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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Testees premieres Oct. 14, Kenny vs Spenny and Rent-a-Goalie on Oct. 20

From Marija Djukicc of Media in Canada:

  • Testees secures premiere date
    “Showcase’s new 13-ep comedy series Testees, by Kenny Hotz, creator of the hugely popular show Kenny vs. Spenny, is set to premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 9 pm. The series follows the lives of two best friends who work as test subjects for the product testing facility Testico.” Read more.

In the news: Miriam McDonald of Degrassi

From Kat Angus of Dose:

  • Miriam McDonald on Growing Up Degrassi
    “Going through adolescence is hard enough as it is, but going through it on national television would be especially torturous. Yet for the young stars of Degrassi: The Next Generation, their treks through puberty were seen by millions of viewers around the world – and that was the whole point.” Read more.

In the news: Sanctuary jumps to TV

From Marsha Lederman of the Globe and Mail:

  • Finding Sanctuary on TV
    “It has become second nature for television producers and networks to use the Internet as a marketing tool – a way to promote their schedules, offer after-broadcast downloads, create online fan communities. But a new Canadian science-fiction series is moving the other way: After originating on the Web, Sanctuary is making the leap from desktop to small screen, premiering on television with a two-hour episode (tonight).” Read more.
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