Everything about Schitt’s Creek, eh?

Link: The Canadian Trifecta: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara

From Michael Martin of Out:

Link: The Canadian Trifecta: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara
It started with a silly little pun, but the Pop network comedy Schitt’s Creek has quickly become one of the biggest, oddest pleasures on television. Co-created by father-and-son team Eugene (of American Pie fame) and Daniel Levy, the series concerns a formerly rich family cleaned out by tax authorities and forced to live in their only remaining asset: the small town of the show’s title, which they’d bought as a joke years ago. Continue reading. 


Link: Eugene Levy can’t get over ‘Schitt’s Creek’ success

From Bruce Kirkland of Postmedia Network:

Link: Eugene Levy can’t get over ‘Schitt’s Creek’ success
Canadian comic actor Eugene Levy is up Schitt’s Creek, with plenty of paddles at his disposal, so he could not be happier about the fate of his latest television series.

“It’s all kind of surreal,” Levy says over wine at the rooftop restaurant in the Montage Beverly Hills. “Everything about this is surreal.” Continue reading.


Link: Schitt’s Creek takes New York

From Sarah Larson of the New Yorker:

Without a Paddle
On a recent Monday afternoon, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara were in town, taping an episode of the “Tonight Show” at NBC. Before talking about “Schitt’s Creek,” the Canadian sitcom on which they co-star, now in its second season, they played Pictionary with Jimmy Fallon and Shailene Woodley. Fallon drew a cat and a tongue. Levy said, “Cat, tongue. Cat, tongue.” His thick black eyebrows flew up. “Hold your tongue!” he said. A buzzer sounded, and Fallon hurled a pillow from the couch. “Another ten minutes and I would’ve had it,” Levy said. Continue reading.


Comments and queries for the week of April 1

Do you know if there is a Season 2 for The Pinkertons? —Tony

The official word from CHCH—the Canadian network that airs The Pinkertons—is they have not signed on for a sophomore season yet. I’ve spoken to folks who worked on Season 1 who told me The Pinkertons will not be back.

Review: Schitt’s Creek Season 2 finale

This TV show is truly underrated. I’d never even heard of it until an advertising banner showed up on my Facebook page last week. The characters aren’t the normal one-dimensional caricatures you see in most sitcoms, especially David who I find to be a truly unique and compelling depiction of a pansexual person. Not a lot of shows explore this part of sexuality and I find that their nonchalant attitude about David’s sexual identity refreshing. My only complaint is Roland. His character is meant for another dumbed-down comedy. His brand of comedy is slapstick and I find that I can only take him in small doses. In comparison, his wife is a great counterpart for Moira and I enjoy seeing the two of them on screen together. —Lindsay

Agreed about the final episode! It was a great moment at the anniversary dinner when Johnny finally stood up for the town he and his family now call home, and I LOVED the final scene with everyone dancing. Very touching and I had a grin on my face the whole time. :D —Jeff

Heartland celebrates Season 10 news with a surprise

I look at the Lou and Peter drama a little differently, I guess. The world is full of divorced parents, so why not show an audience in a “family” show how two adults can work things out? Is this pie in the sky thinking? Maybe, but this is supposed to be a feel-good family show, in my opinion. —Pat

My family has enjoyed every season and were really impressed by the last episode. My girls have been living with Type 1 diabetes for seven years and were really grateful that the writers took the time to introduce this medical issue that is potentially life threatening. Georgie and Adam did a great job of portraying what it is like and how most people don’t know how to treat a diabetic low. Great job! We are looking forward to Season 10. —Sally


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