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TV Eh B Cs podcast 34: Punk and Disorderly with Bruce McCulloch

Actors Bruce McCulloch (left) and Atticus Mitchell are shown in a scene from the televsion show "Young Drunk Punk." THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Rogers Media-Michelle Faye

A member of the seminal Canadian sketch show The Kids in the Hall, Bruce McCulloch has written or performed several one-man shows including Two-Headed Roommate, Jazz Stenographers, Slightly Bigger Cities and most recently The Pink Dot Stories in San Francisco. Bruce has two spoken word/ comedy/ music CDs Shame-based Man and The Drunk Baby Project.
Bruce has written and/or directed several films including Dog Park, Superstar, Stealing Harvard, and Comeback Season. Bruce has also recently acted in episodes of Workaholics and the latest season of Arrested Development. His first book, “Let’s Start a Riot” was released last year.
He spends most of his time in L.A. where he writes and produces for network and cable television. He’s the creator of ABC’s Carpoolers. His latest project for City and CBC, Young Drunk Punk, is a show inspired by his own life that he both writes and stars in it.
We talk about all of this, and where Ferlinghetti may have puked, in my conversation with Bruce McCulloch.
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TV Eh B Cs podcast 33 – Shimmying to Sunnyside with Alice Moran

alice_moranAlice Moran is an actor, writer, and improviser who can be seen on shows such as The Ron James Show, The Next Step, Too Much Information, and Space Janitors.  Currently she stars on City’s sketch comedy series Sunnyside.

She is the artistic consultant at The Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto.  She’s created, produced, and performed in shows including Hungry Hungry Games, Final Frontier, and Throne of Games. She’s also been lucky enough to have performed in numerous other shows; favourites include Pad Set, Secret Origin, Whedonesque, and Doctor Whom.

As a teenager, she started working for The Second City as a writer and performer.  Additionally she has received over 3 million views for her comedy featured on The Second City Network. Her sketch “Hogwarts:  Which House Are You?“ was featured on Topless Robot, The Huffington Post, CBS News, and Time.

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TV, eh? podcast episode 191 – Out of the Doldrums

The Canadian fall television season gets its groove on, and Greg, Diane and Anthony spend the first part of the podcast discussing two weeks-plus of primetime chock-full of goodies like This Life, Love It Or List It, 22 Minutes, Rick Mercer Report, Dragons’ Den, Continuum, Haven, House of Bryan, Forgive Me, The Romeo Section and more. Check out our handy calendars to find out when everything debuts and returns.

We also chat about Blackstone‘s final season, reveal which Canadian network will broadcast Wynonna Earp and the ratings success of homegrown sci-fi series’ Orphan Black, Between, Dark Matter and Killjoys.

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Comments and queries for the week of October 2

TV Eh B Cs Podcast: The Many Realities of Mike Bickerton

A good listen! I knew Kristen’s leg cramps on TAR Canada and all the penalties must have freaked out the producers!

Also knew it was too cold for a Survivor Canada, it’d be hard to tell whose who under all the winter clothes, see teams from a distance in the snow and they could find the Hidden Immunity Idols by just following the crew member’s footprints. —DanAmazing

Smart and silly Sunnyside returns to City

So happy this got a continuation. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s new episode! —Iris

Up in Arms a gem of a documentary

This is such a divisive issue. I grew up in rural Saskatchewan where guns are everywhere. My father probably at one time had a dozen guns around the farm and he used them often for shooting various pests, particularly skunks which often carried rabies or coyotes which went after livestock. My husband has guns, is an avid hunter (like most men around here) and also shoots a lot of skunks which wander into the village. Guns are just a way of life around here, it always has been. And people in Northwest Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta absolutely hated the gun registry because it costed law-abiding gun owners a lot of time and money and inconvenience. There are also of people in Saskatchewan who would support the NDP because Saskatchewan is more socialist in culture (this is where the NDP has their roots, recall) but because people here are afraid the NDP will bring back gun registries or something related, they won’t vote for them. —Ally Oop

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TV Eh B Cs podcast – The Many Realities of Mike Bickerton


Over the past decade Mike Bickerton has been part of an Amazing Race to bring reality television to Canada. He had directed and produced a staggering list of the country’s most notable reality series including:

Game of Homes, Child Star, The Real Housewives of Vancouver, The Bachelor Canada, Village on a Diet, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, MasterChef Canada, Canada Sings, Battle of the Blades, Canada’s Next Top Model, and Canadian Idol.

He’s currently the senior producer of CTV’s rating’s bonanza Amazing Race Canada which just got picked up for 2016. We talk everything you wanted to know about Canadian reality series but were afraid to ask… lest you get voted out of the country.

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