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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Jill exits Canada’s Next Top Model

jill2From the National Post:

  • Jill voted off Canada’s Next Top Model
    “Last night’s episode was a challenge for all the girls, with hairstyle makeovers that thrilled and shocked, and a challenging photoshoot at the new Frank Ghery addition to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Though Jill believes she turned out some good pics, the judges ultimately found her goofy and decided she didn’t possess enough passion for the industry.” Read more.

From Kat Angus of Dose:

Canwest specialty channels include Canadian series

From a media release:


Holmes Inspection (26x60min)
Fall 2009
Mike Holmes is back with an all-new series to help homeowners who have been duped by terrible home inspections. Mike assesses the situation, uncovers what went wrong with the inspection and with the help of his construction team he will do what he does best: ‘Make it Right’.

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Reviews: The Listener ‘nice but bland’

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • The Listener is nice, but bland
    “This brings me to The Listener (CTV, 10 p.m.; NBC, Thursday, 9 p.m.) which is awfully nice but unbelievably bland. This is a pity, because it’s the second Canadian-made series in recent times to make the breakthrough and land on a U.S. network in prime time.” Read more.

From the New York Post:

    “For reasons too mysterious for the viewers to know — in the first two episodes, at any rate — said telepathy man keeps his extraordinary gift completely secret. Why? We don’t know, but seriously, with a talent like that, he could get his own TV show. Instead, the guy works as an EMS paramedic who rides around Toronto all day with an idiotic partner, aka ‘the comic relief.'” Read more.

In the news: Corner Gas, Stargate among Leo award winners

From Craig Takeuchi of the Georgia Straight:

  • Corner Gas, Stargate, Babz Chula win at B.C.’s Leo Awards
    “Corner Gas, which concluded after six seasons on the air last month, won the best comedy series, and Nancy Robertson from the show (who was up against costars Brent Butt, who was in attendance to accept the previous award, and Gabrielle Miller) won best performance in a comedy series.” Read more.

New tonight: Corner Gas on CTV

gas9:30 p.m. – CORNER GAS – “Happy Career Day to You” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

When Emma (Janet Wright) inadvertently finds herself a substitute teacher at the elementary school, she asks Karen (Tara Spencer-Nairn) and Wanda (Nancy Robertson) to talk to the kids about their careers, causing tension to erupt. Lacey’s (Gabrielle Miller) attempt to make the Ruby more birthday friendly goes too far. Meanwhile, Brent (Brent Butt) and Hank (Fred Ewanuick) panic after they suspect Oscar (Eric Peterson) has eaten a thirty-year-old snack cake.