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Entertainment One expands partnership with Ilana Frank’s ICF Films

From a media release:

Leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne) today announced that it is expanding its relationship with award-winning producer Ilana Frank and her production company ICF FILMS (ICFF), and extending their partnership through a new three-year overall deal.

Under the deal, eOne will serve as the studio, deficit financier and distributor on all of Frank’s projects across all media.

Since joining forces on a first-look basis in 2008, ICFF and eOne have successfully delivered long-running series including 74 episodes of drama ROOKIE BLUE for ABC and Global and 67 episodes of drama SAVING HOPE for CTV. eOne has successfully sold Rookie Blue and Saving Hope to over 200 territories.

eOne produces and distributes a diverse slate of award-winning, critically acclaimed programming across all genres. In addition to Rookie Blue and Saving Hope and the upcoming polyromantic comedy You Me Her for DirecTV and drama Havana Quartet for Starz, hit original shows from the company include Welcome to Sweden, the half hour comedy series executive produced by siblings Amy and Greg Poehler, Hell on WheelsNellyvilleBittenHaven and successful miniseries The Book of Negroes and Klondike, as well as a number of highly successful series coming out of its output relationship with AMC and SundanceTV including The Walking Dead and companion series Fear the Walking DeadHalt and Catch FireTURN: Washington’s Spies and Into the Badlands.

Saving Hope returns to its roots for Season 4

If this is the final season for Saving Hope, fans will be happy on one front. Erica Durance and Michael Shanks were mum when asked directly if the current season will be its last, but they did acknowledge CTV’s homegrown medical drama is returning to its roots.

“Charlie and Alex become mature adults,” Shanks says of Hope Zion’s central doctors. “One of the reasons the love triangle [with Daniel Gillies’ Dr. Joel Goran] ended is because that story only has legs for so long. To be playing CW love triangle stuff with the level of angst that they write … why is Charlie getting into another fist-fight with Joel?! It became time for these characters to move forward.”

Things have moved forward significantly in Thursday’s return, “Sympathy for the Devil.” Eleven months have passed since Joel was blown to smithereens. Alex (Durance) leaves baby Luke for her first day back at Hope Zion and it doesn’t take long for her to become embroiled in drama both in and outside of the operating room. The headstrong, brilliant doc finds herself competing with one of the hospital’s newest hires, Dr. Patrick Curtis (Max Bennett), over how to treat a car crash victim. Then Alex tackles her next case: a man named Tom Crenshaw (Rookie Blue‘s Travis Milne) who was convicted of murdering his wife. And while Alex and Tom connect on the operating table, the accused killer turns to Charlie for help. Shanks explains almost every ghost who has interacted with Charlie has been well-intentioned and a resulted positively.

“With this one, we don’t know,” he teases. “There is a bit of a raised eyebrow.”

Meanwhile, Zach (Benjamin Ayres) is struggling to deal with Goran’s death, going so far as to put his life on the line by entering a quarantined area to help a sick patient rather than take the time to don a hazmat suit.

“For all of the fans of Zach, this is going to be a really big year for him,” Durance says. “He really gets to unpack some emotional stuff and deal with the guilt that he feels.”

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Link: Saving Hope: 11 Tidbits to tide you over until the premiere

From Christy Spratlin of The TV Junkies:

Saving Hope: 11 Tidbits to tide you over until the premiere
It was no question that Joel’s death would be a real game changer for the show, and with the show’s driving force, the love triangle between Joel-Alex-Charlie now gone it looks like the path is clear for other storylines to open up a bit as the show moves toward more of an ensemble format. We already know that as the season progresses new characters will be added and we will see well known guest stars. From what we’ve seen so far this season may just be Saving Hope‘s best one yet. Continue reading.

Link: Saving Hope’s Erica Durance teases Season 4

From Melissa Hank of O.Canada.com:

Saving Hope’s Erica Durance teases Season 4
“If you’re going to play somebody pregnant, it’s helpful to be pregnant. It’s kind of seamless that way. But it was an exhausting year. I’ve never been so tired in my life. It’s something that I wanted to do for my real life, and they were gracious enough on the show to let that be a part of the story.” Continue reading.

Link: Saving Hope writer previews a season of moving forward

From Bridget Lisewski of The TV Junkies:

Saving Hope writer previews a season of moving forward
“While we were developing Season 4, it became clear that the only thing standing in the way of Alex and Charlie’s happiness is Charlie’s relationship to the spirit world. His ghost-doctoring. In a way, that’s the love triangle of Season 4. Especially when the rules of the ghost world start to change in a way that could threaten their family.

Our unofficial slogan for Season 4 is ‘Alex and Charlie against the world.’ I think it has a nice ring to it. I might even put it on a t-shirt.” Continue reading.