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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Upcoming episode: Instant Star, CTV, Aug. 22

8:30 p.m. ET – Instant Star – “Stranger in the House”

Sadie dumps Tommy on his philandering playboy butt. Jude attempts to reunite the couple, but when she hears what really sounds like ‘the truth’ – AND it matches Sadie’s version – she chooses to kick Tommy out of the party and the Harrison’s personal lives. From now on, their relationship is to be strictly professional. Jamie learns a lot about Liam while stuck in line for concert tickets all night.


Upcoming Episode: Slings & Arrows, Aug. 21

Episode 5: All Blessed Secrets

Anna joins forces with Geoffrey to help Charles rally his strength to play Lear. Sophie, depressed by the situation in rehearsal, suffers another crushing blow when she finds Paul in bed with Megan. Seeing her distress, Ellen and Barbara decide to take her under their wing. East Hastings’ runaway success causes Richard’s ego to balloon out of control. Charles forces Geoffrey to sacrifice everything for his art, including Ellen. The Lear opening is aborted a second time, bringing Richard’s wrath down upon Geoffrey. The rising tension affects the whole company and leads to a bar brawl, and an actor being rushed to the hospital.