Canwest commissions 4 new drama pilots

From a media release:

The Guard, Rent- A- Goalie, Billable Hours, Howie Do It, Kenny vs. Spenny, ‘da Kink In My Hair, Bob & Doug, Producing Parker, The Best Years, Project Runway Canada… and that is just the ‘sample’ list of the ‘best in Canadian show’ tradition at Canwest.

Building on that pedigree, the broadcaster announced the commissioning of four new drama pilots today.

“Without question, we are ramping up the activity in drama at Canwest and it’s great fun to collaborate with such spectacular home grown talent,” said Christine Shipton, SVP Dramatic and Factual Content.

Casting, Directing and additional production developments will be made in
the weeks to come.


Title: Clean
Genre/length: Drama; 1-hour
Production: House of Films Inc./Four Seasons Productions Inc.
Producers: Ilana Frank, Bill House
Writer:Adam Pettle (Toronto Theatre Award nominee; Playwright-in-Residence at Canadian Stage Company)
Synopsis: A darkly comedic one-hour drama set in rehab – at the centre of the show is Bobby, an addiction counselor and a lone wolf, who’s teetering on the edge of the same thing he’s so brilliant at treating.

Title: Lawyers, Guns & Money
Genre/length: Drama; 1-hour
Production: Whizbang Films Inc.
Producers: Paul Gross, Frank Siracusa and Malcolm MacRury
Writer: Malcolm MacRury (Z.O.S., Deadwood)
Synopsis: Jimmy Shea, a young claims adjuster for a faceless corporation, maneuvers his way around insurance scams and the criminal underworld as he tries to escape his past and make a better life on the gritty post industrial streets of Hamilton.

Title: Lost Girl
Genre/length: Drama; 1-hour
Production: Prodigy Pictures
Writer: Michelle Lovretta (Instant Star, Mutant X)
Synopsis: Heroine Bo has a secret: she is not one of us. Born of an ancient race of supernatural beings and raised by humans, she must now use her new-found superhuman powers to protect the world she knows from the one she needs.

Title: Shattered
Genre/length: Drama; 1-hour
Production: Force Four Films Ltd./Blueprint Film and Television Ltd.
Producers: Debra Beard, Hugh Beard, Noreen Halpern, John Morayniss, Laszlo Barna
Writer: Rick Drew (Lonesome Dove, Twilight Zone)
Synopsis: Kyle Logan, once the best cop in the force and now a damaged recluse, solves crimes with the help of his unconventional forensic squad – who just happen to be facets of his multiple-personality-disorder.