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Preview: A traveler on trial on Travelers

To me, the mark of a good episode is it causes discussion. And boy, did last week’s episode of Travelers do that. “17 Minutes” was a hit for some and a massive miss for others. Arguments were made it was one of the best storylines so far while an equal amount of folks hated the Groundhog Day theme and fast-forwarded to the end to watch the conclusion.

But on to this week’s instalment, “Traveler 0027,” written by Ashley Park and directed by Amanda Tapping. Here’s what Showcase has released synopsis-wise ahead of Monday’s broadcast:

After receiving an unusual message to attend a court proceeding, the travelers find that one of their own is on trial for conspiring against The Director and interrupting the Grand Plan.

And here is some additional information we can divulge after watching a screener.

Who is Traveler 0027?
If you’ve been paying attention—and I know you have—it’s Grace Day, who has taken some major liberties with timelines and other folks’ fates since her illegal arrival in 2017 among them resetting Marcy. Now she is forced to atone for her actions. Actress Jennifer Spence turns in one hell of a performance.

Where is the Quantum Frame?
That’s the mission for MacLaren and the team this week and it involves nabbing a trio of soldiers to help with that. And as serious as Travelers has been, story-wise, of late the show’s writers still find time to throw a funny line into scenes. That’s not easy but they make it appear that way.

Philip is fumbling
Now that the future is in turmoil all of Philip’s encyclopedic knowledge is kind of useless. He’s feeling down in the dumps about his self-worth; can Carly pull him out of his funk?

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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Preview: The Travelers team hits the water for high octane adventure

Just because you saved the world from a catastrophic virus doesn’t mean you get any downtime. That’s what MacLaren and the team learn in this week’s new episode of Travelers.

Here’s what Showcase has revealed regarding Monday’s newest episode, “17 Minutes,” written by creator Brad Wright and directed by Amanda Tapping.

A skydiving traveler must try, repeatedly, to save our team from a horrible fate.

And, as always, a few more tidbits from us after watching the episode.

Kat blows her top
No, she’s not still suffering from a fever, but Kat is certainly feeling hot thanks to Grant forgetting something special. We don’t blame her, frankly and he’s in the dog house. That leads to a very funny scene as his team members educate Grant in “21st Century Female Behavior.” I keep forgetting that, despite all of the missions these folks are on, they need to keep their low profile and stay integrated with the population.

Say what?!?!
Just five minutes into “17 Minutes,” everything goes awry for the team in a deadly way. A seemingly routine mission to retrieve an important item turns awful for everyone. Brad Wright and his writers continue to take us on a thrilling ride every week and this one is no exception. It’s twisty, turny and simply fantastic.

Melissa Roxburgh saves the day
Well, her character Carrie tries to anyway. The Vancouver actress portrays the aforementioned skydiver who plummets to earth and attempts to save MacLaren and the squad … and save their mission in the process.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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Preview: An old face revisits MacLaren on Travelers

Well, Travelers fans, what did you think of the showdown between Vincent and MacLaren? Pretty great, huh? As Enrico Colantoni told us last week, Vincent’s journey is going to be a fun one.

Monday’s newest, entitled “11:27,” is one heck of a ride too, and marks the return of a character last seen in the memorable Season 1 instalment, “Bishop.” Here’s the official synopsis from Showcase:

MacLaren and the team must help a fellow traveler plan his own assassination while helping an unsuspecting activist complete a deadly mission.

And here are a few more tidbits we can share after watching a screener of the instalment written by Ashley Park and Pat Smith and directed by Amanda Tapping.

Say what?!
We’ll admit that “11:27” sprints out of the gate, leaving us wondering exactly what was going on. It’s meant to put viewers on their heels and is effective in doing that. And, just as quickly, things lock into place.

Bishop returns
Eagle-eyed fans will recognize the profile of Congressman Bishop (Gerard Plunkett) in the main photo. He’s got scathing words for MacLaren and the team, as well as an odd mission directive.

Jenny + Philip
It’s taken us until this week to realize that’s 21 Thunder actress Stephanie Bennett doing such a great job in the role of Jenny, who is helping keep Philip under her power with drugs.

Trevor + Abigail
Paloma Kwiatkowski checks in as Abigail, a mysterious young woman who has a request for Trevor. He follows through but upon reflection has major questions about what he’s helping Abby do. Can he stop her in time?

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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Link: Travelers: Enrico Colantoni on Vincent’s history and why the series is “brilliant”

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Travelers: Enrico Colantoni on Vincent’s history and why the series is “brilliant”
“When I realized it was Vincent, it blew the whole world off key. Now we know who the first Traveler was, now we know when it all started, we have a bigger perspective of this world. Such a smart addition. He’s so creepy, so well-thought out, yet so justified in everything he does. If anybody put themselves in his shoes, they would have behaved in the same way.” Continue reading.


Travelers: Enrico Colantoni discusses Vincent’s Season 2 journey

This season of Travelers has been crazy. It’s hard to believe we’re only in Week 2 of the second go-round because Brad Wright and his writing squad have really upped the drama. It all began with that stunning introduction to Vincent Ingram, played by Enrico Colantoni. By the end of Episode 1, we learned Vincent arrived in this time period as the September 11th terrorist attack was taking place. Now, exceedingly rich and paranoid, Vincent has been capturing and torturing travelers … including our team in Season 1.

But rather than waiting all season long for a showdown between Vincent and MacLaren, Wright does it in this Monday’s new episode, “Jacob.” Like we said, no punches are being pulled in Season 2 and the scene between MacLaren and Vincent is chilling in its intensity.

We spoke to Colantoni, who most recently appeared in the City miniseries Bad Blood, about Vincent’s Season 2 journey.

Eric McCormack told me that he thought of you immediately when they were casting Vincent, based on your role on Person of Interest.
Enrico Colantoni: He was very candid about that part of it and I’m just thrilled that he sees me that way. It’s not every day that you get a call from an actor friend with a job. It’s pretty cool. [Laughs.] I’m sure with everything that Eric has to do casting isn’t one of them. He’s the cat’s meow and I’m thrilled that he thought of me. I see the connection between Elias and him seeing me as Vincent, but I took liberties with Vincent that I never would have been allowed to with Elias, which was cool.

This is a character who was hinted at in Season 1 but wasn’t revealed until the first episode of Season 2. It was a great reveal.
Can you imagine? It all makes sense, time-wise. And to play a character who has a new lease on life. You come into this world that changed on that day. There he is, coming in with a new lease on life. What would anybody do if they knew the future and still fear for their life? How would you proceed? You’d be completely paranoid, completely cloistered, avoid all the technology that everybody else is embracing and yet have complete control of it.

Was it hard to wrap your mind around it?
I had to have a few phone calls with Brad. I’m a fan of the show so I got the whole encyclopedia of it. Brad was nice enough to tell me where Vincent was headed but it was too much information to find useful before I even had shown up. The fun of it was I got to be a spiteful, paranoid old guy who just didn’t give a f–k, which was so much fun. And to watch Eric’s eyes bug because of some of the most ridiculous takes I’d ever given to camera. They couldn’t use them but I gave Brad everything from zero to 100. It’s just so much fun to play somebody who can’t be pigeonholed.

Does not being pigeonholed the result of the genre or the script?
The script. The genre itself is so broad, but Brad has really narrowed it down. To call The Director The Director as if it were God and then realize it’s an AI and there are factions in the future that are now at odds because of what happened in the past. You come wanting to prevent a catastrophe but now what do you do because it’s a new catastrophe.

And yet, it’s about dealing with the mundane. How do I raise this child and still save the world? How do I make this marriage work and still save the world? How do I deal with this drug addiction and still save the world?

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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