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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Comments and queries for the week of May 1

Canadian TV reboots: yay or nay?

Greg, the two X-Files movies were AWFUL? Harsh! I know the second one doesn’t get a lot of respect (though I’ve warmed to it more over the years), but I loved the first one! Anyway, I too am giddy about the six-episode revival. Fingers crossed it’ll be great. Another revival I’m looking forward to is Heroes Reborn, despite the fact the series got progressively worse after the stellar first season. Love your DaVinci MP idea. It would be cool to see Dominic doing his thing on the Hill, especially if it meant it could be filmed right here in Ottawa. — JeffDJ

I’d watch a log gathering show! It’s about the characters not the premise, and for The Beachcombers especially the setting too. — Steve

I see you’ve forgotten about the Canadian classic The Trouble With Tracy. — Lee

Home Factory shopping

How can I get the name of the company that was making the toques on the first episode? — W Flower

The toque company is the Tuck Shop.

Love for Canadian TV cops

What about Officer Friendly (Harold Ramis) from SCTV? — Richard

It is true that there are a whole bunch of shows listed that I have not watched. And Intelligence is my all-time favourite show. But Mary Spaulding was an amazing cop, conflicted but effective and powerful. — Suzanne

What about the wonderful Nick Knight on Forever Knight? — Aliesha


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ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Premiere Becomes Most-Watched Episode Ever

From a media release:

#HolyDoodle! The multi-channel Season 3 premiere event of Space Canadian original series ORPHAN BLACK on April 18 drew a combined audience of 697,000 viewers to Space, CTV, Bravo, and MTV, making it the most-watched episode of the series ever, final audience data from Numeris confirms. The combined premiere reached 1.9 million viewers. ORPHAN BLACK was also the #1 entertainment program of the day on English Canadian television in the key A25-54 and A18-49 demos. Numeris also confirms that 261,000 viewers tuned in to Space’s broadcast, making Space the #1 specialty network in its Saturday 9 p.m. ET timeslot.

Immediately following the Season 3 premiere of ORPHAN BLACK, the series premiere of Space insider program INNERSPACE: AFTER THE BLACK also made waves with 115,000 viewers tuning in to the all-new after-show. ORPHAN BLACK airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on SpaceFor those yet to get caught up on ORPHAN BLACK,Seasons 1 and 2 are available now on CraveTVTM.

On the next episode of ORPHAN BLACK, “Formalized, Complex, and Costly” (Saturday, May 2 at 9 p.m. ET), Leda and Castor are both on the hunt for original clone DNA. Mark and Gracie pursue new leads to find the samples that might set them free, while Art and Sarah reunite to track them down. Meanwhile, Cosima and Scott try to learn more about Castor’s biology, and Alison’s new money-making venture is going gangbusters. A shocking revelation about the Castor-Leda connection leaves the sisters reeling, just before Sarah witnesses a deadly Prolethean-Castor face-off. For a sneak peek at next week’s episode, click here.

On the next episode of INNERSPACE: AFTER THE BLACK (Saturday, May 2 at 10 p.m. ET), INNERSPACE hosts Ajay Fry and Morgan Hoffman sit down with ORPHAN BLACK co-creators, writer Graeme Manson and director John Fawcett, to dissect the events that transpired in the third episode of Season 3, and to chat about what viewers can expect from the remainder of the season. In the following week’s episode, Ajay and Morgan get an insider look at how multiple clone scenes are made as they chat with clone doubles Kathryn Alexandre and Nick Abraham.

ORPHAN BLACK is executive produced by Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier (BEING ERICA, X COMPANY), Graeme Manson (Cube, FLASHPOINT), and John Fawcett (SPARTACUS, Ginger Snaps). The series is co-created by Manson and Fawcett, with Manson also serving as writer and Fawcett as director. BBC Worldwide distributes the series internationally, reaching more than 170 countries.

ORPHAN BLACK is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with Space and BBC America. Production Executive is Gosia Kamela. Tom Hastings is Director, Drama, Independent Production, Bell Media. Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production, Bell Media. Tracey Pearce is Senior Vice-President, Specialty and Pay. Phil King is President, CTV, Sports, and Entertainment Programming.

Sinking Ship and DHX partner for preschool Playdate

From a media release:

Sinking Ship Entertainment , recent recipients of three Daytime Emmy® Awards, and DHX Television are pleased to announce the start of principal photography on the new preschool series Playdate. A mix of live-action and the skilled puppeteering of Dina and Frank Meschkuleit, the series showcases the unexpected adventures Jacob and his friends’ stuffed animals encounter when they leave them alone. Playdate’s first season will see 13 half-hour episodes and is slated to premiere on DHX Television’s preschool channel which will be rebranded to Family Junior in Fall 2015.     

Every child believes their toys come to life when they’re not around and on Playdate, they really do! Meet Mac, Sammy, Priscilla and Buckie – the beloved stuffed animals of Jacob and his friends who venture out on their own playtime adventures when the children are away. They do their best to complete the kids’ playtime adventures but usually end up causing some kind of mess or chaos along the way. Since the kids can never know their toys come to life, Mac, Sammy, Priscilla and Buckie have to finish their escapades before the kids come back and make sure they’re exactly where they started off. Luckily, Norman, the family dog, makes the perfect fall guy for any of their hijinks.

Playdate stars Millie Davis (Odd SquadOrphan Black) as Molly; Scarlett Dovey (This is Scarlett and Isaiah) as Gwen; and newcomers Aidan Wojtak-Hissong as Jacob and Nirvaan Kwan as Enzo.

Commissioned by DHX Television, Playdate was created by Dina and Frank Meschkuleit. Frank is one of Canada’s premier puppeteers with a wealth of knowledge having worked on popular kids programs including Fraggle Rock, Toopy and Binoo and The Mighty Jungle. The series was developed by J.J. Johnson and Christin Simms and is produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment. Sinking Ship recently won three Daytime Emmy® Awards for children’s series including Outstanding Pre-School Series for Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures.

Tonight: Survivorman Finding Bigfoot, Big Brother Canada

Survivorman: Finding Bigfoot, OLN – “Survivorman Bigfoot: Mountain (Radium)”
Les Stroud scales the most remote and dangerous grizzly bear territory in the Canadian Rockies in his search for DNA proof that Bigfoot exists.

Big Brother Canada, Global
It’s eviction night in the Big Brother Canada house. Who will be sent packing? Who will become HOH?

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