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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: jPod tonight

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Reality shows that suck reap the benefit of strike
    “jPod, the homegrown drama that tries so very, very hard to show that a TV show about Gen Yers surfing the net can be every bit as compelling as, well, surfing the net, moves to a new night. In tonight’s outing, doofus dad Jim (Alan Thicke) tries to make it onto White Ghost, a Hong Kong TV show that shows North Americans doing dumb things — like, say, competing on 1 vs. 100. 9 p.m., CBC.” Read more.

Award of Excellence to be given to THE BORDER and CSI:Miami’s Sofia Milos at 2008 Banff World Television Festival

From a media release:

theborder6Actor Sofia Milos of The Border and CSI Miami is to receive the Award of Excellence at the 29th edition of the Banff World Television Festival, which takes place at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, in Alberta, Canada, June 8 – 11, 2008.

The Award of Excellence acknowledges exceptional achievement through a body of work over an extended period of time. The award will be presented to Milos at the Alberta Film Awards Lunch on Monday June 9, 2008.

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In the news: The false dichotomy of the CRTC

Alex Epstein of Complications Ensue comments on the current CRTC hearings, to decide if the Canadian Television Fund should be divided into separate funds for cultural programming and for commercial programming:

  • Culture=Entertainment
    “SLINGS AND ARROWS is successful cable TV. It is also successful highbrow culture (which satirizes highbrow culture). TRAILER PARK BOYS is successful TV. It is also successful lowbrow culture. If you don’t believe me, wait until “the boys” come round for a signing and see how many people are lining up in the cold. If people waiting in the cold to see actors isn’t a sign of vibrant culture, you tell me what is.” Read more.

In the news: The Border praised as ‘best ever’

Dave White of the Western Star really likes words that start with “c”:

  • Local newspaper provides a warm blanket in cold, unsure times
    “In The Border, right-wing collaborators and left-leaning security officials stir an eclectic mix of the proven and the probable in what is likely the best made-for-television Canadian drama series ever. Its plausible portrayals cause viewers to think outside box and across political boundaries, lending levels of credence to opportunities for collusion and chicanery channeled through corporate and civil controls common in certain circles.” Read more.


American-Canadian differences in policy are personified in the relationship between American agent Bianca LaGarda (Sofia Milos) and her Canadian counterpart Major Mike Kessler (James McGowan).

In the news: A Harvard take on Canadian TV

From Katie Mapes of the Harvard Law School Record:

  • Harvard Law (Television) Review: Canadian Television
    “For reasons that are beyond me, our neighbor to the north apparently doesn’t think it’s worth their time to police what videos are put on YouTube. But I’m not complaining. As a result, you can watch full seasons of Canadian television on-line. It’s a perfect way to kick back and to assure yourself that even a nation with universal health care and money that is terrifyingly worth more than yours still can’t manage to properly pronounce words like ‘sorry’ and ‘about.'” Read more.