Everything about Republic of Doyle, eh?

New Wednesday: Dragons’ Den holiday special, Republic of Doyle


Dragons’ Den, CBC
The holiday season has arrived and things are getting festive in the den. In this holiday special, 8 entrepreneurial ventures from across Canada will hope to cash in on the Dragons’ seasonal spirit. Products such as candy cane-themed Christmas lights, luxury dog houses, magnetic board games and the requisite ugly Christmas sweater will have the Dragons feeling jolly.

Republic of Doyle, CBC – “Brothers In Arms”
Jake crosses paths with a familiar hot headed cop, Jimmy O’Rourke while chasing a super hacker; Mal and Rose negotiate their way to a windfall; Des becomes apprenticed to a slick new Master.


New Wednesday: Dragons’ Den, Republic of Doyle


Dragons’ Den, CBC
An electric demonstration has the owner riding circles around the Dragons; a pitch that gives the Dragons a lot to digest; and a business that has its customers drooling. Plus, a pitch that promises to keep the Dragons from running on empty.

Republic of Doyle, CBC – “Major Crimes”
When an informant of Leslie’s is murdered, she investigates the case with Callum and their partnership takes an unexpected turn. Jake gets involved in Callum’s business with notorious and resourceful Ray Maddox much to his distaste. Tinny’s constable skills are tested on a big case earning her respect from an unexpected source. Guest Stars: Ryan Robbins, Clint Butler, Thom Marriott, Darrin Baker, Jonathan Keltz, Sara Canning, Kate Corbett.

Recap: Republic of Murdoch

From Samantha Sobolewski of TV Guide Canada:

A Doyle-ful ‘Murdoch Mysteries’
Could there be anything more heartwarming than an inter-CBC crossover between the beloved families of Murdoch Mysteries and Republic of Doyle? Perhaps a Venti-sized hot chocolate with extra whip. But I doubt even that could be sweeter than Monday’s action-packed episode of Murdoch Mysteries featuring the one and only Allan Hawco. Continue reading.

Recaps: Republic of Doyle

From Eleni Armenakis of TV Guide Canada:

‘Republic of Doyle’: Jake’s a dad!
What an emotional roller coaster Republic of Doyle is taking me on this season. After the heartwrenching devastation of the past two weeks, “Young Guns” took things in an entirely different direction, seeing Jake gain a long-lost daughter after losing the love of his life. Continue reading.

From Christopher White of Unapologetic Canadian:

Episode Recap: Republic of Doyle – “Young Guns”
It’s Hostage Taking Week at CBC! At least I think it is, judging by the similarly themed episodes of Crossing Lines and Republic of Doyle. Maybe it’s all part of some greater CBC meta-narrative, setting up a shared universe that runs through all of the Ceeb’s programing with this week’s Doyle/Murdoch Mysteries cross-over just a tease of what’s to come? Next month: Arctic Air discovers Captain Canuck frozen in ice after sixty years! Continue reading.