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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: TVO’s ‘The Agenda’ born again

From Martin Knelman of the Toronto Star:

TVO’s ‘The Agenda’ born again
Research confirmed that young audiences like what TVO does and know who Paikin is but rarely watch the broadcast. So starting now, instead of being a seamless one-hour program, The Agenda becomes a magazine, typically with three 15-to-20 minute items. That way, people who rely on their mobile devices to discover what’s new and interesting can have a brief encounter with one segment. Plus there will be clips on Facebook and Twitter, which link back to the full version on TVO’s website. Continue reading. 

Link: Murdoch Mysteries puzzles American critics

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Murdoch Mysteries puzzles American critics
Also, on Ovation, Murdoch Mysteries is called The Artful Detective. The title, which is just silly, came about because Ovation is an arts channel and it wanted an arts signal in the title.

It is, as far as many U.S. TV critics are concerned, a mystery show. Not because Inspector Murdoch solves crimes. But because hardly anyone writes about it – ever. Ovation brought star Yannick Bisson and executive producer Christina Jennings here to the opening session of the TV Critics press tour and, immediately, the show’s status as a puzzler was obvious. Continue reading.

TLN unveils all-star lineup of Canadian food and travel series

From a media release:

TLN Television announces the Canadian premieres of 3 NEW EXCLUSIVE food and travel shows featuring an all-star lineup of Canadian personalities from Toronto and Montreal including:

  • David Rocco Dolce India starring internationally celebrated chef David Rocco
    Sundays at 7:30pm starting January 10th
  • Opening Argentina starring Craig Harding and Rob Rossi, two of Canada’s hottest chef/restauranteurs
    Sundays at 8pm starting January 10th
  • All Milanese starring Montreal native actress/producer Christina Broccolini (Mystery Hunters)
    Weeknights at 8:58pm and 9:58pm starting January 11th

Highlights of TLN’s NEW Winter lineup also features expanded Weeknight and Weekend blocks of culturally connected lifestyle shows (Monday-Friday 6pm – 7pm and 10pm – Midnight,  Weekends 4pm – 9pm).

Comments and queries for the week of January 8

Canada’s Worst Driver careens into Season 11

Why must they use classic cars? They can use brand-new cars all day long … it’s the classic cars that are hard to find. l would enjoy the show a lot more if didn’t have to watch the classics get destroyed. —Carl

Win a 2016 Murdoch Mysteries calendar

My favourite episode would be “Twentieth Century Murdoch,” in which Murdoch investigates a man claiming to have built a time machine. It’s my favourite mostly for the New Year’s Eve party at the end, at which Julia appears. Hélène Joy looks absolutely stunning and the scene, which features the revelation that she’s left her husband, will warm any William & Julia “shipper’s” heart. —Dwayne

My favourite episode is “Murdoch and The Temple of Death.” The episode was filmed in one of the most beautiful spots in Ontario which is the Thomas Foster Memorial in Uxbridge, Ontario. In addition to the great acting as usual, the special effects done for the show are reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies. Inspector Brackenreid and his sons find a body in the river when they are fishing. Detective Murdoch and Constable Crabtree not only locate where the man was shopping in Markham, but Detective Murdoch invented a system for aerial photography using a balloon. They find the Temple of Death and the alleged troll that is protecting it. —Steve

“Holy Matrimony Murdoch!” Love that they finally got married, even though in true Murdoch fashion they almost missed their own wedding to solve a case. —Shonah

It’s hard to choose, but my favourite episode is “The Incurables,” with Doctor Ogden and Murdoch investigating the murder of a nurse at the asylum, they reunite with some of previous murderesses, with Rose Maxwell seeking revenge on Julia for surviving the cabin. Later on, Julia gets trapped with the patients and while Rose is attacking Julia (but Julia is one hard girl to beat!), Murdoch races to the asylum where he has to let Eva Pierce escape to save Julia. It’s my favourite episode because we get to see all the old best villains in one amazing episode that is scary but not too scary. —Isobel

My favourite episode is from Season 5, “Who Killed the Electric Carriage?” I use this episode as an introduction to our discussion about electric cars in my science class. It also gets them hooked on the show!!! Support Canadian programming!!! Science and history shows are cooler than pseudo-reality TV!!! Go CBC, Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, Thomas Craig and Jonny Harris. —Jennifer

Series 4’s “Confederate Treasure.” It’s got Peter Keleghan’s suave and sinister Meyers and it even features Wilfred Laurier … plus some extra-historical cross-border treasure hunting. —Will

My favourite episode is “What Lies Buried,” where a skeleton is found buried under the concrete floor of the basement in Station House No 4. I loved the showdown between Murdoch and Giles. Great scenes between two great actors who seemed to bring out the best in each other. Truly memorable. —Mireille


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Link: Ottawa company pitches ‘must-watch’ TV series on remake of 24 Sussex Drive

From Don Butler of the Ottawa Citizen:

Ottawa company pitches ‘must-watch’ TV series on remake of 24 Sussex Drive
If an Ottawa-based production company has its way, Canadians may someday gather around their television sets to watch “24 Sussex: The Series.” Continue reading.