Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will premires July 22 on Action

From a media release:

Kenny vs. Spenny star carries the world on his shoulders in Action’s shocking-yet-poignant new comedy series…

  • Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will Premieres Friday, July 22, 2011 at 10:00 pm ET/PT


It’s Action’s newest comedy series, and rest assured, the content is every bit as provocative as the title. Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will is a truly unique comedy/news hybrid that pits the former Kenny vs. Spenny star against a far more formidable opponent: the world.

Each episode finds Kenny Hotz stopping at nothing to fulfill the Herculean task of changing society as we know it. This Mission Impossible meets Dateline premise will see Kenny do it all: he’ll be the first Jew to build a Mosque for Islam… he’ll be dropped off naked in a Nevada desert and attempt to follow the American dream of striking it rich… he’ll even stop at nothing to find true love for his dear, sweet, widowed mother.

Although fueled by a higher moral purpose, because this is Kenny Hotz, the series is nothing short of unconventional, unpredictable and shockingly thought-provoking. Says Hotz, “Triumph Of The Will has real heart. This show means something – it’s about the world, capitalism, religion, peace, love.”


17 thoughts on “Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will premires July 22 on Action”

    1. If I could, I’d totally like whoever made the comment as Spencer Rice LOL.

      And I really can’t wait to see this, especially if it is thought provoking, I felt like KvsS had run it’s course and I was afraid this show was just going to be the same thing disguised at something different.

  1. Kenny is boss!

    this show will be awesome an i’m just a littl sissy

  2. Yes Kenny, your show will blow my show away…I real wish I was you so I can go jump off the Ifle Tower….if only I can spell too.

  3. Come on, I want to see K vs S season 7! Will both of you make an appearance to each others new show and trash it…now there’s a reality show for you!

  4. Oh im so proud of my son doing this.

    P.S remember when spenny took off his pants and showed me his penis in season 6…? Well im going to bury the hatchet right now… His penis was tiny, about the size of my pinky, and it was erect too. L

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