Poll: Your fave Canadian TV of 2010

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What’s your favourite Canadian show of 2010?

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33 thoughts on “Poll: Your fave Canadian TV of 2010”

  1. You could vote in the comments here but I’ll try to see what’s wrong with the poll.

    And Samantha, welcome to a world with other time zones. It’s showing the time zone where the site originates from. I’ll see what’s up with that too since it seems to be a concern.

  2. Sadly it would not register my vote either.

    FWIW, Dragon’s Den and Fitz were the only shows I watched consistently through the season.

  3. I tried to vote this afternoon – when it allowed selecting up to 5 choices – but it never went through. Now it just allows one choice, but the results are still saying the ‘up to 5’ thing.


    For whatever it’s worth (in order of preference):

    Lost Girl
    Republic of Doyle
    The Tudors
    Murdoch Mysteries

  4. Serious Q: Why on Canada’s cold, green earth is “Stargate Universe” on this poll? It is owned, distributed, and produced by MGM Studios and the American Syfy Channel, yes?

    Of course, feel justified in lambasting me if my ignorance is showing and that somehow I missed, when skipping through the credits, the “Secretly A 100% Canadian Media Production” logo after watching it that one time.

  5. What a moribund group of shows. Outside of ‘The Tudors,’which is pretty much an English production, there isn’t one truly decent show in the bunch. Surely we can do better.

  6. Really? So as long as its key creative personnel are from Canada, a show can be dubbed Canadian, no matters who owns its brand name or franchise, or who pays its bills, or whose finger hovers over the renew/cancel button? Cleverly done, because it seems, then, that these same Cdn figureheads could usurp all of the credit and field none of the blame in regards to a show’s success or failure.

    Hm, this might perhaps explain some of the offhand behaviours of certain people out from behind the scenes of “SGU”.

  7. (Stupid character limit.)

    After that last bit in my above comment, I must admit that the iffy performance of “Stargate Universe” does pique my interest and curiosity from time to time, but that’s a tangent irrelevant to the here and now.

    What is relevant, is that I fully appreciate your answering my ‘Serious Q’, Diane, and for introducing me to the oddball ways of what can make TV Canadian.

  8. It’s been a great canadian years, I enjoy more canadian series than US this year, my top 5 drama :

    1- Crash and Burns
    2- Rookie Blue
    3- Call me Fitz
    4- Shattered
    5- Lost Girl

    (all third seasons of Erica, Durham and Flashpoint was mostly boring)

    My top 3 comedy

    1- Men with brooms
    2- Dan for Mayor
    3- Tood and the book of Pure Evil

  9. Ell, I’m intrigued that you’re concerned by the 10/10 Stargate Universe and not the shows that are 6/10 like The Tudors.

  10. I might be interested in “The Tudors” if I had ever watched it; except now you mention it, it occurs to me that I have never actually considered it as any more Canadian than, say, “Doctor Who” or “Jeopardy!”.

    By the way, what are the exact 10 criteria that must be met? I don’t think the website I gloss over was explicit on that.

  11. Dragon’s Den
    Rick Mercer Report
    Little Mosque, choosing only one from such a diverse group doesn’t work for me.

  12. Ah, yes, Diane, that is the site I visited, but since it didn’t delve into exacting specifics, I had just wondered if you perhaps had a shorthand checklist of sorts:

    “(X)# actors Cdn: check.
    Filmed terra Canada: yup.
    Etc, etc.”

    But, I suppose, unless I’m shopping for a job in media reporting, my thirst for knowledge could probably better slake itself in other such ways as memorizing past Brier Cup results or figuring out how to survive beyond a sudden WiFi breakdown. Gasp!

  13. Hi Diane,

    I am a huge fan of “Murdoch Mysteries” and I’ve really enjoyed your coverage of the show as well as other fine Canadian programming. While I understand your reasoning for removing all MM content, I am disappointed that the cast, crew, writers, producers and dedicated fans of a fine show must suffer due to the actions of one. If you reconsider at some point, I would certainly be appreciative.

    All the best to you and your family in 2011.


    1. Thanks Carol, that’s nice of you to say. I’ll give it some time and see if I feel differently later, but it’s complicated by the fact that he’s affiliated with the show. This is the result I’ve been suggesting to him for years if he insists on sniping at me publicly and privately for any even indirect criticism of his wife’s work posted here. I can’t get him to stop but I can opt out of the frustration completely. Now he can’t blame me for linking to negative reviews, at least.

      But I do appreciate that it’s unfairly punishing fans, and will try to keep an open mind about other options. Thanks for your support and all the best.

  14. I appreciate the reply, Diane, and an open mind is all anyone could ask for, especially since, as you say, this website is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for you. It truly is an unfortunate conflict. Whatever the outcome, I do hope things are resolved to your satisfaction.

    Carol :)

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