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Link: Gangland Undercover a fast-paced, fact-based ride

From Melissa Hank of O.Canada.com:

Gangland Undercover a fast-paced, fact-based ride
History’s new six-part miniseries Gangland Undercover may be about a California motorcycle gang and its life-and-death exploits, but don’t call it Sons of Anarchy.

The Canadian-American co-production is based on informant Charles Falco’s 2013 book titled Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs. There are bikes and beatings, yes, and drugs and dames, but actors Paulino Nunes and Damon Runyan say there’s a key difference. Continue reading.

Tonight: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “Uneasy Money”
Canadians are taking on record levels of household debt, and money is top of mind for many trying to tighten their belts. But if you need cash, are companies being clear about what you’re signing up for? In Uneasy Money, MARKETPLACE investigates the business tactics of a popular loan company that offers easy loans to people who need money. Erica Johnson investigates how high interest rates and added charges can add up to a bad bottom line for borrowers. And, MARKETPLACE puts a major bank to the test about the biggest debt that many of us ever sign up for: a mortgage. Not all mortgages are created equal, but how upfront is the bank about what’s hiding in the fine print?

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The War on Wheat”
It’s a multi-billion dollar battle for your belly. Millions of people are joining the anti-wheat revolution. Kellogg’s, the world’s largest cereal maker, has seen its biggest drop in sales since the 1970s. Food companies are selling off their struggling bread divisions. It’s all because best-selling health evangelists say that wheat is causing everything from fat bellies to schizophrenia. But do they have science on their side? Mark Kelley takes a hard look at what’s driving a movement that is dramatically changing the way we eat.

Tonight: The Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Storage Wars Canada

The Nature of Things, CBC – “The Great Human Odyssey: Journey’s End (Episode 3)”
The series ends with a spectacular journey at sea, as Dr. Niobe Thompson confronts one of the enduring mysteries of prehistory: how did our Stone Age ancestors settle lands across the ocean? Learn how new discoveries in the properties of early sailing vessels, experimental anthropology, and ancient DNA research are changing our understanding of the earliest sea voyages, from Easter Island to the Bering Strait.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Transforming Gender”
From parents who knew that their child was transgender at the age of two, to a transgender woman who had gender-reassignment surgery at the age of sixty-six, the world of trans people is as rich and as diverse as any community. And like any group fighting for its right to be free and to exist, the path towards the acquisition of long denied civil rights has been marked equally by great pain and great joy. Transforming Gender is a moving and evocative study of the lives of transgender people living in a world that is only just now becoming aware of who they are.

Storage Wars Canada, OLN – “Worst Laid Plans”
Paul and Bogart concoct an entirely new strategy for an auction in Leaside, which is to have no strategy at all. Rick and Cindy play doctor; Ursula gets her geek on; and Roy rocks out with Canadian metal icon Robb Reiner of Anvil.

Link: Documentary shines light on what it’s like to be transgender

From Wency Leung of the Globe and Mail:

‘We’re just regular people’: Documentary shines light on what it’s like to be transgender
Now 49 and having transitioned as a woman, Dr. Massarella is among several transgender individuals, ranging in age from 11 to 90, who share their experiences in the new documentary, Transforming Gender. The documentary, which airs Thursday, Feb. 26, at 9 p.m. (9:30 p.m. NT) on CBC’s Doc Zone, raises the idea that now, as transgender people become more visible in society, it’s time for us to rethink our notions of gender. Continue reading.

Link: Niobe Thompson’s CBC series dives deep into the origins of humankind

From Ivan Semeniuk of the Globe and Mail:

Niobe Thompson’s CBC series dives deep into the origins of humankind
Whether or not you’ve been following CBC Television’s epic series The Great Human Odyssey, the concluding episode to anthropologist/producer Niobe Thompson’s deep dive into the origins of our species offers insights enough for any hominid to chew on. Continue reading.