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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: ‘Orphan Black’ Origin Story: Co-Creator John Fawcett On How the Show Nearly Never Happened

From Liz Shannon Miller of IndieWire:

‘Orphan Black’ Origin Story: Co-Creator John Fawcett On How the Show Nearly Never Happened
“It sort of began with the idea of a woman seeing her twin or her clone or her double commit suicide in front of her. At the time, we were in a subway station. We wanted to do it in a subway. Then I had this idea, because I’ve always been a fan of genre. I’ve always been a fan or science fiction and horror. Gareme [Manson] was a buddy of mine and he’s a very good writer. I approached him with this concept and we started working on it together as a feature film. I kind of went, “Here’s a really cool idea for an opening scene, what is it?” So we kind of started working on it together and developed the idea that this was a clone story.” Continue reading.

Keith Pelley to leave Rogers for golf’s The European Tour

From a media release:

Rogers Communications today announced that Keith Pelley, President, Rogers Media, will leave the company to become the new Commissioner and CEO of The European Tour – a global golf tour featuring 48 events in 26 countries. He will remain President of Rogers Media until his departure this summer.

During his tenure, Pelley repositioned the media business to address the changing media landscape. He reorganized the media division, breaking down silos to function in an integrated manner across the diverse portfolio of assets; he led the push to digital across the publishing brands; launched shomi and Next Issue in Canada; launched Sportsnet magazine to make Sportsnet the only five-platform sports media brand in the country; and expanded the reach of the company’s TV assets to deliver world-class content to more Canadians. He joined the company in August 2010.

A search for Pelley’s successor will begin and details on his exact departure date will be announced later.

Comments and queries for the week of April 17

Your favourite Canadian children’s TV shows
Who can forget The Edison Twins??—Stephen

Top 13 Canadian shows from childhood (age 3-10, years 1986-1994) for me:
Road to Avonlea
Sharon, Lois & Bram
Inspector Gadget
Care Bears
The Raccoons
Fraggle Rock
Mr. Dressup
Katts & Dog
Degrassi High
The Odyssey
Littlest Hobo
Under the Umbrella Tree
Harriet’s Magic Hats


I completely forgot about Bizarre, but remember watching that as a family when I was a little. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!—Lisa

Eighties Canadian kids shows! Wow, what a blast from the past. That’s when our son aged 6 to 10 was growing up and I was the stay-at-home “daddy-mom” and I had to watch most of those shows with him. Today’s Special was a fave, Frightenstein was VERY weird, Mr. Dressup … I really miss those days and shows and years spent with my son watching them.—Homemovies

Murdoch Mysteries history lesson
If they start Season 9 in 1903, I hope they tie in some of the constables who may have volunteered for temporary military service in the Boer War from 1899-1902 and return after military discharge back to the constabulary as war veterans. The battle hardened constables will make for more interesting members of the station house, but one of them will suffer from PSTD and flashbacks (episode will show flashback scenes from the war). Dedicating half of an episode storyline to this prominent Canadian event would be good. Also, there would be a spike in the number of military personnel in the Toronto Militia Units post-war wind down.—Shawn

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Link: TV’s Mummies Alive Decodes The Dead

From Jim Bawden:

TV’s Mummies Alive Decodes The Dead
Boy was I surprised –I got a three episode preview of the new TV series Mummies Alive and figured it would all be set in ancient Egypt.

But the opener, The Gunslinger Mummy, premiering Sunday April 19 on History at 10 p.m. looks at the mummified remains of a n old west American gunfighter with a bullet hole through his chest. And the episode on April 26, Buried In A Bog, solves the mystery of two Iron Age mummies retrieved from an Irish bog. Continue reading.

Link: The history lurking behind Orphan Black

From Jill Lepore of the New Yorker:

The History Lurking Behind “Orphan Black”
“Orphan Black,” whose third season begins this week, is the only show on television where you’ll hear this line: “Enjoy your oophorectomy!” The science-fiction series, which airs in the United States on BBC America, is filmed in Ontario and set, oh, somewhere nearby, right about now, in a world where doctors surgically remove the eggs from women’s bodies, freeze them, defrost them, and implant them in the uteruses of other women, or, sometimes, of the same women; sometimes they remove whole ovaries. It depends. The thing is: there are a lot of women. The show’s lush with them. It’s shocking. Continue reading.

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