In the news: Lucky Helene Joy

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • Call her Lucky Joy
    ” Murdoch Mysteries got the most Gemini award nominations this year with 14. Durham County got 13. And Helene Joy stars in both shows. ‘My friends in Australia call me Lucky Joy — I guess I’m getting what they mean,’ said Joy, a native of Australia. Joy also received a Gemini nomination for best actress in a drama for her work on Durham County.” Read more.

3 thoughts on “In the news: Lucky Helene Joy”

  1. I really like this actress’s versatility. I used to watch An American in
    Canada, where she was really funny as the female lead. Congratulations
    to Helene Joy!

  2. Nothing lucky about Helene, she has a great natural screen presence and deserves much greater recognition as a serious and under-utilized talent.

    Joy’s role in Murdoch Mysteries is a fabulous balance of confident sassy doctor with a hint of vulnerability.

    Love that hair too ;-)

    Come on Canada – be proud of this woman!

  3. I agree absolutely with the above – Canada (and Australia too) – you should be very proud!

    Over here in England we only get to see her in Murdoch Mysteries; sadly nothing else is shown, and we don’t get to read or see anything more.

    So, roll on 2010 when hopefully we will get to see Season 3 of Murdoch…

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