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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Right and wrong in The Border

Chloe Tejada of AOL Canada reviews The Border:

  • Toeing the Line With ‘ The Border’
    “In CBC’s ‘The Border,’ Canada’s small screen proves it can test our moral fibre with the best of them. ‘The Border’ follows a team of agents who each week face border security issues involving illegal immigration, kidnapping and terrorism. With each case, the characters battle not only the bad guys but their own moral judgment. ” Read more.

In the news: Alan Thicke talks jPod

Adam McDowell of the National Post profiles Alan Thicke of jPod:

  • Jason Seaver has left the building
    “No wonder Thicke looks happy about jPod: It’s the revenge of Jason Seaver. The new hour-long comedy-drama is based on the novel by Douglas Coupland, which the actor admits he hasn’t read (“Nothing against Douglas — I don’t read books,” he explains). What he does know is that “there are very few things about the technique and the tone that feel like Growing Pains. This dad is so different that it doesn’t really feel like the same genre.” Read more.

In the news: jPod just silly

Robert Cushman of the National Post is a little obsessed with the name of the show:

  • Not quite a step up
    “The show, at least on the strength of tonight’s first episode, makes nothing of its characters’ shared initial, maybe because there’s nothing that could be made. It just seems a too-cute way of getting together a variegated bunch of employees for another workplace comedy. At the centre of it is Evan Jarlewski (David Kopp), the team’s “gore specialist,” which involves finding new ways of putting “carnage and violence into video games while conforming to industry quality codes.”” Read more.