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Package Deal, City – “Big Brother’s”
When Danny (Randal Edwards) learns he’s about to receive a major award for his pro bono work, his anxiety flares up thanks to a childhood award-related trauma. Ryan (Jay Malone) takes him to see his new, unorthodox therapist, Dr. Sydney Forbes (recurring guest star Pamela Anderson), but when Danny and Dr. Forbes become close friends, Ryan is sent into a tailspin of jealousy. Meanwhile, Sheldon (Harland Williams) enlists Kim’s (Julia Voth) help to teach him manners and attentiveness in hopes of winning back the girl of his dreams.

Played, CTV – “Untouchables”
Diplomatic immunity prevents the homicide police from investigating a murder which occurs at an Eastern European consulate, and the C.I.U. is called in on the case. Rebecca (Chandra West) and Maria (Lisa Marcos) try to get through to the Consular Aide (Liane Balaban), while Moreland (Vincent Walsh) and Khali (Agam Darshi) take on the forceful, eccentric Consul (Noam Jenkins). The team unravels an international network of human trafficking, but will the Consul face justice?

Package Deal recaps

From Greg David of TV Guide Canada:

‘Package Deal’: Pam Anderson lends her assets
People forget that Pamela Anderson has a knack for comedy. They immediately think of … um … other assets the blonde from B.C. has. But she headlined Fox’s funny sitcom, Stacked, for a year as well as four seasons headlining the lighthearted syndicated spy series V.I.P. She knows her way around a script, and knows how to get a laugh. Continue reading.

From Christopher White of Unapologetic Canadian:

Episode Recap: Package Deal – “A Few Good Muffins”
This is my second episode of the show and it isn’t growing on me. Too much of the comedy is dialogue based and it’s uninspired, either too broad or telegraphed so far in advance that I could only muster a few smirks. Continue reading.


New Thursday: Played, Package Deal, Mr. Young, Nature of Things

Played, CTV – “Cops”
No assignment is tougher than investigating fellow officers. Daniel’s (Dwain Murphy) former Guns and Gangs unit, SMASH, is suspected of corruption. Under Daniel’s guidance, Jesse (Adam Butcher) poses as a recruit for the squad. After a brutal initiation, Jesse is accepted by SMASH leader Russell Hagler (Tye Olson), Daniel’s old mentor. As the C.I.U. closes in on the truth about SMASH, Jesse is in serious jeopardy, and in an attempt to save his colleague, Daniel makes a shocking confession.


Package Deal, City – “A Few Good Muffins”
When Kim (Julia Voth) gets into a muddy altercation with a masseuse at a day spa, Danny (Randal Edwards) represents her at trial. Kim’s stubborn pursuit of justice clashes with the realities of the law, and it looks like she’ll be convicted – until a new piece of evidence pops up that may just work in her favour. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jay Malone) meets his new therapist, Dr. Sydney Forbes (guest star Pamela Anderson, Baywatch), and becomes very uncomfortable with her unorthodox style. Meanwhile, Sheldon (Harland Williams) gets into the kids party-planning business and in order to land his first big bar mitzvah, he has to wine and dine a high-rolling client – who happens to be a 13-year-old boy.

Mr. Young, YTV – series finale
While Adam and Derby explore a hidden, underground temple in search of the fountain of youth, Tater helps Echo learn about monkey behavior, and Ivy helps Slab prepare for his first ever cover model photo shoot. All roads lead to a confrontation with a local fancy hat factory owner, who has been keeping a secret from the villagers for generations. In the end, Adam gets the gang back to Finnegan, just in time for graduation.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Survival of the Fabulous”
Gay filmmaker Bryce Sage has had a big question on his mind ever since he came out of the closet-how is evolution compatible with the existence of gay men? There’s a lot of mystery about the biological mechanisms underlying sexual preference. Bryce sets out on a very personal journey to find out if scientists have come up with a definitive answer to this gay conundrum.


New Monday: Murdoch Mysteries, Cracked, Package Deal, Project Guatemala


Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Murdoch of the Living Dead”
Murdoch’s prime suspect in a woman’s murder is her husband, who appears to have returned from the dead.

Cracked, CBC – “The Hold Out”
When a bomb goes off in the home of an elderly paranoid man locked in a battle with a successful developer, Psych Crimes is called in to sort through conspiracy theories in search of the truth. The man might be paranoid – it doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get him. Guest stars: Eric Peterson, Jonathan Potts, Natalie Brown, Shaun Benson, Claire Rankin.

Package Deal, City – “The Bully”
Danny’s (Randal Edwards) past comes back to haunt him when he’s assigned to defend Wayne Hilicky (guest star Geoff Gustafson, Hot Tub Time Machine), someone he used to bully as a child. Danny fights tirelessly to get Wayne’s charges dropped, but when things take an unexpected turn in the middle of the trial, Danny is forced to overhaul his plans to make amends and enlists Sheldon (Harland Williams) to help. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jay Malone) obsesses over his ex-wife’s Wikipedia page.

The Project: Guatemala, City/OLN – “The Summit” season finale
Energized from “Kids Day,” the group kicks the build into high gear to ensure the community centre for Project Somos is completed on time. Later, the remaining participants prepare to summit the third-highest peak in Central America – Acatenango Volcano – to celebrate their accomplishment. In the end, host Ray Zahab reveals the mole and rewards a participant with the opportunity of a lifetime. Following the season finale, catch a special edition of The Project Live online at OLN.ca/theproject. Co-hosts Rachel David (Rogers Your World This Week) and Adam Wylde (KiSS 92.5) sit down with the cast to chat about their unexpected and life-changing journey on The Project: Guatemala. Then, host Ray Zahab surprises the cast.


New Monday: Murdoch Mysteries, Cracked, Package Deal, Project Guatemala

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Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Return of Sherlock Holmes”
Murdoch finds his investigation into a nanny’s disappearance assisted by the man who considers himself the real Sherlock Holmes. Guest star – Andrew Gower

Cracked, CBC – “Faces”
When a shopkeeper is knifed in Kensington Market, Psych Crimes needs to help him overcome his unique illness – Face Blindness – in order to identify the attacker. But soon their investigation leads them to a place in which the roles of attacker and victim, and even their ideas of justice, are called into question. Guest stars: Demore Barnes, Tom Barnett, Stephan James, Amy Forsyth

Package Deal, City – “Kim vs. Karaoke”
After her best friend dumps her, Kim (Julia Voth) starts monopolizing Danny’s (Randal Edwards) time, leaving him with no opportunity to practice with his brothers for their annual karaoke tournament. With the help of McKenzie (recurring guest star Eugene Levy), Sheldon (Harland Williams) and Danny decide to find Kim a friend in order to get Danny’s attention back on karaoke. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jay Malone) tries speed dating in hopes of making his ex-wife jealous, but when his date makes fast friends with Kim, Danny starts to feel left out in the cold.

The Project: Guatemala, City and OLN – “Cheating Death”
The participants visit a garbage site to gather material for eco-bricks that will support the walls of the community centre. The team is reminded of why they’re working so hard when 50 children arrive for a much-anticipated “Kids Day.” Later, host Ray Zahab takes the group on a plane adventure that proves to be a death-defying challenge for the contestants. Then, catch The Project Live online at OLN.ca/theproject following the show. This week, Bethany, Blair, Dallas, and Nina join co-hosts Rachel David (Rogers Your World This Week) and Adam Wylde (KiSS 92.5) to chat about what happened on The Project: Guatemala.