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Ratings: Week of October 25

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Ratings across Canada Oct. 25-31
    “CBC’s Dragon’s Den pulled 1,277,000, which still could not boost Being Erica (363,000) above the Brampton barrier. Even Global’s Shattered (431,000) now draws better than Ms. Strange.” Read more.

New tonight: The Tudors on CBC – ep 7

Picture 037Henry marries Catherine Parr, his sixth and final wife. Plans are made for the invasion of France and Charles Brandon is named commander of the English armies. Bishop Gardiner begins to investigate the new Queen’s religious beliefs. She is rumored to be a secret Protestant and he intends to expose her.


New tonight: The Tudors on CBC – episode 6

Tudors set 03 highIn a surprise decision, the King orders a new Act of Parliament, which restores the succession rights of his two daughters. The King dispatches Hertford and his arch enemy, the Earl of Surrey, to warn the King of Scotland. Also the ambassador of France and the ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire seek the support of Henry in attacking each other.


The Tudors to air most important episode of series

From Alex Strachan of Canada.com:

  • The Tudors reaches for a grace note in its most compelling, most poignant and perhaps most important episode of the series
    “n this week’s episode — the most heart-wrenching, arguably most profound episode of the season, if not the series — the teenage Howard will face the full wrath and fury of the English court, after her dalliances — the decisions of a petulant, teenage girl — are made public. Critics have accused The Tudors of playing fast-and-loose with the historical record, but writer Michael Hirst — an Oscar nominee for Shekhar Kapor’s 1998 film Elizabeth — has always maintained he is a dramatist, not a documentarian.” Read more.