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Comments and queries for the week of September 23

Where is Liza Fromer?

I missed Liza Fromer on The Morning Show, and wondered where she was. Will she be back? —Sheila

No, Liza won’t be back on The Morning Show. Her contract was not renewed. Global News made the announcement in June.


Where is Kim’s Convenience?

What day and time is the pilot or premiere? —Alex

Kim’s Convenience debuts Monday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. on CBC. Look for our behind-the-scenes feature closer to air date.


No love for The Bachelorette Canada

It’s sad that instead of making original content, broadcasters are buying concepts. They are cheaper to produce and bring in decent ad dollars, so I guess that’s the bottom line. As someone who works in the industry, I find it disheartening. —Chris


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Link: Shop Talk – Can Kim’s Convenience help fix TV’s diversity problem?

From Nicholas Hune-Brown of The Walrus:

Link: Shop Talk – Can Kim’s Convenience help fix TV’s diversity problem?
In reality, one in five Canadians is a visible minority. In Vancouver and Toronto, where many of these shows are shot, nearly half the residents are people of colour. And yet on our televisions, minorities exist at the margins. They’re there for a moment—working the front desk at the gym, mopping up after a group of wacky elementary-school teachers—and then they’re gone, multicultural set dressing against which the paler denizens of TV Canada live their eventful lives. Continue reading.


Link: Ins Choi’s award-winning Toronto play Kim’s Convenience ready to make its comedic debut on CBC-TV

From Ron Johnson of Post City:

Link: Ins Choi’s award-winning Toronto play Kim’s Convenience ready to make its comedic debut on CBC-TV
Ins Choi was happy when his play Kim’s Convenience made it into the Toronto Fringe Festival. That was enough for a young kid fresh out of acting school at York University.

Now, after many stage productions at Soulpepper Theatre Company, tours, accolades and acclaim, Choi’s plucky comedy about a Korean family running a convenience store is about to make its premiere on CBC-TV this fall. Continue reading. 


Link: Set visit: party time at CBC’s Kim’s Convenience

From Bill Brioux of Brioux.tv:

Link: Set visit: party time at CBC’s Kim’s Convenience
Headed out to Kim’s Convenience Tuesday but not for milk and bread. The comedy, premiering in October on CBC, is shooting in Toronto on seven standing sets spread across two large sound stages.

If you’ve been watching CBC’s Summer Olympic Games coverage, you’ve no doubt seen the promos for the series. Continue reading.


Production on Thunderbird’s Kim’s Convenience begins for CBC

From a media release:

Thunderbird, in association with Soulpepper, is pleased to announce that production is underway in Toronto on 13 episodes of new half-hour comedy KIM’S CONVENIENCE, based on the Soulpepper production of Ins Choi’s award-winning hit play. The series will premiere this fall on CBC.

KIM’S CONVENIENCE is the funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family who run a convenience store in downtown Toronto. The series centres around Mr. and Mrs. Kim (‘Appa’ and ‘Umma’), who immigrated to Toronto in the ’80s to set up shop near Regent Park, and their two grown kids, Jung and Janet. The world of KIM’S CONVENIENCE is real, colourful and urban – a diverse landscape of people and places – with the Kim family at its core, as they find humour in their everyday lives running the store.

Produced by Ivan Fecan and co-created by Ins Choi and Kevin White, the series stars Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Shoot The Messenger, Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Appa, Jean Yoon (Orphan Black, The Expanse) as Umma, Simu Liu (Blood and Water, Taken) as Jung, Andrea Bang (Camp Death III: The Final Summer) as Janet, Andrew Phung (Adventures of a Pizza Guy) as Kimchee, and Nicole Power (Anne of Green Gables) as Shannon.

Executive Producers on KIM’S CONVENIENCE are Ivan Fecan, Tim Gamble, Alexandra Raffé, Leslie Lester, Albert Schultz, Ins Choi and Kevin White. Supervising Producers are Sandra Cunningham and Robin Cass.