Poll: Which returning Canadian TV series are you excited to watch this fall?

Can you believe it? It’s already August, which means the Canadian fall television season is a mere few weeks away. We here at TV, Eh? are as excited as you, with all of our returning favourites hitting the small screen between now and the end of November.

So, to have a little fun—and celebrate the coming season—we’ve put together a poll where you pick the three returning Canadian-made shows you’re most looking forward to seeing this fall. Wondering exactly when those projects will be back? Check out our handy calendars and mark yours! The poll closes next Friday, so have fun!

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Greg David

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49 thoughts on “Poll: Which returning Canadian TV series are you excited to watch this fall?”

  1. Murdoch Mysteries is absolutely the best show ever done in Canada and that is saying a lot because Canada makes great TV shows.

  2. Murdoch’s Mysteries is one of the best television shows – ever! It has style, grace, intelligent scripts, a wonderful ensemble cast, and great integration of historical figures in plausible situations. Murdoch’s inventions are marvelous, he is so ahead of his time!

  3. Frontier ! I’m so excited ! Also Vikings ! Can’t wait. I love these two shows. I make sure nothing is planned for the days these shows are on.

  4. Where is 19-2? I love that show too. Out of your list I could only choose Murdoch Mysteries. How about, also, ‘Still Standing’.

    1. Still Standing is on the air now. The poll is for shows that are returning in the fall, between August and November. 19-2’s final season is on the air now on CTV and it therefore not included in the poll.

  5. Murdoch Mysteries is the only one I watch! When Calls is the other that I don’t see on the list !

  6. I like When Calls the Heart … it’s not listed – but, Murdoch Mysteries is the very very best !!!

  7. Totally on tenterhooks for Murdoch Mysteries (Series 11) to return. Wonderful cast and crew, storylines that hold one’s interest, beautiful locations … it is such an all round well crafted program .

  8. I love Murdoch mysteries, but Kim’s Convenience might be the best comedy in the world right now. Very rare where someone gives the show a try and doesn’t like it.

  9. I love Heartland, my absolute favorite. I also choose Murdoch Mysteries and Travelers. Why was When Calls the Heart not listed? It’s such a good series.

  10. Heartland is my all time most favorite. I watch it from the beginning through the whole season until the new season comes on. Love it love it

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