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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Calamities collide in the all-new disaster series Aftermath, premiering Sept. 27 on Space

From a media release:

This month, the end of the world is just the beginning with the debut of the Canadian action thriller AFTERMATH, premiering Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on Space. Starring real-life couple, James Tupper (Revenge, Men In Trees) and Anne Heche (Hung, Men In Trees) as Joshua and Karen Copeland, the one-hour, 13-episode series follows their family’s struggle through a possible Armageddon. Shot in Vancouver, AFTERMATH is created by William Laurin and Glenn Davis, and produced by Halfire Entertainment in association with Space and Syfy.

In AFTERMATH, Joshua Copeland (Tupper) is a university professor whose study of world cultures and beliefs gives him unique abilities to decode the end times and help his family to survive. Karen Copeland (Heche) is a fierce protector of her family, drawing on the combat skills and survival training she received as an Air Force pilot to keep her husband and children safe.

In the premiere episode, “RVL 6768” (Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. ET), faced with natural disasters, supernatural creatures, and a horrifying plague, the Copeland family fights to survive the end of the world.

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AFTERMATH also stars Levi Meaden (The Killing, Olympus) as the Copeland’s eldest son, Matt. As a student, Matt was a fierce athlete whose physical prowess becomes an attribute as the family faces the end of the world, until the brutality of what he must do to survive begins to push his character into the darkness. Taylor Hickson (Deadpool) and Julia Sarah Stone (The Killing, Falling Skies) star as his twin sisters Brianna and Dana Copeland. Brianna is the outlier of the family who’s an emotional, romantic, and rebellious young woman anxious to live her own life, until the shocks and tragedies of the end of times put her on a new path. Dana is nothing like her fraternal twin – she’s practical, sardonic, and quick-witted with a keen analytical mind and a thorough knowledge of science.

AFTERMATH creators/showrunners are William Laurin and Glenn Davis (Missing, Power Play, John Woo’s Once a Thief). Jason Stone (This is the EndThe Calling), directs the first two episodes. Laurin and Davis executive produce along with Craig Merritt. Suzanne Berger and Connie Dolphin also produce. In addition to his lead role on the series, James Tupper is also co-producer. Jason Stone is consulting producer.


Link: Corus channels to see some major changes as Shaw integration continues

From Greg O’Brien of Cartt:

Link: Corus channels to see some major changes as Shaw integration continues
“We’re in pretty good shape for the 17 channels which are our big ones which are going to get picked (by viewers and advertisers. What happens to the bottom 15 services are something we’re going to be spending a lot of time working on in the next 24 to 36 months… I think you’ll see some culling occurring across all of us in the sector.” Continue reading.


Link: Dark Matter: Alex Mallari Jr. on Four’s Machiavellian move

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Dark Matter: Alex Mallari Jr. on Four’s Machiavellian move
“I love being a part of the crew and it wasn’t explained to me what happens when he retrieves those memories, but immediately after that I was excited because I’ve always wanted to play a villain. I’m hoping that that’s what happens. Right now, just the way I’ve played Ryo and Four, I gave such a villainous air to him, so it’s been fun toying around with that.” Continue reading.


Comments and queries for the week of September 16

Kids Help Phone Charity auction

The Mr. D package is not allowing me to bid, not sure if something is wrong with the link, but “Bid Now” button not allowing to enter a bid. —D

Thanks so much for the support of this great cause, and for letting me know about the glitch. It’s been fixed! If anyone else is having problems bidding, please email me at the address below.

Four in the Morning

I was going to give this show a go but I forgot to set it to record on my DVR. Now I think I’m just going to let it pass me by. After reading your review I think it’s a show I probably won’t like and I’ve been a lot more fussy when it comes to shows to keep watching these days. There’s just too much TV nowadays. I still have 20 shows I’m behind on. I keep finding myself dropping shows I’m a number of episodes in on like Arrow, Playing House, Bitten, etc., because I realize there’s always another show I want to watch more. —Alicia

APTN’s Wild Archaeology entertains and educates

I am very happy you liked the show so much. Trust me when I say there is much more to see many more place we traveled and learned from all across Canada. —Jacob Pratt


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Link: Orphan Black actor Kevin Hanchard leads discussion on race and religion at UWindsor

From Tom Morrison of OurWindsor:

Link: Orphan Black actor Kevin Hanchard leads discussion on race and religion at UWindsor
Orphan Black actor Kevin Hanchard says he tries to advocate for his race in every role he takes.

The Mississauga-based actor returned to the University of Windsor, his alma mater, Tuesday afternoon to lead a discussion about race and religion in the performing arts as part of the school’s Humanities Week.

Hanchard, who portrays Detective Art Bell on the sci-fi clone series, said the race of his characters is always at the “forefront” of his mind. Continue reading.