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Off to the Races: CTV Announces Casting Details for Season 2 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA

  • Online audition videos and applications for Season 2 can now be submitted at
  • Olympic champion and Canadian hero Jon Montgomery returns as host for Season 2

Take your mark Canada, and go online! Fresh off a record-breaking first season, CTV announced last night during THE AMAZING RACE that casting for Season 2 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is open. Now, RACE fans and adventure seekers from across the country have a chance to be part of the television phenomenon that took the country by storm last summer, setting a new benchmark as the most-watched Canadian series on record. Fans can go online now at and submit an audition video and application for their chance to join host Jon Montgomery on road, on the race-of-a-lifetime adventure. Potential teams are encouraged to showcase their personalities and explain why they want to be part of the immensely popular competition series. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, Dec. 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is looking for dynamic and enthusiastic teams of two who possess a strong personal connection. They must be articulate, competitive, interesting, outgoing, and adventurous. Teams will get the opportunity to participate in detours, roadblocks, U-turns, and other challenges as they endure approximately 28 days of “The Race” in various conditions, environments, and climates.

Auditioning for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1
Prepare a video for submission that focuses on the positives and negatives of the relationship between you and your teammate. The producers are eager to hear what makes a “pairing” tick.

Step 2
Take an up-close picture of your “team”, as well as an up-close picture of each individual, so you can send it in when you apply online.

Step 3
Completely fill out the online application and upload your video and photos at

If the producers are interested in your team competing on the series, they will be in touch!

For more information about THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, viewers are encouraged to visit for full casting details and FAQs, and follow @AmazingRaceCDA for the all the latest news and information.

Among the eligibility requirements that should be noted for applications for “The Race”:

Racers must be at least 19 years of age as of April 1, 2014.
Racers must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

HavenShowcase’s original production Haven returns for its fourth season tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT with a premiere packed with action, revelations, and new Troubles. Season four picks up six months after the devastating events of the season finale in which the town was pummelled by a violent meteor storm.

TV, eh?’s Martha Marcin, along with several other bloggers, interviewed new cast member Colin Ferguson, who portrays William, a handsome and mysterious stranger whose secret agenda leads him to Audrey Parker (Emily Rose).

Stephanie ( Just wondering what your first impressions you had of William and how is your perceptions – your first perceptions of him since changed?

Colin Ferguson: I guess when it all started was I was in Los Angeles and I’ve been friends with Shawn Piller for many, many years. And for years he’d say, we’d love to have you on the show…great, I’d love to be on the show, but you’re never sure if that continues. So this year he said, “We have a real character for a season on Haven, are you interested? And I said, yes, what’s the character about? And he said, I can’t tell you, you’ve got to come to the writers room. So, I go to the writers room and my first impression of William was that he was going to be fun to play.

They said, “What we’re going to try to do is write him so you don’t know if he’s good or bad. And for every time that you think you know he’s good, you’re going to go, wow! Or is he really bad? And I have to say they’ve succeeded brilliantly.

Stephanie Mernagh: So William is described as a very enigmatic stranger as it were, throughout the season are we going to see his past unravel?

Colin Ferguson: Yes, absolutely. We’re going to learn everything about William, yet at the end it doesn’t completely tie-up, there’s still questions, there’s still things you want to know. This is a big season of Haven this year. I think it’s the best one.

Martha Marcin (TV, eh?): We got a BIG question for you. There’s a few love interest floating around Haven, particularly around Audrey, soooooooo what about William? Are you going to get in on that action?

Colin Ferguson: Hopefully! Yes, I would say that there is affection for William at some point by some of the characters. Maybe all the characters secretly they harbour a few affections for William, I can’t speak for them. But there’s definitely something that happens with William and – I wish I could tell you more, right? But I would start spoiling things if I did, so I can’t.

Martha Marcin: Too bad.

Andrew Powell (the GATE): Hi, there. I’m really curious what it was like working with a cast because, you know, it’s a bit of an established cast that you’re coming into and I’m wondering how that works with them.

Colin Ferguson: It was great, short answer. Longer answer, I’ve known Emily (Rose) for years because of all the sci-fi stuff we’ve done. I’ve done a movie with Lucas (Bryant) in the past. I knew Shawn (Piller) obviously from years before. I’ve known Eric for years. I didn’t know Adam (Copeland), but what a phenomenal guy. He toes the line amazingly, he plays his role great and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

So you show up in this town, and even though you’re friends with everybody you’re never really sure how it’s going to go. You know, people’s bugaboos come out when they work.

So I show up on set and they were so welcoming. There’s not a ton to do in Chester so at night you end up having dinner with each other, and you end up playing cards in someone’s house. So it’s a real family sort of feel.

Natasha Dunkley: Is there anything else that you want to add in general about Season 4, what Canadians can look forward to you being a Canadian filming in Canada…

Colin Ferguson: Just little stuff I’d love to say. The crew in Halifax was phenomenal. It’s a Canadian show, it’s really nice to see the Maritimes portrayed and it’s a beautiful part of the world. From an entertainment perspective, this is the best season that they’ve done and we’re really proud of it and it gets bigger and bigger as the season goes along so I hope people tune in, I hope they enjoy it.

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Halfire-CORE Entertainment and Shaw Media announced today that Gemini Award-winners Colin Mochrie (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, She’s the Mayor) and Wendy Crewson (Saving Hope, Revenge), and Gemini Award-nominee Jennifer Irwin (Eastbound & Down, Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays) are set to guest star in the first three episodes of Global Television’s new half-hour original comedy series Working the Engels. Mochrie, Crewson, and Irwin join series regulars Andrea Martin, Kacey Rohl, Azura Skye and Benjamin Arthur. Additional guest stars for upcoming episodes to be announced in the coming weeks.

Commissioned by Shaw Media’s original content team, produced by Halfire-CORE Entertainment and written by Katie Ford (Miss Congeniality, Desperate Housewives) and Jane Ford (Listen Missy, Material World), the 12-episode series is currently shooting in Toronto.

In this laugh-out-loud comedy, a family of ne’er-do-wells must band together to keep their heads above water when their father and breadwinner passes away, leaving them a mountain of debt. The Engels must all go to work running Dad’s storefront law firm, with one minor problem – daughter Jenna Engel (Rohl) is the only one who is qualified to practice law. Unfortunately for Jenna, this also means taking on her eccentric relatives as co-workers, including her self-involved mother Ceil (Martin), her pill-popping sister Sandy (Skye) and her bad boy brother Jimmy (Arthur). Jenna, the youngest sibling, becomes the unlikely family patriarch, running the law firm and keeping her crazy family together.

Mochrie guest stars as Miles, Ceil’s mild-mannered, long-suffering accountant. He did the books for Ceil’s late husband and has the unpleasant task of telling Ceil the truth about the financial disaster her husband left behind.

Crewson plays Margueritte Guernsey, a rich, entitled, beautiful woman who is the subject of a lawsuit. Margueritte is used to getting what she wants. Much even to Margueritte’s surprise, it looks like what she wants is… handsome, hunky, not-so-bright bad boy, Jimmy Engel.

Charisse Dunne, played by Irwin, is a gorgeous shark of a lawyer and partner at a high-powered law firm. She manages to turn heads, but makes Glenn Close in Damages look like a sweetheart. After Jenna spectacularly quits, Charisse becomes bent on Jenna’s total destruction.

Working the Engels is produced by Halfire-CORE Entertainment with Katie Ford, Jane Ford, Howard Busgang, Tom Nursall and Noreen Halpern serving as Executive Producers.

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City Announces New Production Partner for Season 2 of Original Hit Series, The Bachelor Canada

  • Casting for Canada’s next bachelor and bachelorettes begins in December
  • Principal production slated for spring 2014; season premiere next fall

Embarking on a new quest to help Canadians find love, City today announced its partnership with Good Human Productions Inc. for Season 2 of the hit romantic reality series The Bachelor Canada.

Founded by former Rogers Media executive Claire Freeland and last season’s supervising producer Sean De Vries, Good Human Productions – a new Vancouver-based production company – will begin principal filming in spring 2014 ahead of the fall premiere.

Ahead of principal production next year, casting for Canada’s next bachelor and bachelorettes begins in December. Full casting details to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Marketplace, CBC – “Greasy Business”
Undercover investigation revealing ripoffs at a popular oil change chain.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Rob Ford Story”
Crack cocaine. Alcohol. Friends who have criminal backgrounds. Just over a year ago, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stood next to Police Chief Bill Blair promising to fight gang crime. Now the two most powerful men in Canada’s largest city are locked in a struggle only one is likely to survive. the fifth estate unravels the story of the man who has become the world’s most controversial mayor.

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