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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Sasha Roiz of Across the River to Motor City

Kathryn Kates of the Canadian Jewish News interviews Sasha Roiz of Across the River to Motor City:

  • pho-ftv-uni-06Jaffa-born actor stars in CityTV mini-series
    “The action on City TV’s Across the River to Motor City, takes place on both sides of the border, in Windsor and Detroit. After wrapping production last January, lead actor Sasha Roiz, 33, found himself crossing the 49th parallel once again, when he moved to Los Angeles.” Read more.

Photo credit: Russ Martin.


In the news: Little Mosque’s ‘farm-league Nobel Prize’

Shed your earnestness for this post from Defamer:

  • Canadian Sitcom Awarded Farm-League Nobel Prize
    “With every prestige recognition, there are those bound to feel slighted: In this case, that would fall to Canadian sitcom also-ran Rent-a-Goalie (while chock-full of hockey humor, voters felt it didn’t quite go as far as Mosque in underscoring racial injustices).” Read more.

(from left to right) Arlene Duncan (Fatima), Zaib Shaikh (Amaar), Sheila McCarthy (Sarah), Carlo Rota (Yasir), Sitara Hewitt (Rayyan), Manoj Sood (Baber) and Debra McGrath as Mayor Popowicz. Photo credit: Sophie Giraud.



Upcoming episode: Da Kink in My Hair, Global, Oct. 14

Kink 837 sm‘da Kink in my Hair
Sunday, October 14 – 7:30pm ET/PT **NEW SERIES PREMIERE**
It’s one of the busiest days in the salon and Novelette discovers that Joy hasn’t filled in the appointment book. Everyone is surprised when a high class wedding party arrives unannounced and the snooty mother of the bride expects preferential treatment. Novelette tries to make a good impression – but it won’t be easy.

Photo credit: Ian Watson. trey anthony as Joy, Nicki Whitely as Sarah, Episode 1