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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Kenny vs. Spenny

Ben Westhoff of NY Magazine interviews Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice:

In the news: CBC denies burying Intelligence

Jeff Keay, head of media relations for CBC, writes for the Tyee (a rebuttal of the interview with Chris Haddock they ran last week):

  • CBC Fires Back at Haddock
    “We’re happy to see Chris remains a passionate supporter of his show, which we happen to think is pretty good. We’re disappointed he feels he’s not being adequately promoted (but at same time doubt there’s a producer in the history of show business who thinks their program HAS been adequately promoted).” Read more.

In the news: Spy endorses Intelligence

From Michael Wilson, writing for the Toronto Star:

  • Ex-U.S. spy a fan of CBC series
    “How good is CBC’s crooks-and-spies drama Intelligence? Good enough that one of its biggest U.S. fans is a former American intel man turned TV producer. As the season-ending two-parter airs tomorrow night, Michael Wilson has penned a tribute in hopes he can get enough Canadians watching the low-rated show to rescue it from the cancellation expected by its creator, Chris Haddock.” Read more.


In the news: Da Vinci’s Inquest on DVD

From Bill Sherman of Blogcritics:

  • DVD Review: Da Vinci’s Inquest – Season One
    “Though billed on the Acorn set’s slipcase as a “mystery” series, DVI is as much a social drama as it is a police procedural: at least half of the episodes in the first season focus on issues (mercy killing, misuse of political power, mistreatment of the elderly, teen risk-taking) more than unexpected deaths.” Read more.


Upcoming episode: Intelligence 2 hour season finale, CBC, Dec. 10

Intelligence TV remakes the Joe Higgs raggae hit Steppin’ Razor made famous by Peter Tosh (of The Wailers or The Wailing Wailers with Bob Marley). The music video includes footage of Chris Haddock’s sexy hit crime series ‘Intelligence’ with Ian Tracey (Da Vinci’s Inquest), Klea Scott (Collateral) and Matt Frewer (Max Headroom). Two Hour Finale of Intelligence Season 2 airs Monday Dec 10 on CBC at 8pm. Season 1 airs in 85 countries around the world. Sex, Drugs and Espionage; the conspiracy continues!