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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

In the news: CBC’s new ratings system

Guy Dixon of the Globe and Mail reports on CBC’s new system of rating shows:

  • CBC-TV fine-tunes rating system: Unlike private broadcasters who gauge shows only in terms of revenue, audience numbers and costs, CBC will try to measure ‘public value’
    “Known as PARC and detailed in a recent memo from CBC-TV executive vice-president Richard Stursberg to staff, the system gives all CBC shows a target number for their public value (P), expected audience (A), estimated revenues (R) and costs (C). Public value is measured two ways: Shows are given a number on a 1-to-5 scale for their relative distinctiveness, and then audiences are surveyed to measure the shows’ quality.”

In the news: Triple Sensation

Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail talks to Garth Drabinsky about his new reality show:

  • Garth Drabinsky’s latest really big adventure
    “Triple Sensation – aimed at performers aged 16 to 26 – will run on CBC this fall for three nights in the coveted 8-to-10 Sunday-evening time slot. The winner will take home a $150,000 Indigo-Chapters Books-sponsored scholarship that can be used for any theatrical training institution in the world (pending acceptance).”

In the news: CBC’s new direction

Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail covers CBC’s launch of the new season:

  • CBC’s ‘new direction’: more drama, reality TV: Public broadcaster pokes fun at its 2006 flops and promises new shows will satisfy ‘changed’ viewers
    “People like to meet characters. They like to fall in love with them, and stay with them for a while. Our goal is to increase the number of people coming to the CBC,” [executive director of network programming Kirstine] Layfield said, adding that in 2006 the network enjoyed its best prime-time season in five years with shows such as Little Mosque on the Prairie, Dragons’ Den, The Rick Mercer Report and Test the Nation: National IQ Test consistently pulling in one million weekly viewers.

In the news: Iman to host Project Runway Canada

Lee-Anne Goodman of the Canadian Press talks to Iman, the host of Project Runway Canada:

  • Onetime supermodel Iman host of ‘Project Runway Canada’
    “It’s a really a good opportunity to be on a show that’s in a genre that’s not salacious – I’m not keen on salacious television,” she says. “I really do like the format of ‘Project Runway USA’ because it really is about finding talent and nurturing talent. There’s no meanness. The critiques are constructive and the judges are designers and really know what they’re talking about.”

In the news: Jay Manuel of Canada’s Next Top Model

Bill Harris of Sun Media interviews the new host of Canada’s Next Top Model:

  • Manuel takes reins of ‘Model’: New host hopes second season will make waves in Canada — and beyond
    “Canada in the fashion industry has produced huge talent in the international arena. So why is it that a lot of Canadian shows end up, well, very Canadiana? Why can’t a show be produced in Canada, and be called Canada’s Next Top Model, but it can compete on an international level? And I already can tell you, CBS Paramount, before we even have aired here, already has sold it internationally, officially.”