Caitlin decided it was time to give him one more chance. Say goodbye to #Cailon!

Caitlin (Heather White), her father (Lawrence Bayne) and Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother) talking with co-creator, co-producer Cynthia Knight
Caitlin (Heather White) and her father (Lawrence Bayne). [That would be me wearing the jean jacket, standing to the right of the woman in red]

In the meantime, James arrived, as promised, to catch Bailey dancing at powwow. Feeling guilty about their afternoon together, she tried to turn him away but Auntie Velma (Ashley Michaels) spotted them. Unlike all of the other non-Mohawks that Bailey has dated, Velma noticed something very different about James. Bailey is sparkling! Velma has never seen any man cause Bailey to sparkle, not even Watio (Jimmy Blais). Later, the two were questioning all of the unlikely couples: Anna is with Midas (Tanner Novlan) and Caitlin and Butterhead have reunited. A confused Bailey just didn’t understand why her friends were settling for men who don’t make them happy. And then she realized marrying Watio was settling too. Goodbye Boring #Batio and Hello Sparkling #Jailey … but it seems Watio isn’t letting go without a fight!

And that is a wrap on Season 4! Thanks to Tracey Deer, Cynthia Knight, and the entire cast and crew of Mohawk Girls for another great season! You have all set the bar pretty high and we all look forward to a #BEAST Season 5!

If you missed the season finale, you can catch it here.

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Mohawk Girls: Traitor

In this, the penultimate episode of Season 4 of Mohawk Girls, the theme of the week was betrayal.  If you are keeping up with things, you know that all four of our ladies were about to betray or be betrayed! So let’s get started.

Traitor No. 1 was Caitlin (Heather White). Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother) turned the heat up another notch in his attempt to win back Caitlin with a candle-lit bubble bath and a bouquet of flowers; 50 per cent off flowers, but flowers nonetheless. Just in time too because, due to her drop in clientele, Caitlin was fired from the beauty salon. She was beginning to question whether dating Leon was really worth all of the trouble that relationship is creating in her life. To top things off, Leon insisted she meet his mother the very day she was fired. Can you say culture shock? Not only did Caitlin meet Leon’s mother, Nadash (Yardly Cavanaugh), but she felt ambushed; his entire family was also there. Someone’s resolve is faltering! But really? How could anyone hurt Luscious Leon? I call this a weak traitor, since at this point, Caitlin is only contemplating returning to Butterhead.

Traitor No. 2 would be Zoe, who finally began to accept she might actually have an addiction to sex … but the fun still outweighs the harm this addiction is causing in her life. Despite developing real feelings for Ohserase (Shawn Youngchief), she made alternate plans with her new dom Henry (Marc Trottier). This time her dalliance required that she bind herself but in her haste Zoe fell.  Afraid for her well-being, Henry called for the paramedics, who arrived to find her in that compromising position. Word quickly spread and Ohserase, initially, came to Zoe’s defence. But, as things became uncovered, he revealed “uptight” Zoe has a side no one dared to imagine! Can Zohserase survive this kind of betrayal?

Traitors No. 3 and 4 were Anna (Maika Harper) and Butterhead. After running into Thunder (Kyle Nobess), Anna misread his courtesy as interest, until she realized he had moved on with new girlfriend Claire (Brooke Debassige). In her grief, Anna turned to Butterhead. Both drunk at a party—you guessed it—they fell into bed together. The next morning, Anna immediately ran to Caitlin to apologize but instead was greeted with Zoe’s debacle. Before she could tell Caitlin, Iostha (Allyson Pratt) spilled the beans. Caitlin lost it, and Iostha piped up, “Why do you give a shit? You are always saying how awesome your new boyfriend is!” That IS a valid question! But still, BFF’s don’t mess with an ex! AND WHY is Butterhead hooking up with Anna when he wants Caitlin back? Seems Blockheaded Butterhead has not learned a THING!

And that left us with Traitor No. 5: Bailey (Jenny Pudavick) who came to the sudden realization that when she marries Watio (Jimmy Blais), he will be the  only man, potentially, for the rest of her life. That realization came as a complete surprise. Suddenly, all of Watio’s habits were annoying and, on a whim, she ran to hang out with James (Jeffrey Wetsch). The sparks that have been trying to ignite blasted off and WHOA! Yep, these two hooked up; on the floor of the studio no less.

Alright everyone, next week is the final episode. We know Bailey has invited James to the PowWow. Team Cailon, Team Zohserase and Team Batio are all being threatened. How do you think creators Tracey Deer and Cynthia Knight plan to end the season? Let me know in the comments below!

Mohawk Girls can be seen Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on APTN.


Things get Under’hand’ed in Mohawk Girls!

This week’s episode of Mohawk Girls is jam-packed, so I apologize now for the length of this recap. However,  whilst depicting a celebration this episode actually deals with a very serious and ongoing contentious issue. So, first a bit of background before we get to the “meat” of it (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

The title of this week’s episode “Marry Out Get Out” refers to a  band policy that still exists in Kahnawa:ke. In short, since 2010 if a band member of Kahnawa:ke marries someone who is non-Indigenous, they face eviction. The motivation behind this policy is to ensure that the Mohawk bloodline does not die out and it also prevents the non-Indigenous from taking advantage of tax exemptions afforded to those of Indigenous heritage. This summer, this issue gained public notice in the news, coinciding with the filming of this current season. Members of the community are understandably divided on this issue, since as we all know, sometimes you cannot help who you fall in love with, as is/has been the case with our fab four.

With all of that in mind, we begin this week with Watio (Jimmy Blais) and  Bailey (Jenny Pudavick) clashing heads once again. Both of them are feeling pressured to be people that they aren’t. Compromises seem to require  more and more work for these two.  Bailey did manage to snag a good Mohawk man but, she is still second guessing herself. Is she compromising a happy future, just to ensure she marries Mohawk?

The Marry Out Get Out policy also overshadows the scenes featuring Caitlin (Heather White) and Leon (Dwain Murphy). Team Cailon go shopping for an engagement gift for Bailey and Watio, but conversation quickly revisits the argument Caitlin had last week with her father (Lawrence Bayne). She explains the pressures she is facing culturally and socially because they are a mixed-race couple. Leon completely gets it and we can cue the adorable #Cailon moments again. Seriously, who finds a guy as amazing as Leon?

Heather White and Dwain Murphy run lines in prep for their next scene
Caitlin (Heather) and Leon (Dwain) purchase an engagement gift for Bailey and Watio

The heartbreak this policy causes is showcased with Anna’s (Maika Harper) scenes. She attends the eviction protest in support of those in favour of the Marry Out Get Out contingent. (Did everyone catch that the protest was at co-creator/co-director Tracey Deer’s “house”?). But her heart is clearly not in it. Her own parents faced this same dilemma which has led to Anna not fully fitting in in Kahnawa:ke.

Now we know Mohawk Girls can’t be entirely serious when we have the physical comic talents of Brittany LeBorgne playing Zoe.  Tonight, Zoe has clearly fallen off her sex addiction wagon. The threat of losing the thrill that dom Henry (Marc Trottier) provides proves too much to bear. Zoe scrambles for forgiveness but now she is more tightly bound—heh get it? bound—to Henry. Anyway, Henry issues his order and despite its interference with her campaigning,  Zoe follows through. LOL Brittany hun! That is a big standing “O” for the bar scene with Ohserase (Shawn Youngchief). You two went for it and delivered!

Finally, all of our ladies show up at the engagement party and life  for Caitlin gets even more complicated. Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother) turns up his interest a notch, and even steals a kiss from unsuspecting Caitlin. Talk about confusing! And we get a great scene with Sose (Glenn Gould); I wish we had more Sose this season! He is one of my fave characters! He lets Anna know how disappointed he is in her and she leaves in tears. Is this finally the sense that Anna needs?

OK everyone, we only have two episodes left! What do you think is in store for us? Are Bailey and Watio actually going to get married? Will Zoe get elected chief? And what the heck is Caitlin going to do about Butterhead and Leon? Let me know in the comments below!

Mohawk Girls can be seen Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on APTN. If you happen to miss the episode you can catch up here.






Mohawk Girls decide–Hit it or Quit it.

This episode of Mohawk Girls dabbled with several stereotypes and prejudices. Sexism, racism, homophobia: they were all jammed in.

Caitlin (Heather White) faced down the community’s prejudices about black men. Anna (Maika Harper) comes to the defense  of Elijah (Gregory Odjig) when he faced hurtful homophobic jokes. Bailey (Jenny Pudavick) was uncomfortable with Watio’s (Jimmy Blais) demands that she not have any new “guy friends.” And Zoe (Brittany LeBorgne) was the victim of prejudices too, since her fair features make her look too white to be a representative for Mohawks. In some way all of our fab four mixed it up, faced down social oppression and began to recognize who they are and what they really stand for. Or, to make a long story short, we had lots of character growth happening in 22 minutes of Mohawk Girl fun!

We began with Zoe, who was scheduled to debate against town favourite Tommy “Shitzu” Horn (Jay Montour). After following Henry’s (Mark Trottier) suggestions regarding her couture, or rather her lack of unmentionables, she found that extra bit of confidence that her naughty little secret always gives her. She did well in the debate until Shitzu called her out for not looking Mohawk enough and her confidence shattered. To try and compensate, Zoe dyed her hair. Poor Zoe, she is still trying to satisfy everyone, and now it seems she is guilty of Caitlin’s sins simply by association. On the bright side, instead of turning to her sexual addictions, Zoe—at long long last—began to let Ohserase (Shawn Youngchief) in. Folks, we now have team Zoeserase!

Meanwhile, Bailey officially moved in with Watio. Personalities began to clash early, but Watio a.k.a. “Mr. Pretzel” once again deferred to Bailey and unpacking gave way to wedding preparations. Learning that Bailey and James (Jeffery Wetsch) have evolved from the teacher/student relationship into a “friends” relationship, it is really no surprise these two butt heads. Watio stood his ground. Bailey turned to Caitlin and Anna for advice and this time they were in agreement with Watio: “No new guy friends! It leads to emotional infidelity.” Bailey arranged to meet James to let him know they cannot continue to pursue this friendship. Their meeting did not turn out the way she anticipated, but did it turn out the way she secretly hopes?

Now that Kanawa:ke knows the truth about Caitlin’s new man, she steeled herself for the anticipated backlash from the community. Mean girl Vicky (Rachelle White Wind) and Iostha (Allison Pratt) have both decided Caitlin can no longer be their hairdresser since her hands have touched “black c–k.” Caitlin’s father (Lawrence Bayne) was furious with Caitlin for “polluting the bloodline” and declared their “people will die off and it will be all her fault” for dating a black man. Caitlin stood her ground and defended this healthy relationship to everyone. And on the balance of things, Team Cailon are definitely looking very comfortable in their togetherness—*cue the fart*. But I sense trouble on the horizon. Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother) came to Caitlin, announcing he would take her back.

That left us with Anna, who once again turned to her new confidant Butterhead for dating advice … but that advice proved less than stellar. And are we really surprised? This time, Anna has been compromising her own values just to fit in. Thinking that Midas (Tanner Novlan) will secure her a place in Kanawa:ke, Zoe and Bailey set her straight. Looks like Midas needs to look elsewhere to turn his blue coconuts back into gold.

Score: Cailon👍    Zoserase👍    Watio a weak👍   and Anna👌

What do you think is next for our ladies? Is Butterhead going to continue pursuing Caitlin? Has Zoe finally gotten over her addictions? What is next for Bailey and James or Watio? And REALLY Anna? Stop hanging out with Butterhead already. He just spells trouble! Let me know in the comments below!

Mohawk Girls airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on APTN.