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Tonight: The Liquidator, Reelside

The Liquidator, OLN – “Profit Wars”
Jeff’s love for “boy toys” blows up into a huge sale of guns, crossbows, ammo cases, and all kinds of other military gear at Direct Liquidation.

Reelside, TMN – Episode 5 of 6
Accomplished editor Matthew Hannam (SENSITIVE SKIN) sets off to Northern Ontario with iconic Canadian directors Don McKellar (SENSITIVE SKIN) and Bruce McDonald (Highway 61) to create a documentary about their careers. What emerges is a powerful lesson about the Canadian road movie. Following REELSIDE is a marathon of all six episodes of The Movie Network original series SENSITIVE SKIN, starring Don McKellar and Kim Cattrall.

Link: The best bad Canadian television shows ever made

From Steve Tilley of Postmedia:

The best bad Canadian television shows ever made
There’s a voice that keeps on calling me to some of the (perhaps wisely) forgotten shows from our not-so-visionary past. Like the embarrassing family photos you keep in the back of a drawer, they’re worth revisiting for a few laughs and a lot of cringing.

As we celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday Wednesday, here’s a look back at the best of Canada’s worst TV shows from the ’70s and ’80s. Continue reading.

Link: Ukrainians clamour for Canadian TV content and hardware

From The Canadian Press:

Ukrainians clamour for Canadian TV content and hardware
“The Littlest Hobo,” “Anne of Green Gables,” maybe even “Flashpoint” could find a new lease on life in Ukraine as the country’s broadcasting council scrambles to fill TV screens with something other than Russian programming, says a senior Ukrainian official. Continue reading.

Link: Life and Death at VGH: the reprise of the Knowledge Network documentary series

From Pamela Fayerman of the Vancouver Sun:

Life and Death at VGH: the reprise of the Knowledge Network documentary series. Go to the ER and you could be in it.
When the driver of a car that crashed into a group of Whistler cyclists was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital three weeks ago, camera crews filming the next season of an ER documentary were there filming his arrival and medical treatment. Whether this patient’s case becomes part of the Knowledge Network documentary next Spring depends, in part, on whether the patient – who’s expected to face criminal charges in the accident which resulted in three deaths – gives consent to being part of it. Continue reading.

Tonight: Halifax Comedy Festival, Rise of the Machines, Airshow


From network episode descriptions:

Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, CBC
Episode 1: Series’ host Mark Critch kicks off the 19th Season of Ha!ifax Comedy Fest! Greg Proops goes to Ireland and Pete Zedlacher wants to know what’s with the luggage store at the airport. With appearances by…Cathy Jones, Mike MacDonald, Dave Hemstad, Kelly Taylor, Keith Pedro, Orny Adams, Leland Klassen, Nathan Macintosh, and Jean Paul.
Episode 2: International award-winning master of misery Jeremy Hotz says he’s moving slower these days; Pete Zedlacher goes to the gym in Afghanistan, and Derek Edwards wonders why people from Halifax are called Haligonians. Also appearing, Tim Nutt, Nile Seguin, Mike Delamont, Leland Klassen, DeAnne Smith, Dave Hemstad, Greg Proops and Nathan Macintosh.

Rise of the Machines, Discovery – “Mega Lift Ship”
The 50,000-ton Mega Lift Ship – the Dockwise MV Treasure – is longer than two football fields and packs the power of 80 Hummers. The steel giant carries a 13,000-ton oilrig from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico, passing through busy shipping channels and around rocky peninsulas, battling ferocious storms across two oceans. This episode follows her elite crew on the epic voyage and unlocks the engineering secrets of the ship.

Airshow, Discovery – season finale 
Over the Bay of San Francisco, Donna Flynn battles fog, birds, and the pressure of millions of airshow fans to pull off her biggest show of the season. In Québec, tension builds between Carol and Marcus at their final show of the season. Super Dave begins to question his new airshow partner. And at the NASCAR track in Dallas, Pete fights to make a comeback in the Red Bull Air Races.