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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: Spun Out’s Darcy Michael

From Shawn Conner of the Vancouver Sun:

Q&A: Darcy Michael
Even when I’m riffing, it’s a really good collaboration with the writers’ room and my own comedy. Because of filming live and because of my standup background, Dave (Foley) was really great about encouraging them to let me go, and as the season grew, the chances I was getting to just kind of f–k around became more substantial to the point that they were just holding the camera. Continue reading.

Link: Erica Durance of Saving Hope

From Laura Kane of the Canadian Press:

‘Saving Hope’ star Erica Durance: Dr. Reid ‘irrevocably changed’ in new season
The last time “Saving Hope” fans saw Dr. Alex Reid, her heart had stopped beating during emergency surgery after being stabbed in the chest. So it’s no surprise to star Erica Durance that viewers are waiting with bated breath for the season 3 premiere, which is airing in two parts on Sept. 22 and 25 on CTV. Continue reading.

Tonight: Haven, Bachelor Canada premieres

Haven, Showcase – 2-Hour Premiere
Season five of Haven finds the town’s protectors caught up in the shocking aftermath of the season four finale. With Duke fighting to contain the Troubles within him, Nathan faces his greatest fear that Audrey – the woman he’s fought so desperately to save – may be gone forever. The stakes are raised as Audrey’s “original” persona Mara proceeds to unleash a wave of chaos on Haven. Laura Mennell (The Watchmen) joins the cast as Dr. Charlotte Cross, a brilliant CDC epidemiologist who fears the town of Haven is on the verge of a deadly viral outbreak. Check out Greg’s interview with star Lucas Bryant.

The Bachelor Canada, City – Two-hour Season Premiere
Bachelor Tim Warmels begins his quest for love at the stunning Bachelor Canada mansion, where he comes face-to-face with 25 of the country’s most eligible bachelorettes for the first time. It doesn’t take long before emotions start to rage out of control during the first cocktail party of the season, as the bachelorettes find themselves struggling to gain coveted one-on-one time with Tim. In the wake of intense connections, tears, and tension, Tim must make the difficult decision to choose which 15 bachelorettes will continue on in their journey for love. Greg spoke with Tim about Season 2.

Haven continues on Showcase Thursday, a little behind the US airing. And the town thinks they have The Troubles?

Haven’s Lucas Bryant takes control in Season 5

As part of Haven‘s cast, Lucas Bryant has to deal with a lot of unsurety contained in every script. What mysterious Trouble will befall another person living in town? What evil will his character, Nathan Wuornos, face? Will he and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) get along? And will Nathan and Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) ever become the couple he yearns them to be?

With all of that hanging over his head for the past four seasons–a super-sized Season 5 returns to Showcase tonight–Bryant is taking control of the situation in one small way, albeit one behind the cameras instead of in front.

“I’m going to be directing my first episode of Haven this year, at the end of September,” he reveals. The Elmira, Ont., native has been shadowing directors and sitting in on pre- and post-production meetings as he could since Day 1 on the fantasy series. As an actor he finds it illuminating and helpful to understanding the minutiae of a television shoot, like how taking three steps outside of a predetermined spot on the set can affect production for hours.

“That is why I should just stand on my spot, shut up and say my words!” he jokes. Bryant will be in control for one episode as a director, but Haven‘s scripts continue to offer disarray and confusion. The Season 4 finale concluded with bad boy William (Colin Ferguson) going through a mystical doorway, Duke bleeding from his eyes, Jennifer (Emma Lahana) in distress and Audrey’s original persona, Mara, taking control over Nathan’s lady love. Haven‘s writers and producers continue to throw up road blocks in the budding relationship between Nathan and Audrey and you can’t help but wonder why the former just doesn’t cut ties with the latter and move on. The thought has certainly crossed Bryant’s mind more than once.

“Sometimes I get frustrated and I think, ‘Really?? This guy is just going to keep doing this? He’s not going to decide he’s going to try something else?'” he says. “However, I love Nathan for that. One of the great joys is that he has such dunderheaded conviction that there is nothing that can stop his faith in this woman and their love.”

Haven‘s two-hour return airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase. Haven‘s regular timeslot resumes next Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.