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Global Greenlights Original Series Private Eyes for a Third Season

From a media release:

Corus Entertainment continues its commitment to Canadian content and the local production community as it greenlights a third season of Global’s hit original series Private Eyes. From leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne), the fan-favourite investigative drama receives a 12-episode order, with production set to begin in Toronto in spring 2018. Private Eyes also joins previously announced greenlit original drama Mary Kills People, currently in production on Season 2 in Toronto.

Set in Toronto, the series has sold to more than 110 territories globally including the US, UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, and Brazil. Development on Season 3 of the internationally successful original series is underway, with a diverse team of writers crafting a new batch of cases for Canada’s favourite detective duo Matt Shade (Jason Priestley) and Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) to crack.

Private Eyes is produced by eOne in association with Corus Entertainment, with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit. The series is executive produced by Jocelyn Hamilton and Tecca Crosby for eOne, Shawn Piller and Lloyd Segan for Piller/Segan, Jason Priestley, Alan McCullough, James Thorpe, Alex Zarowny and Tassie Cameron. McCullough and Piller are also showrunners. eOne controls international rights for the series.




TV Eh B Cs podcast 68 — Greg Gets Carter

Jill Carter was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and has an extensive background as a script supervisor along with a keen interest in all forms of the arts. Carter’s first short film as director, Moment (2006), screened at festivals around the world. Following two more successful short films, Ninety-One (2010) and Little Larry (2011), which was nominated for a Directors Guild of Canada Award, she has gone on to direct episodes of such television shows as the CW’s Beauty and the Beast and CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries and Global’s Private Eyes.

Jill recently completed directing a seven-episode dramatic web-series Spiral for Telus, which will be released on Sept. 6. Jill participated in the incubator program run by the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF Studio 2016 and has a number of film and television projects in various stages of development.

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Comments and queries for the week of July 21

Not happy that Private Eyes is wrapping up already. I feel like we’ve just started watching it and it’s done! Sucks that we have to wait a year to see it again, what gives? —Joyce

Global cut the season in half for some stupid reason, so now the 18 episodes are being split and the last nine episodes of Season 2 are gonna be on next summer. Believe me, I hate it too. I don’t understand why they would renew it, only to end up showing half this year and half next year. —Samantha

I’m disappointed that [You Gotta Eat Here!] has been cancelled. My family has used this show as a food guide, we are a hockey family and when we are on the road in different towns and cities we’ve tried many of these great restaurants thanks to the shows recommendations. It will be sadly missed. —Danny

I strongly disagree with the cancellation of the show. My family and I have found great restaurants all because of it. America had Man vs. Food. America had DDD. And now Canada has nothing? Food Network … dumbest move by far. And as for the host? He as Canadian as it gets. Funny, quirky, whether he knows about food or now, who cares!! He’s a great host, with a great personality on screen. There are restaurants who need exposure and this move damages Canadians. —Deje


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Private Eyes: Shade joins the army in Season 2 summer finale

First, the bad news. Season 2 of Private Eyes has been split into two parts. The first nine episodes conclude their run this Thursday on Global. The second half of the season doesn’t air until next summer on Global. So, what’s the good news? We still get this week’s episode to watch before the long stretch of nothingness ensues.

I’m thrilled with the way Season 2 has rolled out. Angie and Shade have found love (though Angie ran when she saw Ken’s ring last week), Don has found something to do and Zoe (Samantha Wan) has been a hilariously welcome addition to this cast of characters. Throw in tight writing, and Private Eyes has excelled. I can’t wait to see more.

Now, on to “The Good Soldier,” written by Alan McCullough and directed by Lee Rose. Here’s what Global’s official synopsis says:

Shade and Angie are called to fall in line and salute as they investigate an Army Cadet who has been reported missing. But the case goes AWOL as they discover a dark secret shared among the missing soldier and his two friends. Meanwhile, when Angie discovers Ken is still holding onto the engagement ring from years ago, past emotions of doubt and anxiety rush back, tempting her to cut and run all over again.

And here are some spoiler-free notes we can add.

Becca factors into the main story
We haven’t spent a lot of time with Becca (Nicole de Boer) this season, other than the odd appearance, but she gets major screen time on Thursday. We’re shown what she’s like in the studio and out in the field when Shade helps her record a segment for “Breakfast with Becca.” The segment is a way to get Angie and Shade onto a military base to investigate the young soldier’s disappearance. By the way, the base is actually the Lakeshore campus of Humber College. You know, if you want to drive by.

Jules drops a bomb
We’ve seen Shade deal with Jules growing into a young woman and all that entails (ahem, Liam). Now Jules has got a request for her dad, and Shade isn’t happy about it. Will he say yes? Speaking of Jules, Shade still hasn’t introduced she and Mel. Why hasn’t he? Cold feet with regard to the relationship?

Mayday! Stephen Bogaert appears
He’s known mainly for his narration on Discovery’s Mayday!, but Stephen Bogaert shows up this week in front of the camera. Go back and listen to Anthony Marco interview Bogaert in our 200th podcast (at the 41-minute mark).

Private Eyes returns with new episodes in summer 2018 on Global.

Images courtesy of Corus.


Things get ghoulish on Private Eyes

Last week on Private Eyes, Angie’s past returned when her ex-fiancé, Dr. Ken (Mark Ghanimé) had his clinic broken into and drugs were stolen. By the end of the instalment, the pair shared a sultry kiss in the darkened offices of Everett Investigations. Would the storyline continue this week with more liplocks?

Here’s what Global says about Thursday’s episode, “Six Feet Blunder,” written by Katrina Saville and directed by Jill Carter. And note that next week’s episode is Private Eyes‘ Season 2A finale—the final nine stories will be broadcast in 2018.

When a panicked mortician hires Shade and Angie to track down a missing body, they find themselves crashing funeral services around the city, eventually unearthing a family plot to bury millions of dollars of a controversial inheritance. Meanwhile, Jules’ impending birthday gives Shade a chance to show off his party-planning skills, but he still has one problem…figuring out the right time to invite significant others to family affairs.

And, as always, here are more details after we watched a screener.

Dr. Ken is back
Yup, this week’s story picks up closely following the events of last week’s. You can put two and two together, right? We don’t need to spell it out, do we?

So is Melanie
I actually thought the romance between Shade and Mel would last just a couple of episodes. And I’ve been totally wrong assuming the addition of extra characters would draw attention away from Shade and Angie. Instead, Ken and Mel have added a layer to our favourite detectives that have made them more enjoyable and fully formed. It’s also added a layer of complexity, as Shade is still wondering whether he should be introducing Mel to Jules.

The case has an effect on Zoe
Helping Shade and Angie causes Zoe to reflect on her life and the impact—or lack thereof—she may have on the world. Also: Kim’s Convenience fans should keep an eye out for Sugith Varughese (Mr. Mehta) in a guest-starring role.

Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

Images courtesy of Corus.