What’s this site all about?

TV, eh? is an attempt to provide one-stop-shopping for information on English Canadian TV drama and comedy shows (that’s actual Canadian programs, by the way, not just anything on a Canadian network). The site links to articles and publishes scheduling information and media releases.

Why don’t you have information about this show? Or a link to this article?

Probably because I don’t know about it, or haven’t had a chance to post it yet. E-mail me with any information, suggestions or interview/coverage requests.

Can I ask you something about a show or a network?

You can ask, but I probably won’t be able to answer (and I get a lot of email so I probably won’t). Contact the appropriate show or network directly (there are some links in the sidebar to official sites, or try Google). I don’t work in the industry, am not affiliated with any of the networks or shows, and don’t know any more than what I post on the site.

Will you post about my web series?

Sorry, no. And yes, I know some day the distinction between television and web series might be meaningless but there are a LOT of web series out there, no CanCon regulations, and I don’t have the resources to cover them or the desire to choose which ones to cover. Check out  The Shorts Report and Limited Release instead. Very rarely we talk about web series on the podcast but that’s more Anthony’s doing than mine.

Will you post about our Save Our Show campaign?

Good lord no. This entire site is basically a save our shows campaign in the aggregate. Canadian series are lucky to get more than a couple of seasons – I could be doing nothing but posting doomed Save Our Show campaigns, and nothing could interest me less. But good luck.

Can I write for the site?

I’m always looking for people willing to do reviews and interviews about Canadian series. Send me an email and tell me a bit about your interests and writing.

Who are you?

TV, eh? is run by Diane Wild, a Vancouver-based writer, editor and web communications consultant. As mentioned above, I don’t work in the television industry and am not affiliated with any of the networks or shows. I started the site in 2006 after writing this article and being challenged to start a site like this.

What if this FAQ didn’t answer my question?

Send it to me! “Frequently” has a pretty loose definition around here, so I might just post it.