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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Review: Hiccups and Dan For Mayor ‘mildly promising’

From Robert Cushman of the National Post:

  • The return of Dog River’s finest
    “Tonight, CTV unwraps two new comedy shows that, while not exactly spinoffs of Corner Gas, trade in the same kind of gentle urban-folksy humour. An American sitcom, even one as sophisticated as Seinfeld, virtually screams at you “aren’t these people crazy?” A Canadian sitcom is likelier to roll its eyes and ask you to identify with its people while suggesting that they are, really, rather odd. Both Hiccups and Dan for Mayor look, on the strength of their first episodes, mildly promising, with an emphasis on the adverb.” Read more.

Review: Hiccups better without Butt

From Rob Salem of the Toronto Star:

  • Salem: Still a few Hiccups to overcome
    “But what the network may perceive as Hiccups’ greatest asset turns out to be its greatest liability. Butt’s appearance onscreen – which he was, I gather, reluctantly persuaded to do by the network – is a distraction from this singular showcase for his wife’s considerable comedic skills. At the same time, who better to write and produce a vehicle so impeccably well-suited to her talents?” Read more.

On The Border’s cancellation

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Border Closed, Republic Endures
    “The Border was thrown into a suicide slot in its third season and got overrun by CTV powerhouse Grey’s Anatomy. Unlike Doyle, which enjoyed the public network’s strongest lead-in (Dragon’s Den), The Border got squat from Doc Zone. The finale drew a little over a half million viewers with some weeks dipping closer to 400,000.” Read more.