Everything about Rick Mercer Report, eh?

Tonight: Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Schitt’s Creek, Mr. D

Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Rick goes to Penticton, BC where he joins a precision jump rope skipping competition and then heads to New Brunswick to learn the art of making potato chips.

22 Minutes, CBC
Tonight on 22 Minutes, Canada’s recent deal to build six arctic patrol ships inspires new recruitment ads; Stephen Harper’s signature guitar available for purchase and telecom giant, Rogers, takes on a new adversary.

Schitt’s Creek, CBC – “Bad Parents”
Johnny and Moira, feeling like they have failed as parents, try to get to know their grown children. Alexis spies on Mutt and thinks he’s having an affair with the Mayor’s wife.

Mr D. CBC – “Staff Hangover”
Morning assembly reveals the Xavier staff in rough shape. Last night’s staff party went late and got messy. The new librarian is revealed in the aftermath.

Tonight: Mr. D, Schitt’s Creek, Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes

Mr. D, CBC – “Mafai Dad”
Gerry is finally given an opportunity to coach the varsity boys’ basketball team. Trudy’s birthday gift to Lisa causes a stir, while Dwyer endures an unbelievably bad day.

Schitt’s Creek, CBC – “Don’t Worry It’s His Sister”
Johnny tries to get a potentially offensive town sign taken down, while David is faced with the frightening task of finding a job.

Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Rick is in Whistler where he goes bob sledding with Olympians on the world’s fastest track and then he’s at Variety Village, Toronto, participating in activities at a world-class gym for people with disabilities.

22 Minutes, CBC
This week on 22 Minutes the origins of the Donair: Canada’s favourite drunk food; Blue Monday inspires an all new Yoga class and the dating app Tinder gets political.

Tonight: Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Schitt’s Creek

Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Rick and ‘Dr Popsicle’ check out Mustang Survival in Burnaby, BC and wear their life-saving gear when they’re dropped into English Bay. Then Rick is off to Toronto’s York University to check out the campus observatory, the nursing school, and the innovative NHL fitness testing programme.

22 Minutes, CBC
This week on an all-new episode of 22 Minutes the cast tackles fear; Federal Fisheries Minister and Conservative MP Gail Shea; and Kanye West sings with Paul McCartney.

Schitt’s Creek, CBC
When filthy-rich video store magnate Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his soap star wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and their two kids – über-hipster son David (Dan Levy) and socialite daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy) – suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to live in Schitt’s Creek, a small, depressing town they once bought as a joke.

Tonight: Best of the Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Just for Laughs Gags, Guilt Free Zone, The Candy Show, Close Up Kings

Best of The Mercer Report, CBC
Rick and Jann Arden go rock-climbing in Calgary and then Rick goes to Chapman’s Ice Cream Factory in Markdale, Ontario.

22 Minutes, CBC
This season’s best moments so far.

Just For Laughs Gags: 15 Years, CBC
In honour of Gags 15th Anniversary, Just For Laughs has produced a one-hour special showcasing the series’ greatest hits. It’s a compilation of all the most popular and iconic Gags from the show’s history, hosted by comedian Mark Critch.

Guilt Free Zone, APTN – series premiere
Host Derek Miller masters the stage: enticing guests and viewers with his unique sense of humour and interview style. He’ll shake off the Monday Blues with a marvelous medley of Aboriginal musicians, dancers and comedians from across Canada.

The Candy Show, APTN – Season 5 premiere
Candy Palmater hosts a new lineup of stars from across Canada – musicians, performers, poets, even circus performers – and it’s going to be a rip-roaring time. Candy’s guests often share their best secrets from her pink palace and pink bed. It’s time to get right cozy in your seat!

Close Up Kings, OLN
Close Up Kings brings audiences the adventures of three best friends, who also happen to be America’s top sleight-of-hand artists. Magick Balay, Loki, and Johnny Blaze travel from city to city taking on different challenges and attempting to outperform one another. Viewers will be enthralled by the trio’s carefully orchestrated and artfully executed capers and tricks that become more complex as the stakes get higher. From bringing a bird back to life and teleporting a person 700 yards across the desert, to performing an amazing Houdini-style jail escape in front of a crowd, these magicians will have audiences asking, “how did they do that?!”

Tonight: Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Just for Laughs

Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Rick visits the set of Republic of Doyle and takes a cameo role as the Mayor of St John’s and also visits a Special Olympics training camp to try bowling and swimming with the athletes.

22 Minutes, CBC
A new song parody fusing Meghan Trainor’s mega hit “All About The Bass” with Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne makes her comedy debut with Mark Critch.

Just for Laughs: Lewis Black & Mega Stars Volume 1, CBC
From Montreal’s famed Just For Laughs Festival comes a larger-than-life showcase of today’s biggest and brightest comedic talent. A show so big it had to be split in two. Volume 1 features performances from Shaun Majumder, Marc Maron, Kathleen Madigan, and Lewis Black.