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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Super Channel acquires Chesapeake Shores from Daniel L Paulson Distribution

From a media release:

Super Channel is pleased to announce that it has acquired the exclusive Canadian broadcast rights to season three of the Hallmark original series, Chesapeake Shores, from Daniel L Paulson Distribution. The ten-episode third season, currently in production on Vancouver Island, and based on the bestselling novels of the same name by Sherryl Woods, will premiere in Summer 2018 on Super Channel Heart & Home and will also be available to subscribers on Super Channel On Demand.

Chesapeake Shores will join When Calls the Heart (seasons 1-5) as one of the pillar series for Super Channel Heart & Home (currently SC 2), slated to launch on June 4th.

Chesapeake Shores stars Canadian Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time), Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas, Desperate Housewives), Golden Globe® nominee Treat Williams (Everwood, Hair), Academy Award® nominee Diane Ladd (Wild at Heart), Barbara Niven (Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove), Laci J. Mailey (Falling Skies), Emilie Ullerup (Sanctuary), Brendan Penny (Motive) and Andrew Francis (Final Destination 3). Dan Paulson and Sherryl Woods are the Executive Producers of the series and Matt Drake is the Producer.

The multi-generational family drama follows Abby O’Brien (Ory), a high-powered career woman, divorcee and mother to two daughters, as she adjusts to life back in her hometown of Chesapeake Shores. Abby now balances a budding relationship with her former high school sweetheart, Trace (Metcalfe), working for a firm that does business with her uncompromising father Mick (Williams) and raising two young daughters. Returning to her hometown means engaging in the lives of her siblings: Jess (Mailey) a free-spirit trying to succeed as a bed and breakfast owner; Bree (Ullerup), a playwright who buys a bookstore in Chesapeake Shores after moving back home from Chicago; Kevin (Penny), a soldier adjusting to civilian life and new romance; and Connor (Francis), a new lawyer establishing his professional career. Having returned to Chesapeake Shores shortly after Abby, the O’Brien’s once-estranged mother Megan (Niven) strives to reestablish relationships with Abby and her siblings, though the O’Brien clan primarily looks to its wise grandmother Nell (Ladd) for guidance.


The Brigade will test contestants’ mettle retracing an ancient fur trade route

Regular readers know I’m a history buff with a particular interest/fascination in Canadian stories. Anything to do with the exploration of the Northwest Passage, settling in this country by Europeans, deadly winters and the fur trade are right in my wheelhouse. What kind of stuff are the folks who came from overseas to eke out a living in this rugged terrain made of?

A group of 10 will soon find out.

The Brigade, set to air on Canada’s World Fishing Network in 2019, is currently casting for the experience of a lifetime: the opportunity to retrace the steps of fur traders. Men and women from across the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to apply at for their chance to join the ultimate trek and win prize money up to $1 million.

The money divided up among the members will be well-earned. Over 10 weeks this summer the participants will retrace a 2,600-mile fur trade route that links waterways from the coast of Oregon, through two states, four Canadian provinces, two mountain ranges and five river systems before ending on the icy shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba. It will all be done without cell phones, GPS or creature comforts. And, as it turns out, without human guides.

The Brigade is going to be led by a route book,” executive producer Robert Cohen says. “This route book was inspired by history. So much work went into these route books and they were inspired by the adventurers before them. They would leave notes and expedition reports outlining how to get around a certain passage of white water and how to make a certain alpine pass successful.” This route book, Cohen explains, will be the source and guide for the group.

And, unlike other reality series that stress competitions and eliminations, The Brigade is only successful as long as the participants work together towards the goal: Hudson Bay. Casting is key, Cohen says. To that end, he and his team have been flooded with applications by folks with varying degrees of outdoor experience set to participate when production begins in July.

“We’re going to cast The Brigade with men and women of different skills and experiences,” he says. “No one is going to be totally green because you couldn’t survive out there. Some may be very skilled and others less so. And some will bring other skills to the table, like an engineer or a doctor or a carpenter or a navigator or an oarsman. There will be so many different skills pooled together to succeed.”

“How does the group pool together, find their strengths, skills and tackle this mammoth challenge?” Cohen continues. “It will be fascinating to see.”

It certainly will.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be part of The Brigade? Apply at now through May 15!

The Brigade will air in Canada on World Fishing Network in spring 2019.

Images courtesy of Media Headquarters.


Degrassi: Next Class’ Sarah Glinski to head up TSC’s Writing Room Intensive

From a media release:

Ever wondered what it might be like to work in the room with a leading Canadian Showrunner? This might be the opportunity for you!

First developed in 2015, the WGC Writing Room Intensive, puts emerging to mid-career writing professionals in a mock-writing room with a leading Canadian Showrunner. We have worked with Bruce Smith (19-2), Emily Andras (WYNONNA EARP), and Kevin White and Ins Choi (KIM’S CONVENIENCE).

Through this intensive participants learn more about the inner workings of the writing room including how a Showrunner fosters creativity, breaks story, works with notes, manages conflict (where necessary), and eventually gets the script to screen.

You must be registered to attend the Toronto Screenwriting Conference, and a member of the WGC in good standing in order to apply for the program.

Call for applications are now open to registered delegates of 2018 Toronto Screenwriting Conference. Applicants will have the opportunity to apply to join Sarah Glinski, Executive Producer/Showrunner (HOLLY HOBBIE, DEGRASSI: NEXT CLASS), in a Mock Writers Room Intensive on Friday, June 22, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Get more details and find out how you can apply here.

Sarah Glinski is an Emmy-nominated TV writer/producer currently serving as Executive Producer and Showrunner on the Hulu/DHX/Universal Kids series HOLLY HOBBIE. Previously, she ran DEGRASSI for Netflix/DHX.  Over the last decade, Sarah’s produced over 200 episodes of television and 2 MOWs. She has also staffed on LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE, and BILLABLE HOURS.

Sarah’s been nominated for three Emmys, won three Canadian Screen Awards and was named one of Hollywood Reporter’s Next Generation. When Sarah’s not brainstorming ways to get characters in trouble, she’s keeping her two young daughters out of it.


Comments and queries for the week of May 11

I think [Workin’ Moms] Kate would keep it secret at the beginning because she’s not sure what to do (or what she wants to happen). I don’t think she could even tell Anne, because then Anne would immediately get upset and fire the nanny and the secret would be out.

Kate (while sometimes reckless) is smart. She would surreptitiously try to determine the extent of the affair without tipping anyone off. I think she would test the waters to see if it was possible to salvage the marriage.

She would definitely try to thwart any further romantic contact between the nanny and her husband. And she would try to repair her relationship with her husband as though nothing had happened and make sure that she spent time with her husband during times when opportunities to see the nanny might otherwise arise. She would definitely not have any qualms about discussing her now-steamy sex life and improved marital relationship with her friend Anne (in front of the nanny). She’s a bit vindictive at times, so she would relish the nanny’s attempts to hide her jealousy and pain.

In the beginning, I don’t think she would tell her husband if she got pregnant, because she might want to keep the option of an abortion open. But she would definitely tell Anne about the pregnancy (in earshot of the nanny) and pretend to be happy about it. The nanny would be the one to break the news of the pregnancy to Nathan, and his smile would give away the fact that he’s actually happy about this new development.

As her business becomes more successful, Kate would bring on more help, cognizant of the fact that (1), she needs to keep her husband occupied and (2), she will need help with her business if she decides to go through with the pregnancy. As is often the case with businesses, picking the right people and delegating will help her become far more successful far more quickly than she might have become otherwise.

Later, with the pregnancy progressing, Kate would be trying to decide if she wants to go through with it (knowing that she might have to do it alone). At this point, she will talk to Anne, after swearing Anne to secrecy. Anne will tell her to leave Nathan. Kate will delay the decision.

Eventually, Anne will end up spilling the beans to Nathan somehow (perhaps in an overly emotional moment). Nathan had been starting to feel that he was making a mistake leaving Kate and had already broken off things with the nanny. However, with Anne’s secret-spilling, he will once again feel that Kate is making decisions without him and will tell her that he wants a separation. Kate, furious with Anne, will end their friendship. —Tara

Wow, I feel like Tara should be in the Workin’ Moms’ writing room!


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All hail Queen Paras, winner of Big Brother Canada Season 6

From a media release:

In an epic battle of good versus evil, it all came down to the last two women standing in the Big Brother Canada Season 6 finale, as Paras Atashnak of Vancouver, BC, claimed the final prize. Following a season that saw 16 houseguests face the depths of hell and the peaks of paradise, social gamer Paras and comp beast Kaela Grant faced off on BBCAN judgement day, with Paras winning in a landslide vote of six to one.

As the winner of #BBCAN6, Paras sits on cloud nine with a grand prize of $100,000, a European dream vacation for two courtesy of Air Transat, and a $30,000 home furnishing makeover from The Brick.

On her big win, Paras said: “I can’t put it into words! I’ve been a fan of the Big Brother franchise since I was 11 years old. I’ve been watching this show [Big Brother Canada] for five years. I dreamt of it every single day, and to be standing here is such a dream come true. Thank you Big Brother Canada for giving me a chance.”

Finale Recap
In the first of three gruelling HOH competitions, Paras, Kaela and Derek faced off in a battle of strength and precision as they collected and stacked three sets of 20 coins on a revolving altar. After multiple failed attempts by each houseguest, Paras defeated comp beasts Daela to take the first win.

Then, in the next round, Derek and Kaela had the ultimate showmance showdown in a challenge where they had to build a staircase of blocks by matching photos of houseguests with clues about their respective games. Kaela edged out Derek with a faster time and sealed her place in the final HOH challenge.

In the last round, Paras and Kaela competed for the last HOH of the season and a spot in the final two. After a heart-pounding trivia challenge, Paras beat Kaela in a sudden death match taking the all-important HOH. With the win in hand, Paras evicted Derek, cementing the first all-female final two in BBCAN history.

As their game came to a close, Paras and Kaela made their heated pleas to the seven-person jury, answering questions about their game play, strategy and why they each deserved to win. Following passionate speeches from both, the jury voted six to one, crowing Paras the winner of Big Brother Canada.

Viewers who want to catch up on this season prior to the finale can watch On Demand, and on and Global GO.

Commissioned by Corus Entertainment, Season 6 of Big Brother Canada is produced by Insight Productions in association with Corus Entertainment and Endemol Shine. Executive producers are John Brunton and Erin Brock.