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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Tonight: Bitten, W5

Bitten, Space – “Fine Temporum” season 2 finale
Elena and The Pack storm the Delphi building to save Savannah, the witches, and the werewolves in a final showdown against Aleister and Clara.

W5, CTV – “Abusive Care”

Disturbing images and tough questions. Abuse in long-term care homes by the very caregivers we expect to tend to our aging loved ones. Over the course of a year long investigation, W5 uncovered at least 1,500 cases of staff-to-resident abuse and neglect in nursing homes across Canada in 2013.

Link: The 10 weirdest Toronto kid’s shows of all time

From Ed Conroy of BlogTO:

The 10 weirdest Toronto kid’s shows of all time
Every generation has a slate of local kids TV shows that seem to transcend the medium, and not always in a good way. Although Toronto has never produced anything as truly bananas as Teletubbies or Boohbah in modern times, we pretty much owned the genre in the 1980s after unleashing an avalanche of utterly loopy kids programs onto an unsuspecting public – the effects of which probably still keep a fair amount of Psychiatrists busy today. Continue reading.

Link: Woman of many roles, Tatiana Maslany sees more to come

From Simon Houpt of the Globe and Mail:

Woman of many roles, Tatiana Maslany sees more to come
Who is Tatiana Maslany wearing today? “Good question,” says the actress, glancing down at the knee-length, black-on-white print dress she has on. She laughs, and angles her face upward, a shining moonbeam. “I don’t know. Who am I? Who am I in?” Continue reading.

Link: Ari Millen is the best thing to happen to Orphan Black since Tatiana Maslany

From Tariq Kyle of Hypable:

Ari Millen is the best thing to happen to ‘Orphan Black’ since Tatiana Maslany
We’re already familiar with clones on Orphan Black but the newest clones, portrayed by actor Ari Millen, change the game completely. And it’s partly because of his amazing performance. Orphan Black season 3 premieres in less than ten days now and we’re getting more and more news about what we can expect this season. Having already seen the first two episodes we’re here to tell you that you can expect nothing less than greatness from Ari Millen — and trust us, we’re not just saying that. Continue reading.

Tonight: Marketplace, Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “Mind Games”
In a powerful journey into the world of memory, MARKETPLACE co-host Tom Harrington explores the fears of many Canadians – and his own – when it comes to memory loss. Having lost his parents and father-in-law to Alzheimer’s, Tom puts himself – and an industry – to the test. From an MRI in London, Ont. to playing popular brain training games to new technology that claims to improve brain function, he examines the promises and pitfalls of a multi-billion-dollar business in his most personal investigation yet. Mind Games is the one hour season finale of Marketplace.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Too Young to Lose”
A daughter, a niece, a friend. Underage girls forced into prostitution. Sexually exploited by pimps, praying on their vulnerability. Who are these teens? Mark Kelley sits down with four young women from Edmonton and finds out how they were targeted, recruited, and groomed into the sex trade. the fifth estate also follows the police, community and street outreach workers as they race against time –trying to prevent the young girls becoming the next murdered and missing women. It’s the tale of one city’s efforts to curtail the growth of teen trafficking.

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