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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: So you want to write a TV show?

From Simon Houpt of The Globe & Mail:

So you want to write a TV show
Seven people in an east-end Toronto conference room are trying to figure out whether they can terrorize a child.

“See what the context is,” one says.

“If we saved a bunch of people’s lives, we could traumatize the kid.”

They’re not sadists, they just write for TV, and right now they’re working up an episode of Bravo’s acclaimed cop show 19-2, trying to settle on a storyline that will offer the most compelling possibilities for drama. Continue reading.

Link: An Oral History of The Littlest Hobo, Canada’s Greatest TV Show

From Elianna Lev of Vice:

An Oral History of The Littlest Hobo, Canada’s Greatest TV Show
The show’s roots date back to 1958, when ol’ timey Hollywood producers Stuart and Dorrell McGowan made a low-budget film about a wandering German Shepherd dog, which went on to be a big success. Since the character of Lil’ Ho was so endearing, it was eventually turned into a TV series. Shot in British Columbia between 1963 and 1965, the original series had to halt production because of legal disputes concerning ownership between the McGowans and funders Stoner Broadcasting. When the case came to conclusion seven years later, in favour of the brothers, they’d long tired of the idea to keep the show alive. However, a young Canadian named Christopher Dew, who’d worked on the series as a “wet behind the ears” editor, knew the nomadic canine still had more rides to take on that train. Continue reading.

Poll: Who are your favourite Canadian TV cops?

Have you heard the news, Rookie Blue fans? Season 6 of Global’s homegrown cop drama returns on Thursday, May 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Andy, Swarek, Oliver, Dov and the rest make up the latest crop of cops created for Canadian TV shows. How do the Rookie Blue folks stack up against Det. Murdoch and the Toronto Constabulary? Where do Haven‘s east coast coppers rate against B.C. boys and girls in blue?

We’ve put together an exhaustive list of current and past Canadian TV cops for you to choose your three favourites from. If we missed any, type them up in the comments section. Let the voting begin!

Who are your favourite Canadian TV cops?

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Comments and queries for the week of April 24

Orphan Black feedback
I wouldn’t bet on Rachel killing Delphine if only because she clearly has brain damage, so possibly some physical struggle as well as speaking. I sort of felt badly for Rachel during the eye socket torture but went back to hating her by the end for the Helsinki plan. Anyone who threatens Alison is on my bad side instantly.

Clone of the week: Sarah as Rachel. Also, the scene of Felix turning her into Rachel felt like a behind-the-scenes look at the make-up department.—Dan

No love for Coldwater Cowboys
Most of these boys/woman should be put in a rubber room so as not to cause injury to themselves and others around them. The way these people carry on makes me ashamed to be a Newfoundlander. They have more troubles in one season than most people have in their entire fishing carrier. You truly paint a sad pic of Newfies.—Ern

More Murdoch finale chat
Wow! Careful, concise and constructive comments regarding the interview and the possibilities that the course of the show might take, without devolving into name-calling and random political diatribes … how is this possible?! Oh … right … you folks are from Canada, where rational differences of opinion are possible and even encouraged and no trolls allowed! Must be nice. I do have some hope, however, since Sharon appears to be American; between the two of us, we may be the beginnings of a civility movement in the States. All joking aside, I recently discovered The Artful Detective by happenstance and find it charming. Although I have read the synopses of the first six seasons (in order to make some sense of the relationships), I will have to delve into my Netflix account to watch the episodes, as time allows. All the actors look like they are enjoying themselves immensely and they “play it straight,” with only an occasional scandalous wink (think of Julia removing her black wool bathing stockings at the lake) at their audience. I hope the ensemble wants to remain together for many more seasons of Murdoch! P.S. I really enjoy how the show entwines actual historical figures and events with the characters’ story lines … great fun!—Susan

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Link: How the creators of Orphan Black manage all those clones

From Joel Keller of CoCreate:

How the creators of Orphan Black manage all those clones
“I think a lot of shows get forced into slowing down, just because of the material, and frankly we probably should be slowing down, and a lot of time that would be exciting and fun to do but it just never happens. If we left the foot off the gas for too long it doesn’t feel like our show, and we can do it for character moments and beats, and those are great moments of relief, but it’s great that the audience is on edge because they know that they’re going to get slapped in the face every time we do that.” Continue reading.

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