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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: Saving Hope: Benjamin Ayres previews a possible romance for Zach

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Saving Hope: Benjamin Ayres previews a possible romance for Zach
“I liked that we jumped ahead off the start by nine months because originally I remember thinking we were going to pick up right where we left off–which there would’ve been some fun challenges as an actor to do–but I like that we jumped ahead to see the effect of what happened with Joel. We now see Zach playing the field and drinking more, being hungover, a little more acerbic and quipy, frustrated. I think he’s slowly finding himself again.” Continue reading.

Photo gallery: Season 4 of Vikings

Season 4 of Vikings doesn’t return until next month, but those friendly folks over at History have given us an early Valentine’s Day present! Check out this treasure trove of images featuring everyone from fan favourites like Ragnar Lothbrok and Rollo to Emperor Charles and Princess Gisla.

History teases the upcoming season thusly: “Following the Vikings’ successful raid of Paris, Ragnar is the most feared and respected leader in the Western World. However, his victory is short-lived as he is surrounded by those who would seek his undoing.”

We can’t wait.


Vikings airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History beginning Feb. 18.

Link: Dustin Milligan on the connections between ‘X Company’ and ‘Schitt’s Creek’

From Bill Harris of Postmedia Network:

Dustin Milligan on the connections between ‘X Company’ and ‘Schitt’s Creek’
“What is worth fighting for? What are my values? Tom had to deal with the concept of taking lives to try to save his own, and the lives of others. So who would I become if faced with, ‘Kill or be killed?’ As an actor, it’s such a gift to be able to ask yourself these questions through a role.” Continue reading. 

Canadian Original Yukon Gold returns Wednesday Feb. 17 to History

From a media release:

This February, HISTORY’s fan-favourite Canadian docu-series Yukon Gold returns for a fortune-seeking fourth season where tempers are tested, time is ticking and the pressure to strike gold runs high. These miners have families to support and bills to pay, but the prospect of riches outweighs the risks. Miners returning with gold fever this season include “Big Al” McGregor as well as Karl Knutson, Ken Foy, Guillaume Brodeur, couple Nika Guilbault and Chris St. Jean, and Bernie Kreft. Produced by Canadian production company Paperny Entertainment in association with Shaw Media, the new, 11-epsiode season of Yukon Gold premieres Wednesday, February 17th at 10pm ET/PT on HISTORY.

This season, all five mining camps are busier than ever. Some miners are juggling multiple roles in their personal and professional lives while others are tasked with opening up new mines. But all of them are on the hunt for gold. Big Al faced difficult health issues this past year, leaving him in a wheelchair, but his determination brought him back to the Yukon. With the help of his right-hand man, Hiro, he hopes to make a triumphant return and finally hit the jackpot this season. Chris and Nika return to Stowe Creek, now as a new family of five, with the addition of their six-month-old twins. With greater responsibilities to balance, Chris is under more stress to support their family and Nika must juggle her roles as both miner and mother.

Business partners Ken and Guillaume head to Atlin, B.C. hoping to hit it big after years of coming up short in the Yukon. As Ken struggles with endless permit delays and preparing to become a first-time father, the pressure falls on Guillaume to get the mine up and running. Second-generation miner Karl is taking a big step this season. Buying into the mine with his parents, he’s now a gold miner and business owner with more responsibility and a hefty 1000-ounce gold goal. Bernie tries his luck at a new site with sons Jarrett and Justin, but sometimes it’s hard to balance being both boss and father.