Everything about Trailer Park Boys, eh?

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From the National Post:

Let’s hear it for the Trailer Park Boys
Legend has it that the Canadian word “hoser,” the pejorative portmanteau made popular by SCTV’s Bob and Doug Mackenzie, may have originated when some snobby citiot caught a couple of guys down on their luck siphoning gas out of a car. Trailer Park Boys, the beloved Canadian television show that dilates on the fictional RV community of Sunnyvale, Nova Scotia is an extended study of the hoser conducted with the discernment of a connoisseur. Continue reading.

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From Bill Harris of QMI:

‘Trailer Park Boys’ happy to be back for season eight
Mike Smith is so devoted to his role on Trailer Park Boys that he has undergone a physical transformation. “In the early seasons I would get nauseous wearing the glasses,” admitted Smith, who plays Bubbles. “But I can wear them now sort of indefinitely, my brain has adjusted to it.” Continue reading.

Video: Trailer Park Boys season 8 preview

From Netflix:

Meet Ricky, Julian and Bubbles a.k.a. the “Trailer Park Boys.” They’re the residents of the beautiful, scenic Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia — a quaint Canadian locale full of dope, liquor, and a healthy dose of foul language. With a brand new season of ten all-new episodes, these lovable misfits bring all of their petty antics and hilarious misadventures exclusively to Netflix, available September 5th, 2014.

In the news: Mediocrity in 2008

From Brian Towie of Metro Canada:

  • Year of the Letdown
    “Disappointment hardly encapsulates a grim year when dross thrived and the axe fell on the righteous and wicked alike. Puerile Yankee knock-offs such as Project Runway Canada and So You Think You Can Dance Canada drew huge audiences despite cringe-inducing banter from Tré Armstrong and Leah Miller — whose saccharine anima won’t abandon my brain no matter how many times I envision a flaming school bus crashing into a room full of harp seal puppies.” Read more.