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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Ratings: Corner Gas The Movie nabs 1.84 million

From a media release:

Canadians Pumped for CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE as 1.84 Million Viewers Fill Up on CTV and CTV Two

  • CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE wins Wednesday and is the most-watched Canadian movie in more than a decade
  • #CornerGasMovie trended worldwide on Twitter during the broadcast and in Canada into the morning
  • Last week’s ETALK preview special attracts 831,000 viewers

Gas prices may be down but CORNER GAS is pumping stronger than ever! Following a successful theatrical debut to sold-out cinemas across the country, CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE made its super-simulcast network premiere last night, winning Wednesday and delivering a preliminary overnight audience of 1.84 million viewers on CTV and CTV Two. Returning home to the network that made CORNER GAS a household fixture, the movie was the #1 program of the night with total viewers and all key male demos, leading the season finale of SURVIVOR (Global/CBS, 1.69 million viewers) by 9% among total viewers and 14% among M25-54.

With final numbers still to come, CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE already ranks as the most-watched Canadian movie on TV since 2002’s TRUDEAU, Part 1 (2.01 million). Growing in its second hour with total viewers and A25-54, the movie peaked with 2.1 million viewers when Brent and Lacey confirmed their relationship with a shocking smooch at the Ruby Café. Overall, more than 4.6 million viewers watched some part of the movie.

Based on an entirely new and innovative distribution model for a Canadian feature film, the final television broadcast numbers as well as the results of the multi-platform release for CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE will be made available in the New Year.

Online, #CornerGasMovie trended on Twitter worldwide during the broadcast, and continued trending in Canada this morning. More than 10,700 mentions of CORNER GAS-related terms were tweeted in the 24 hours surrounding the broadcast, generating more than 22.7 million estimated impressions.

Leading up to last night’s network premiere of the movie, an all-new ETALK preview special, ETALK PRESENTS CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE, delivered 831,000 viewers, making it the highest overnight audience for an ETALK special this season.

For fans in need of a re-fill – have no fear, there is still more GAS in the tank this month. CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE premieres Monday, Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The Comedy Network, following an all-day marathon of fan favourite episodes, starting at 6 a.m. ET. CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE is also available currently on the CTV GO app,, and CraveTV. A special collector’s edition DVD and Blu-ray is available in stores now, just in time for the holidays.

In advance of last nights’ network premiere, the cast appeared at multiple red carpet galas and events, including the 110th Annual Santa Claus Parade in Toronto, in their very own CORNER GAS-themed float. Earlier this month in Ottawa, the cast and producers were special guests of the Honourable Andrew Scheer, Speaker of the House of Commons, who greeted them following Question Period. The movie debuted in sold out Cineplex theatres across the country on December 3 and received an extended in-theatre run last weekend due to popular demand.

Video: Bitten Season 2 airdate announced

From Space Channel:

Bitten returns Saturday, Feb. 7, at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Space.

Based on the New York Times best-selling novels by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, BITTEN follows Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf in a recognizable world where werewolves and witches live among humans.

Season 1 of BITTEN tested Elena’s (Vandervoort) strength and pushed her to embrace her fierce inner wolf. From the Mutt uprising orchestrated by Pack leader Jeremy Danvers’ (Greg Bryk) father Malcolm, to finding the severed head of ex-boyfriend Phillip (Paul Greene) in her bed, Elena is out for blood. Reunited with The Pack and her true love Clay Danvers (Greyston Holt), nothing stands in the way of protecting her family and hunting down those who seek to destroy them. Season 2 sees The Pack on the hunt for Malcolm (James McGowan). In their quest to capture him, they uncover a more sinister force that threatens the existence of the werewolf species. This season also introduces The Pack to a Coven of witches with whom they are forced to form an uneasy alliance in order to fight a common foe.

Season 3 of Orphan Black set for April 18


From a media release:

Space has confirmed that Season 3 of the hit original series ORPHAN BLACK is set to premiere Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Space.

The first look at Season 3 of ORPHAN BLACK is also now available. The image shows Leda Clone Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) meeting face-to-face with Castor Clone Rudy (Ari Millen).

Season 3 of ORPHAN BLACK reveals the clones as more vulnerable than ever before, with the highly trained, identical male-soldier “Castor Clones” complicating matters. And though Sarah, Cosima, Alison, and Helena realize they are stronger together, this season puts that bond to the test. In the Season 3 premiere of ORPHAN BLACK, Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Space, Sarah (Maslany) repels a potentially lethal Topside menace as she fights to locate a disappeared Helena (Maslany); the threat of Castor (Millen) looms anew.

Link: Canadian TV critics vote the best of 2014

From The TV Junkies:

It’s been a big year in Canadian television. With budget cuts at the public broadcaster, reality shows taking over the summer schedules, new shows emerging and established shows coming to an end, it was no easy feat to narrow down the best in show. Let alone the Top 10 Canadian Shows of 2014.

But that’s exactly what we did, with the help of 19 esteemed television critics and writers from across Canada. They were tasked with coming up with their own individual Top 10 lists (located below), which were then ranked according to a points system: 10 points for No. 1, 9 points for No. 2, 8 points for No. 3 and so on. Continue reading.


Review: Saving Hope hits midseason with head trauma

Looking back through history, there have been many quintessential movie and television openings that have been shocking, whether it was for the gore value, something popping out at you, or an all-out unexpected scene throwing you off before things could begin. Falling right into the almighty gore factor was Wednesday’s dramatic episode opening of Saving Hope, where we watched Robert, a depressed man, try and committ suicide … using a power drill. In the middle of the hospital lobby. If that doesn’t set the mood for an episode, I don’t know what does.

It certainly was an interesting midseason finale with the incorporation of Thor MacLeod (Hamilton’s own Currie Graham)–one of the greatest TV names of all time–into the Hope Zion mix, as someone who claimed to have experienced the same out-of-body experiences of being in a coma as both Alex and Charlie. It helped trigger some of Alex’s own memories and seemed to open her up for the first time to the moments we know she shared with Charlie during her coma, which I really liked.

That being said, MacLeod himself was a total tool as he took command of the operating room saying things like, “I’d hate to leave my patient, but I’d love to buy you a latte.” It also killed me that Alex initially seemed to be so into MacLeod because he finally had some answers she was looking for. If only she knew Charlie could give her much better answers, all without having to share airspace with MacLeod’s ego. Thankfully Alex’s vision cleared on MacLeod and his experimental faulty implants in his pursuit for another near-death experience. Consequently, it seemed to actually open Alex up to telling Charlie about what she remembered, which feels like the right progression for their characters.

Of course while MacLeod was parading around the hospital, Charlie was the one actually dealing with poor Robert in his coma and helping him come to terms with both the death of his wife and the true cause of his mental breakdown (nice one, MacLeod). Robert and Charlie’s interactions were quite possibly one of my favourite Charlie’s ever had with a patient, perhaps because he wasn’t cryptically asking Charlie to help him do something but instead just needed Charlie to help talk him through his repressed memory of his wife’s death.

In other storylines, Dana’s daughter, Molly, also began working at the hospital, a move you knew would result in some sort of trouble from the minute Dana began praising her daughter to her colleagues. So when the pill bottle of oxy went missing it was mindless to point the finger Molly’s direction as the thief, rightfully as Maggie did. Of course it seemed Dana is clearly in denial about who her daughter really is (gutsy enough to pop a pill right outside the hospital moments before meeting her mom), so I’m curious to see what ultimately makes Dana realize who Molly is–a real piece of work. But shout out to Molly’s reference to Toronto’s own Gracie’s!

Also not so surprising was that hot and steamy Joel and Selena hook-up while at the clinic, where Joel’s clearly been hiding out. Their entire segments were spent showing him stepping in as a white knight for Selena by trying to help save the clinic and treat her broken bones, and the two had a blatant attraction to one another. It also wasn’t so surprising when Selena’s crazy husband, Brad, whom we all knew was the one that broken her arm, attacked Joel in the parking lot. But I won’t deny yelping in surprise when Joel’s self-defense ended with Brad’s head meeting a concrete block, followed by more yelling in anguish as the Hope Zion team couldn’t resuscitate him. I can’t even imagine how murder–defensive or not–is going to weigh on Joel’s conscience in future episodes, let alone how this will affect his reputation and relationships at the hospital. We’ll expectedly find out when Saving Hope returns for a two-hour event on Jan. 7, 2015.

What did you think of the midseason finale? Sound off through the comments below!