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Prior to becoming a television critic and owner of TV, Eh?, Greg David was a critic for TV Guide Canada, the country's most trusted source for TV news. He has interviewed television actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes folks from hundreds of television series from Canada, the U.S. and internationally. He is a podcaster, public speaker, weekly radio guest and educator, and past member of the Television Critics Association.

Link: Small screen hits the big time with CITF’s second year

From Tony Wong:

In the augural year of the Canadian International Television Festival, David Heath set off on what seemed an improbable mission.

He wanted television viewers to get off the couch and head to the theatre to watch TV on the big screen. Moreover, he wanted them to watch only Canadian-made shows.

“It really bugged me that we had over 60 film festivals and not one TV festival,” says Heath, a veteran television industry executive. “You have major directors and stars flocking to this golden age of television, which is arguably producing better work than what you see on the big screen. So why don’t we celebrate that?” Continue reading.


Review: Who did Tim choose on The Bachelor Canada?

After weeks of trauma and tears, backstabbing and booze, it all came down to Tuesday night on The Bachelor Canada. Well, sort of. Tim Warmels won’t reveal who he chose to be his betrothed–or at the very least his bestie–until next week, but the groundwork for his oh-so-important decision was laid.

In one corner was Trish, the big-city former beauty pageant participant who likes hockey and is open about her feelings. In the other corner was April, the quiet, more reserved gal who played her cards close to the chest. Which one would win Tim’s heart? The fact that Trish already loved him while April was still working on her deep feelings may have given the former an edge over the latter, but nothing was clear cut.

Tahiti served as the backdrop to a pineapple plantation picnic and dinner with Trish that led to the dreaded–or exciting–fantasy suite invite from Tyler Harcott. Did Tim’s heart do a stutter-stop when Trish nodded yes that she wanted some alone time with him? We’ll never know, but he did hop up and offer his hand to her. No word on if they skipped dessert for this or whether dinner was actually done by that point. (How funny would it have been if they’d opened the door to the suite and Tyler was stretched out on the bed? Listen, it’s been a long season, OK? Gimme some leeway on stupid comments.)


April and Tim headed off the coast of Tahiti for a cruise around in a yacht. The mood was tempered a bit by April’s concerns that Tim might choose Trish over her, which would shatter the already fragile brunette. Their jump off the side of the boat represented April’s hesitant leap of faith in Tim that everything would be OK, but she still wasn’t sure. Words like “scared,” “might be falling in love,” and “but” threw up red flags all dinner long, so I was a little surprised that she chose to spend time with Tim in the fantasy suite. I think he would have been OK with it if she declined.

Of course, Tim couldn’t make this all-important life decision on his own, so he called on his mom and dad to help out. Peter was immediately enthralled by Trish’s outgoing personality, but Marg was more suspicious and whipped out a list of questions for Trish to answer. Trish needn’t have worried; after saying she wanted a family she had Marg in the palm of her hand.

Not so for April, whose walk to Tim’s parents’ cabana looked like she was headed to the electric chair. If this was a job interview, April wouldn’t have gotten the gig. Her reluctance to look Peter and Marg in the eye, her stammered answers and repeated “ums” certainly could have been the work of careful editing by the producers to make April look like the underdog, but I don’t think so. Her request to see Tim, followed by a tearful “I want to go home,” would seem to have sealed April’s fate.

We won’t find out who Tim chooses until next week, but at this point it appears Trish is his best fit.

The Bachelor Canada finale airs next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET followed by the After the Final Rose special at 8:30 p.m. ET on City.

Who will Tim pick in the The Bachelor Canada season finale?

  • April (51%, 368 Votes)
  • Trish (49%, 357 Votes)

Total Voters: 725

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Cineflix’s Mayday takes flight for Season 15


From a media release:

Cineflix announced the start of production on season 15 of its long running hit series MAYDAY (Air Crash Investigation). Cineflix is producing 10 one-hour episodes, bringing the series total to an incredible 130 episodes. MAYDAY airs on Discovery Channel and Canal D in Canada and on National Geographic Channel internationally.
Riveting stories featured in season 15 include the investigation of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 which crashed on its final approach into San Francisco International Airport – the first fatal accident involving a Boeing 777; the circumstances surrounding the crash of a DC-6 carrying UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, en route to cease-fire negotiations; and the fatal UPS Airlines Flight 6 cargo plane crash, which resulted in more than thirty recommendations for safety improvements. 
Since its debut in 2003, MAYDAY has taken viewers behind the scenes of the world’s most catastrophic aviation disasters in search of the clues that can prevent similar tragedies from happening again. Based on cockpit voice recorders, accident reports, and insider accounts by the investigators themselves, every episode also features state-of-the-art CGI, and gripping reenactments.
MAYDAY is a Cineflix (Mayday 15) Inc. production, in association with Discovery Channel Canada, National Geographic Channels International, and Canal D. Executive producer for Cineflix is Alex Bystram. MAYDAY is distributed internationally by Cineflix Rights, and has sold into 129 territories worldwide.

TV eh B Cs podcast – Peter Keleghan sounds off on the Canadian TV industry


Peter Keleghan got his start at Toronto’s famed Second City comedy training centre and was an active stage performer until moving on to television, where he co-wrote and co-starred in The Comedy Mill from 1986-91. He then moved to Los Angeles and appeared on Cheers, Murphy Brown and Seinfeld and in a recurring but brief role on the daytime soap, General Hospital.

Keleghan returned to Canada and in 1991 he joined Steve SMITH on The Red Green Show as Ranger Gord. He was a heartless film tyrant in Rick MERCER’s Made in Canada and the outwardly affable and hopeless dullard Jim Walcott in Ken Finkleman’s The Newsroom.

The next decade saw Peter Keleghan earn major parts in feature films, most notably Niagara Motel. He also appeared in, among other movies, Ginger Snaps, Coopers’ Camera, Eating Buccaneers and GravyTrain. He currently appears in film comedy Big News from Grand Rock.

He’s been in numerous TV series, including Slings and Arrows, Billable Hours, Murdoch Mysteries, and Saving Hope, and won the 2011 Gemini Award for best actor in a leading comedic role for his part in 18 to Life.

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