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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: Women Behind Canadian TV: Maya Bankovic

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Women Behind Canadian TV: Maya Bankovic
“Right now the stats are still somewhere in the single digits percentage-wise, as far as DOPs that are women, but those tend to reflect only union lists. I think that’s an important distinction to make because there actually are a lot of women in cinematography, but a lot of us are found in the independent and documentary world. While we’re certainly still in the minority, and I hope the numbers improve, I think it’s important to note there are a lot of women out there doing this job and producers sometimes just need to look a little harder to find us.” Continue reading.


Dragons’ Den announces new season with 2018 audition tour

From a media release:

DRAGONS’ DEN is calling on all aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business pitches for a chance to be featured next season on CBC. Beginning in Toronto on February 10, auditions will be open to the public, as producers hit the road visiting Canadian cities coast-to-coast in search of the country’s best business ideas in need of a Dragon investment.

A full list of audition dates and cities are listed below, venues, timing and additional information can be found online via the DRAGONS’ DEN website .

The audition tour welcomes participants of all ages, with businesses at any stage of development. Hopeful entrepreneurs should prepare to pitch their concept to the DRAGONS’ DEN producers in five minutes or less. If they show the producers they have what it takes to pitch in the Den, they could be invited to Toronto to face the Dragons. Prospective pitchers are encouraged to apply online and bring a completed application form to the audition.

Producers will be on the lookout for entrepreneurs in the following cities:

Feb. 10 – Toronto, ON
Feb. 15 – Edmonton, AB
Feb. 15 – Nanaimo, BC
Feb. 16 – Windsor, ON
Feb. 17 – London, ON
Feb. 17 – Calgary, AB
Feb. 17 – Vancouver, BC
Feb 21 – Guelph, ON
Feb. 22 – Belleville, ON
Feb. 23 – Kingston, ON
Feb. 24 – Montreal, QC
Feb. 24 – Ottawa, ON
Feb. 24 – Barrie, ON
Feb. 28 – Oshawa, ON
Feb. 28 – Thunder Bay, ON
Mar. 2 – Fredericton, NB
Mar. 2 – Charlottetown, PEI
Mar. 3 – Hamilton, ON
Mar. 3 – Halifax, NS
Mar. 3 – Cranbrook, BC
Mar. 7 – Waterloo, ON
Mar. 8 – Kelowna, BC
Mar. 8 – Lethbridge, AB
Mar. 10 – Calgary, AB
Mar. 10 – Victoria, BC
Mar. 14 – Collingwood, ON
Mar. 14 – Prince George, BC
Mar. 14 – Whitehorse, YT
Mar. 16 – Abbotsford, BC
Mar. 17 – St. John’s, NL
Mar. 17 – Vancouver, BC
Mar. 21 – Regina, SK
Mar. 23 – Saskatoon, SK
Mar. 23 – Quebec City, QC
Mar. 24 – Montreal, QC
Mar. 24 – Winnipeg, MB
Mar. 24 – Niagara Falls, ON
Apr. 7 – Toronto, ON




Comments and queries for the week of January 19

Feedback on the Canadian Screen Award nominees

I am still pissed that Pure was cancelled. I also hope Maudie wins as I live about 10 miles where she lived, a folk hero here. —Dwight

I agree with a lot of the additions you’ve suggested. I also agree that X Company was virtually ignored for its final season. Madeleine Knight is definitely deserving of her nomination but I’d add Evelyne Brochu for “The Hunt” and Torben Liebrecht for “Remembrance.” —Mel

Crash Gallery took a chance … The Launch is taking one. The reality shows nominated are essentially cover bands! Can’t wait to see if the Junos follow suit and nominate Road Apples for Best Band. :\ —Terry

Good points! I thought Ryan Robbins deserved a nomination for Pure as well as Peter Coyote for The Disappearance. —Mark

Can’t agree with you more. Travelers is definitely worthy of inclusion and particularly MacKenzie Porter for her portrayal of Marcy through her multiple personalities. How is Orphan Black not up for best drama after its strongest season? The CSAs are where my priority of watching Canadian shows backfires on me as I am faced with “Sophie’s Choice”!! —Colin

Great article Greg! Can I also include that Shoot the Messenger was ignored? I was floored that Ryan Robbins and Gord Rand were ignored for Pure. —Nancy

I have been a Murdoch Mysteries fan for several years, so I was pleased when I saw that cricket—a game I have followed for 40 of my 70-plus years—was to be featured in this week’s episode. Although the story as far as mystery solving and Julia`s upcoming new arrival was fine, unfortunately, the cricket segments at the start of the show were mostly complete nonsense. Of the first three batsmen at the crease, only the guy who got bowled was out for any discernible reason. The third batsman—who had to be removed so the “exploding player” could take strike—swiped at the ball and missed but the ball continued on toward the fine leg boundary because THERE WERE NO FIELDSMEN BEHIND THE BAT; no wicket keeper, no fine leg, possibly no long leg nor third man either. These “professional” players who were too incompetent to hit the ball should at least have been running numerous byes from the “gentlemen’s” poor field placement. Yet the “Serbian count“ bowler was posturing as if he actually had done something and the fielders were capering about like fools as if there had been a dismissal. Nevertheless, I did enjoy enjoy the other aspects of the show and found unexpected comedy in the cricket passages. —John

I’ve been watching Murdoch Mysteries from the beginning. I love William and Julia together. I almost stopped watching when they returned the baby. If she miscarries I will stop watching. Please let them have a healthy baby. —Roni

I would love to see Julia and William have their baby!! After many years a happy ending would be fantastic!! It’ll always be Murdoch Mysteries 🙂!!! —Brenda

Whoever thinks that Canadian Pickers is better than American Pickers needs their head examined by more than one doctor. Sheldon Smithers and his sidekick are nothing but greedy crooks 100 per cent. Whoever watches both and compares it, it is so darn obvious that they rip everyone off they meet [while] the American pickers are constantly in every show offering more to someone they are dealing with, explaining that it is worth more and offer more. The Canadian pickers grind and rip everyone they deal with off. l can’t stand their unfairness towards good people that don’t know any difference. Good riddance to them. —John


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Link: ‘Everything has been escalated’ for Season 3 of Alberta-shot Wynonna Earp

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: ‘Everything has been escalated’ for Season 3 of Alberta-shot Wynonna Earp
“We have a lead character who is essentially a superhero who has had to give up her baby in order to protect her. What that leads us back to is a more fierce and determined, even kamikaze-type Wynonna Earp. She is back in fighting form. She is drinking her whisky and firing her guns but now she has this thing haunting her.” Continue reading. 


Link: How Actress Sadie O’Neil Is Transforming Trans Life on TV

From Chris Azzopardi of Into:

Link: How Actress Sadie O’Neil Is Transforming Trans Life on TV
Before her first-ever television or film role in Bellevue, actress Sadie O’Neil was fired from her job working in the children’s section of a Montreal library due to complaints from uppity moms uncomfortable with O’Neil’s transness. Soon after, she started a restaurant job. It was dreadful. Continue reading.