Slideshow & Video: MasterChef Canada Season 3 auditions

Three minutes flashes by in a blink of an eye. That’s what home cooks found out during MasterChef Canada‘s Season 3 open casting call in Toronto this past weekend. Those hoping to snag a spot in CTV’s culinary competition had only three minutes to plate the food they’d prepared before the show’s producers and judges made the rounds to poke, prod, taste and talk about their selections.

TV, Eh? shadowed Mary Berg through the process. The self-professed “vegetarian who loves to cook meat and drink gravy” was prompted to try out for Season 2 but never got around to it. This time she was ready, and brought a bright pink lemon meringue pie for MasterChef Canada‘s producers and tasting judges Jonathan Cheung and Melanie Stuparyk to try out. Celebrity chef Claudio Aprile swung by too, and was concerned by Berg’s admission she didn’t eat meat.

Look for a full story on Berg as Season 3 gets underway; in the meantime, enjoy these exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to give you a taste of what the process is like.