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Link: An Oral History of The Littlest Hobo, Canada’s Greatest TV Show

From Elianna Lev of Vice:

An Oral History of The Littlest Hobo, Canada’s Greatest TV Show
The show’s roots date back to 1958, when ol’ timey Hollywood producers Stuart and Dorrell McGowan made a low-budget film about a wandering German Shepherd dog, which went on to be a big success. Since the character of Lil’ Ho was so endearing, it was eventually turned into a TV series. Shot in British Columbia between 1963 and 1965, the original series had to halt production because of legal disputes concerning ownership between the McGowans and funders Stoner Broadcasting. When the case came to conclusion seven years later, in favour of the brothers, they’d long tired of the idea to keep the show alive. However, a young Canadian named Christopher Dew, who’d worked on the series as a “wet behind the ears” editor, knew the nomadic canine still had more rides to take on that train. Continue reading.

Link: State of the industry: Canadian kids TV

From Mark Dillon of TBI Vision:

State of the industry: Canadian kids TV
Digital disruption and an end to regulatory protection has some in the Canadian kids business worried, but while content providers have one less broadcaster to pitch following the sell-off of Astral Media’s assets, they are optimistic that the same new platforms threatening traditional TV will provide them with greater global reach. Mark Dillon reports. Continue reading.

Tonight: Escape or Die, Illusions of Grandeur

Escape or Die!, OLN – “Burning, Bound and Upside Down (Bogota, Colombia)”
Escape artist Dean Gunnarson is bound in a straitjacket, hanging upside down 45 meters over the deadly cobblestone square of Zipaquira, Colombia. The crowd watches in awe as the two ropes holding Dean up are consumed rapidly by fiery flames. The clock is ticking while Dean struggles to break free before the ropes burn through and he crashes to his death below.

Illusions of Grandeur, OLN – “Niagara Falls”
Zack heads to the site of one of the great wonders of the natural world, Niagara Falls, to do his first-ever stage performance, as part of internationally-renowned magician Greg Frewin’s stage act. Zack pulls out all the stops preparing for the show, but can he overcome his fears and prove he belongs on the same stage as one of the best magicians in the business?

Link: Why we loved Gilbert Blythe

From Sarah Larson of The New Yorker:

Why we loved Gilbert Blythe
Crombie was an expert gazer. Through meaningful looks and other subtleties, he showed that Gilbert wasn’t threatened when Anne could spell “chrysanthemum” and he couldn’t; he appeared deeply concerned when she fell off the ridgepole, and didn’t mock her for braving it; he was kind during the “The Lady of Shalott” escapade, while executing a dashing rescue. In this video, a young Crombie explains that the moment Anne breaks a slate over Gilbert’s head is the moment he starts growing up. Continue reading.

Tom Harrington leaving Marketplace

From a media release:

Tom Harrington, the co-host of Canada’s top-rated consumer investigative program MARKETPLACE for five years, is leaving the show to pursue new opportunities with CBC News. Canadians will now be able to hear Tom on CBC Radio One’s THE WORLD THIS HOUR, weekdays at the top of the clock from 3 p.m. ET to 8 p.m. ET, by the fall.

“The Marketplace team is one of the most dedicated and passionate groups I’ve ever worked with, and we’ve accomplished so much and effected real change over the past five years,” said Tom Harrington. “I grew up listening to CBC Radio in St. John’s and my first full time job with CBC was in radio sports in Montreal. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to host both World Report and The World At Six and feel honoured to now call home one of the most respected news services in the world. The great Bernie McNamee is a tough act to follow at The World This Hour but I’m excited for the challenge.”

Tom Harrington is a four-time Gemini nominee, and prior to his position with MARKETPLACE, was the sports correspondent for CBC News, reporting for The National. He has also been a guest host on CBC Radio One’s THE WORLD AT SIXTHE CURRENTAS IT HAPPENS and CROSS COUNTRY CHECKUP.

MARKETPLACE, Canada’s consumer watchdog and number one current affairs show, just wrapped its 42nd season. The show’s plans have not been finalized, and more details will be made available in the coming months.