Why did Satisfaction get no satisfaction?

From Anne T. Donahue of Yahoo:

5 Reasons ‘Satisfaction’ Failed To Satisfy Canadian Audiences
Earlier this week, TV Guide reported that after one season, CTV has cancelled “Satisfaction,” another Canadian show that — like “Picnicface,””Almost Heroes,” and even “Hotbox” — got the premature axe, leaving another void where an original, home-grown series could be. Why do Canadian shows keep struggling? Is it the networks, or is it the audience? Is it the series writers or a disconnect between the creator’s vision and what we as viewers see on screen? Well, here are five possible reasons why “Satisfaction” didn’t work out. Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Why did Satisfaction get no satisfaction?”

  1. Yeah, Lack of Marketing. I didn’t see any of those guys promoting on the talk show circuit. One of the only Canadians I’ve seen promoting her show was Nina Dobrev (on Conan and George Lopez). Result: Her show is still on the air. The article missed this point.

    1. Hmmm. Honestly, I think Satisfaction had a generic name with a generic setting with generic characters and generic storylines and nothing worthwhile enough to attract eyeballs from other shows. In this day and age, sitcoms require true individuality in characters yet a glue which holds everything together. Satisfaction lacks true depth. That’s why Big Bang Theory and Modern Family do so well. When you look at Canadian sitcom history, very few sitcoms have hit the mark. When’s the last Canadian sitcom to be successful? Corner Gas and Little Mosque maybe. Those shows were set in my neck of the woods and even though I failed to like them myself (I’m more of a 1-hour show person), I did respect them for their individuality of characters, setting and storylines.

      Another problem which exists is that it is extremely difficult to create an urban-set show which isn’t generic. Certain cities (sorry Toronto) lack individuality in setting. One exception I can think of was Less Than Kind which was set in Winnipeg. The gimick in that show, oddly enough, was the winter setting. As someone who lived a couple years in The Peg, I really identified with the tone of the show plus the writing was much deeper than your average Canadian sitcom. I just wish that there were more Canadian sitcoms that demonstrated better use of character development, setting and consistency.

  2. I would agree with you except for the part where you say you respect Little Mosque (yecccch!). To the other commenter, you think it lacked marketing? I have not seen a Canadian show get so many TV ads begging viewers to watch it maybe ever, not since Corner Gas. But unlike Corner Gas it didn’t find an audience. I agree with the poster who said it’s too generic and I think the main problem was clearly the acting and mostly the three leads, Ryan Belleville can sometimes make me laugh but he’s way more annoying and whiny than funny. The male/female couple were just bloody awful, not one bit funny or interesting. Only the female was even a little bit likeable. All of the surrounding characters were annoying and insane. Why do they have to make everyone crazy in this show? It just made me hate them all. When you boil down any episode you see there are funny jokes and scenes that weren’t realized because of the acting but the show also suffered from a writing and directing standpoint because they did tons of jokes very quickly but the stories were super thin and predictable with nothing really “new” to offer. Still it’s better than Package Deal so I wonder when that show will get the axe? As for premature canceling I’m not sure. The ratings were terrible but maybe with another season this show could have figured out what to do with itself and fixed the problems it had, maybe even recast. And the note about other shows canceled early, seriously Hotbox? That show was one of the worst series of all time, Almost Heroes wasn’t that terrible but it was also full of annoying characters and stupid, predictable jokes/stories. Picnicface had great moments though and really should have continued.

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