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Season 6 of Big Brother Canada coming to Global in 2018

From a media release:

That’s right, Canada! Following the overwhelmingly powerful fan response to its hiatus, Global is adding smash-hit original series Big Brother Canada to its 2018 schedule. Produced by Insight Productions in association with Endemol Shine North America, the Top 10 series amongst millennials (A18-34) and A18-49 will return for an exciting sixth season. #BBCAN host Arisa Cox broke the exciting news to viewers tonight in an exclusive on-air and online video.

Airing exclusively on Global in the 2018 broadcast season, Big Brother Canada plucks a group of hand-picked strangers from their homes, sequesters them from the outside world, and places them inside a house outfitted wall-to-wall with cameras and microphones that capture their every move. Competing for a grand cash prize, each week the houseguests battle in a series of challenges that give them power or punishment, voting each other out until the fate of the final two is decided by a jury of fellow houseguests.

Additional details about Big Brother Canada Season 6, including casting news, will be announced at a later date. In the meantime, fans can catch up on all the best moments from Season 5 on BigBrotherCanada.ca.

Commissioned by Corus Entertainment, Season 6 of Big Brother Canada is produced by Insight Productions in association with Corus Entertainment and Endemol Shine North America. Executive producers are John Brunton, Erin Brock, and Sue Brophey.


Private Eyes: Shade joins the army in Season 2 summer finale

First, the bad news. Season 2 of Private Eyes has been split into two parts. The first nine episodes conclude their run this Thursday on Global. The second half of the season doesn’t air until next summer on Global. So, what’s the good news? We still get this week’s episode to watch before the long stretch of nothingness ensues.

I’m thrilled with the way Season 2 has rolled out. Angie and Shade have found love (though Angie ran when she saw Ken’s ring last week), Don has found something to do and Zoe (Samantha Wan) has been a hilariously welcome addition to this cast of characters. Throw in tight writing, and Private Eyes has excelled. I can’t wait to see more.

Now, on to “The Good Soldier,” written by Alan McCullough and directed by Lee Rose. Here’s what Global’s official synopsis says:

Shade and Angie are called to fall in line and salute as they investigate an Army Cadet who has been reported missing. But the case goes AWOL as they discover a dark secret shared among the missing soldier and his two friends. Meanwhile, when Angie discovers Ken is still holding onto the engagement ring from years ago, past emotions of doubt and anxiety rush back, tempting her to cut and run all over again.

And here are some spoiler-free notes we can add.

Becca factors into the main story
We haven’t spent a lot of time with Becca (Nicole de Boer) this season, other than the odd appearance, but she gets major screen time on Thursday. We’re shown what she’s like in the studio and out in the field when Shade helps her record a segment for “Breakfast with Becca.” The segment is a way to get Angie and Shade onto a military base to investigate the young soldier’s disappearance. By the way, the base is actually the Lakeshore campus of Humber College. You know, if you want to drive by.

Jules drops a bomb
We’ve seen Shade deal with Jules growing into a young woman and all that entails (ahem, Liam). Now Jules has got a request for her dad, and Shade isn’t happy about it. Will he say yes? Speaking of Jules, Shade still hasn’t introduced she and Mel. Why hasn’t he? Cold feet with regard to the relationship?

Mayday! Stephen Bogaert appears
He’s known mainly for his narration on Discovery’s Mayday!, but Stephen Bogaert shows up this week in front of the camera. Go back and listen to Anthony Marco interview Bogaert in our 200th podcast (at the 41-minute mark).

Private Eyes returns with new episodes in summer 2018 on Global.

Images courtesy of Corus.


Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo leave ET Canada

Sad news out the Entertainment Tonight Canada camp today, as it’s been announced Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo are all leaving the long-running newsmagazine show.

“Heading into our 13th season of ET Canada, we are making some changes to the show,” the series announced via its website on Friday. “It’s an emotional day as we share the news that Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo will be moving on to pursue new ventures. After 12 years as co-host, Rick will be leaving ET Canada when his contract comes to a close later this summer. We are grateful for his dedication to the show and wish him well.”

Erin Cebula

“Following 12 years as our West Coast reporter, Erin is moving on to produce and host quality lifestyle and entertainment content for broadcast and new media in Vancouver,” the post continues. “And after 12 years as our correspondent in Montreal, Natasha Gargiulo will continue host and produce entertainment shows for TV and radio, and expand her lifestyle retreats to empower women. You can still catch Natasha and Erin on the show throughout the month of July, and Rick will appear until the end of August.”

Natasha Gargiulo

“We sincerely thank Rick, Erin and Natasha for their tremendous contributions to ET Canada, and wish them every success in their future endeavours,” it concludes.

Launched in 2005 as a spinoff to Entertainment Tonight, ET Canada‘s current roster includes Cheryl Hickey, Roz Weston and Sangita Patel.

Take a look back as Campanelli related his thoughts on 10 years at ET Canada back in 2014.

This is just the latest shakeup at a former Shaw property since Corus bought the company in 2016. Timber Kings, You Gotta Eat Here!, Income Property, Big Brother Canada, Leave It to Bryan and Real Housewives of Toronto have all be cancelled by Corus this year.


Things get ghoulish on Private Eyes

Last week on Private Eyes, Angie’s past returned when her ex-fiancé, Dr. Ken (Mark Ghanimé) had his clinic broken into and drugs were stolen. By the end of the instalment, the pair shared a sultry kiss in the darkened offices of Everett Investigations. Would the storyline continue this week with more liplocks?

Here’s what Global says about Thursday’s episode, “Six Feet Blunder,” written by Katrina Saville and directed by Jill Carter. And note that next week’s episode is Private Eyes‘ Season 2A finale—the final nine stories will be broadcast in 2018.

When a panicked mortician hires Shade and Angie to track down a missing body, they find themselves crashing funeral services around the city, eventually unearthing a family plot to bury millions of dollars of a controversial inheritance. Meanwhile, Jules’ impending birthday gives Shade a chance to show off his party-planning skills, but he still has one problem…figuring out the right time to invite significant others to family affairs.

And, as always, here are more details after we watched a screener.

Dr. Ken is back
Yup, this week’s story picks up closely following the events of last week’s. You can put two and two together, right? We don’t need to spell it out, do we?

So is Melanie
I actually thought the romance between Shade and Mel would last just a couple of episodes. And I’ve been totally wrong assuming the addition of extra characters would draw attention away from Shade and Angie. Instead, Ken and Mel have added a layer to our favourite detectives that have made them more enjoyable and fully formed. It’s also added a layer of complexity, as Shade is still wondering whether he should be introducing Mel to Jules.

The case has an effect on Zoe
Helping Shade and Angie causes Zoe to reflect on her life and the impact—or lack thereof—she may have on the world. Also: Kim’s Convenience fans should keep an eye out for Sugith Varughese (Mr. Mehta) in a guest-starring role.

Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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Private Eyes: William Shatner guest-stars

I enjoy what William Shatner brings to a television show. He adds a certain gravitas to a role that I’ve loved since Boston Legal. This week he adds his panache to Thursday’s new episode of Private Eyes as a rival to Angie and Shade’s business.

Here’s what Global’s official episode synopsis says about “The PI Code,” written by Derek Schreyer and directed by Sudz Sutherland.

Shade and Angie are hired by a stunning lawyer, Melanie Parker, to look into jury-tampering in the high-profile murder case she’s prosecuting. During their investigation, they stumble upon a rival PI, Norm Glinski (guest star William Shatner), working the opposite side of the bench. With the odds stacked against them, our PIs find evidence that may put the entire case, and their careers, in jeopardy. 

And here’s a few more tidbits we can add after watching a screener.

Private Eyes goes dark
Listen, we’re not talking about HBO’s True Detective here, but the case Angie and Shade are involved in is more violent than the tales we’ve seen before. The humour we’ve come to expect is still there though.

William Shatner isn’t the only guest star
Veteran actor Ron Lea plays an attorney,  ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel shows up as—you guessed it—a reporter and Bree Williamson portrays lawyer Melanie Parker, who makes an immediate impact on Shade if you know what I mean. And Murdoch Mysteries fans will recognize Daiva Johnston, a.ka. Eva Pearce, in a key role.

Speaking of catching one’s eye…
Don seems to have a lady friend. Good for him!

As for Mr. Shatner…
He’s a delight as Norm Glinski who, as he says, “puts the dick in private dick.” He’s a liar, a cheater and a thief. And, of course, Angie and Shade have to interact with him.

Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

Images courtesy of Corus.