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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Being Erica review

From Joel Rubinoff of the Waterloo Record:

  • Erica3Being Erica means reliving a life gone astray
    “‘My name is Erica Strange,’ says the title character (Erin Karpluk) in Being Erica (9 p.m. Monday on CBC), a fantastical (and near-fantastic) Canadian production that avoids the pitfalls of most time-travel shows by sidestepping soapy drama for a deeper appreciation of the transient forces of destiny.” Read more.

In the news: Michelle Harrison of Wild Roses

From Bill Harris in 24 Hours:

  • wildroses1These Roses are Wild
    “‘It definitely is not a chick show,’ said Michelle Harrison, one of the female leads in the new CBC series Wild Roses, which debuts Tuesday. ‘It just happens that some of the characters are strong women, but there are a lot of men on the show. And because the leads are three or four women, all they do is bring in hot and sexy male guest stars, which is great.'” Read more.

In the news: Being Erica, Wild Roses premiering

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Some old, some new kick off second television season
    “Wild Roses, CBC’s new, adult-themed, female-driven take on its rural, cattle-country ensemble drama Heartland, follows the clash of wills between ranch-owning sisters, played by Sarah Power and Michelle Harrison, and a rapacious oil developer, played by Gary Hudson.” Read more.

In the news: Being Erica, The Listener show promise

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Television: A time of promise, needed more than ever
    “CBC is banking on Being Erica (starts Jan. 5), a charming drama, being a hit. It stars Erin Karpluk, familiar to fans of Godiva’s, as thirtysomething Erica Strange. Erica is a relentless underachiever who’s feeling lost. Then she gets a chance to change her past life, thanks to mercurial therapist Dr. Tom (Michael Riley), who seems to be able to send her back in time. The first episode is wonderful. CTV has The Listener, which has already been sold to NBC (starts in March, probably) and, while rumours about the show’s direction abound, it certainly opens strongly.” Read more.
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