From Brian Towie of Metro Canada:

  • Year of the Letdown
    “Disappointment hardly encapsulates a grim year when dross thrived and the axe fell on the righteous and wicked alike. Puerile Yankee knock-offs such as Project Runway Canada and So You Think You Can Dance Canada drew huge audiences despite cringe-inducing banter from Tré Armstrong and Leah Miller — whose saccharine anima won’t abandon my brain no matter how many times I envision a flaming school bus crashing into a room full of harp seal puppies.” Read more.

From Cameron Archer at URBMN:

From Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star:

  • What’s next for this trailer park trio?
    “With tomorrow’s 10 p.m. airing on Showcase of Say Goodbye To The Trailer Park Boys – A Trailer Park Boys Special, which follows a marathon of favourite episodes chosen by cast and crew, it seems fitting to explore what they really think about their past and legacy.” Read more.

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • ‘I learned that a show doesn’t have to be derivative to succeed’
    “Some people never grasped why Trailer Park Boys was that rare Canadian thing – a pop-culture phenomenon, a TV hit with legions of devoted fans. Most famously, Jim Shaw, top honcho at Shaw Communications, used Trailer Park Boys to attack the genre of TV shows made with the help of the Canadian Television Fund.” Read more.

Watch a Showcase exclusive sneak peak of Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys. This one hour special premieres at 10PM on Sunday, December 7th, exclusively on Showcase:

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