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Link: Analog TV users will soon see fewer stations

From Rob Drinkwater of the Canadian Press:

Link: Analog TV users will soon see fewer stations
Years after TV stations in Canada’s larger cities were required to switch from analog to digital transmission, many broadcast towers that serve smaller areas continue to pump out signals that black-and-white sets made in the 1950s can still pick up.

But the number of those stations appears set to shrink following a federal government decision to clear a large portion of the ultra high frequency (UHF) band for wireless users, and, because of cost, some of those towers will be going dark. Continue reading. 


Link: Does the CBC define Canadian culture?

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Does the CBC define Canadian culture?
But the CBC is there permanently, looming over everything, and last week’s shindig was more peculiar than usual. It was less about announcing a new season of CBC TV and mentioning some radio achievement than it was about announcing that the CBC is the crucible of Canadian culture. The CBC’s own perception of itself is that in a chaotic, shifting media landscape, the CBC is reliable, trusted and more Canadian than anything or anybody in the country. Continue reading.


Link: CBC and Vice Media seek different kinds of Canada

From Simon Houpt of The Globe and Mail:

Link: CBC and Vice Media seek different kinds of Canada
We live in tribal times, when even television networks are declaring allegiances and taking sides.

Every spring, the commercial broadcasters unveil their fall programming, making their annual promises to ad buyers – they’re going to deliver buzzy hits! massive audiences! – at the industry’s so-called Upfront presentations. Continue reading.


Link: CRTC leaves Canadian television to fend for itself in Netflix age

From Kate Taylor of The Globe and Mail:

Link: CRTC leaves Canadian television to fend for itself in Netflix age
As the chair of Canada’s broadcast regulator rides off into the sunset, he has been tossing a few last coins at the many supplicants who follow him wherever he goes. Cantonese and Punjabi newscasts; measures to slow the loss of local TV; more opportunities for female directors, writers and producers; more flexibility for broadcasters – the benevolent Jean-Pierre Blais, outgoing chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), seems to have a little something for most. Continue reading.


New original digital series takes a kaleidoscopic look at Canada’s brand

From a media release:

Big Cedar Films, founded by award-winning filmmaker Geoff Morrison, launched their original digital series, Brand Canada, on the CBC TV app and at CBC.ca/brandcanada today. Part of CBC’s 2017 programming, Brand Canada is a kaleidoscopic exploration of Canada the ‘brand’ – from the artwork and images that first symbolized Canada, through the building and appropriation of a collective identity, to how the country is viewed today. With 10 episodes varying in length from two to six minutes, this unique series covers a broad spectrum of stories relating to Canada’s brand.

Each episode is directed by a notable emerging or mid-career Canadian filmmaker, including shorts from Josh Raskin (I Met the Walrus), Aleysa Young (Baroness Von Sketch Show) and Tess Girard, whose contribution Canada the Good? premiered at Hot Docs this year. The filmmakers incorporated their own unique style, offering varied perspectives as well as creative approaches. Directors were encouraged to choose a filmmaking form that best suited their subject, rather than follow a prescribed series construct. This process fostered creative exploration and experimentation in a highly contemporary format.

Episode list:

Canada the Good?
Directed by Tess Girard
Official Selection: Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, 2017
Simon Anholt, the renowned policy analyst behind the Good Country Index, assesses the international perception of Canada — and whether or not we’re as ‘good’ as we think we are.

America’s Canada
Directed by Aleysa Young
A pop culture-fuelled audit of how American TV influences Canada’s brand — through the perspective of the denizens of Mexico City.

Rant & Rave
Directed by Daniel Roher
How a marketing guru inhaled Canadian identity and exhaled a new Canadian pride in Molson’s seminal TV ad, “The Rant.”

The Canadian Dream
Directed by Haya Waseem
A poetic exploration of Canada through the eyes of immigrants, as early impressions of their new home evolve into everyday experience.

Design is a Process
Directed by Randall Okita
An illustrated exploration of the power of Canadian design through iconic images of branding and culture.

Origin Story
Directed by Ryan J. Noth
How the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company created the first vision of Canada as a branded nation.

Meanwhile in Canada
Directed by Josh Raskin and Justin Broadbent
We meet the person responsible for the “Meanwhile in Canada” memes. All of them.

Brand Ambassadors: Drake & Shania
Directed by Geoff Morrison
Canada has a grand tradition of producing global pop superstars, but few of them rep their home country quite like Drake and Shania Twain.

Trudeaumania Redux
Directed by Ramon Perez and Mike Valiquette
As Trudeaumania returns, can a social media superhero survive the reality of 21st century leadership?

O Canada (Karaoke Video)
Directed by Josh Raskin and Justin Broadbent
A karaoke video of O Canada, featuring ketchup chips.