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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: ZOS’s Maltese connection

From the Malta Independent:

  • Maltese producer’s eight-part drama premieres tomorrow on Canadian TV
    “Hope is possible in ZOS and it is prized – but it’s always hard-won. Peacekeeping has pride of place in the Canadian national identity. It was, in fact, executive producer and director Mario Azzopardi’s pride in the country, which welcomed him as a young man from Malta almost 30 years ago, that was the catalyst for ZOS.” Read more.

In the news: Canada’s Next Top Model’s ‘meat market’

From Richard Lieberecht of Sun Media:

  • Hopefuls try out for ‘Top Model’
    “‘Designers in Paris, they don’t design for average women,’ he said. ‘Fashion is fantasy, not reality. Let’s face it – if you want to be a doctor, the good Lord can’t give everyone the brains to be a doctor. Not everyone can be a model, very simply.'” Read more.

In the news: ZOS’s blend of comedy/tragedy

From Brian Gorman of the Brantford Expositor

  • Life and death in the space between the hate
    “Bosnia is one of those places that naturally lends itself to black humor and surrealism. Set in the former Yugoslav republic, “ZOS: Zone of Separation” is both. The eight-part series debuts Monday, Jan. 19, on Movie Central in Western Canada and The Movie Network in the East. And it blends high drama, black comedy and a surrealistic tragedy so dark that it occasionally wanders over the line into comedy.” Read more.

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Podcast – ZOS: Zone of Separation

From Judith Klassen at Movie Entertainment:

  • ZOS Judecast
    “In this podcast you get to listen to Jude chat with ZOS writer/showrunner/exec producer, Malcolm MacRury about his Monty Python esthetic, the first time he felt Canadian TV pride (SCTV), working on Deadwood with the Milch Man, and why the Canuck caster TMN is our best shot at creating killer television.” Listen now.

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