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In the news: CTV merger sparks call for more Canadian drama

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • When Canadians watch TV, they want drama
    “When most Canadians watch TV, drama is what they want to watch, and the majority of the most-watched programs in Canada each week are dramas. But we’re not making any.”

And a reaction from Denis McGrath of Dead Things on Sticks, with a list of Canadian dramas currently in development:

  • Canadians Want Drama
    “So is the CRTC going to extract from CTV the first plank in a new drama committment? That’s what Doyle seems to be calling for. That would be great.”

In the news: Canadian talent backs CTV/CHUM merger

From the Financial Post:

  • Artistic community backs CTV’s CHUM takeover
    The artistic community tried to rally Tuesday behind the CTV Inc. takeover of CHUM Ltd., telling CRTC officials that CTV is the only player committed to fostering and nurturing Canadian talent. Nevertheless, the chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Konrad von Finckenstein, appeared unmoved.

But, from Bloomberg later:


In the news: More drama, not celebrities

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • We need more hit Canadian drama, not more E! channels
    One thing that needs to happen is this – the creation of a hit one-hour drama on CBC, CTV or Global that pulls in close to a million viewers a week. We need another Due South or Street Legal, a show that has a mass appeal and a million viewers. Without that, Canadian-made TV will always be perceived as in the weaker position, looking inept. The last thing the Canadian TV networks and the watching Canadian audience need is more air-headed coverage of American celebrities.