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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Trailer Park Boys interview

From Playback, mostly about the DVD of the movie but also about the show:

  • Trailer Park Boys talk DVD, dream jobs, and Jim Shaw
    Can you give us a little sneak peak into the new season?
    Ricky: We take on our biggest job of all time, and we actually have a bit of success for a change.
    Julian: Yeah, I come up with a pretty good way of making some money… and we don’t get caught.
    Bubbles: The two of them are up to their usual shit. I’m just trying to keep them out of jail mostly.”

In the news: Saturday night Siberia

From Playback:

  • Is Saturday night Siberia for Canuck shows?
    “[Jeff] Seymour’s current-day hominess, as well as his fond remembrance of Saturday night as prime TV-time when he was a kid, were what he settled on after he learned that CTV would be airing the second season of Jeff Ltd. on Saturday night at 9:30 p.m. after Robson Arms, the second season of which likewise launched Feb. 10, in the middle of CTV’s “Crime Time Saturday Night” lineup, sandwiched between CSI and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

In the news: Who speaks for Canadian TV?

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Where have all the cultural warriors gone?
    “In this crazy battle about the CTF, Trailer Park Boys has become a contentious issue. The show has been the subject of Philistine sneering from Jim Shaw of Shaw Cable, and his view has even been supported by right-wing pundits in certain newspapers. What’s supposed to happen: Are the Boys expected to step up, step out of character and articulate their Canadian-ness? As gloriously representative as they are of our uniqueness, the Boys are part of a mock-documentary TV series. Expecting them to do a Margaret Atwood is ludicrous. Is there no one among the many producers, writers and actors who benefit from the CTF who is willing to speak out, angrily and passionately, about the outrageous stunt being pulled by certain Canadian cable companies?”