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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: Trailer Park Boys humour

From the Halifax Chronicle-Herald:


In the news: Trailer Park Boys draws females

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • Trailer Park Boys draws females
    “There are so many women who said to us, ‘I wasn’t into the series but I watched the movie, and now I’m going to watch the series,’ ” [Robb] Wells said. “We treated (the movie and the series) as completely different entities, so I think people will get back into the series now. The new season, we’re pretty happy with it — more so than the movie, in many respects.”

Painkiller Jane review

From TV with MeeVee – Painkiller Jane premieres April 21 on CH:

  • Totally Frakked: Painkiller Jane – Bring the Pain!
    “The newest original series from Sci Fi, Painkiller Jane, took a circuitous route to the small screen. Originally a comic book, then adapted by Sci Fi for a 2005 TV movie, and now revived and rebooted as a weekly series with a brand-new cast. While Painkiller Jane‘s hardly a new idea, it seems like the show-runners are trying their hardest to make it fly on a weekly basis.”