Upcoming episode: Global Currents, Nov. 3: Somba Ke – The Money Place

From Global:

“Somba Ke – The Money Place”
Saturday, November 4th at 7 p.m. ET/PT (60 mins.)

Somba Ke: The Money Place takes viewers on a journey to the Canadian Arctic where a uranium mine is at the centre of a worldwide demand for a controversial energy source – nuclear power. The local Sahtu Dene First Nations call the mine “Somba Ke” or “the money place.” Few Canadians know that the Canadian government operated this mine in the 1940s that supplied the United States with uranium for the atomic bombs that leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Now, that same mine is being re-opened for exploration despite claims by natives that the mine is contaminating sacred land and is the cause of several cancer-related deaths in the community. Directed and produced by Tokyo-based David Henningson, this controversial film uncovers the deadly legacy of Canadians caught between the wave of the future – and the secrets of the past.

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* New date
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  1. This is a wide-ranging and thoughtful documentary offering a compelling ‘archaeology’ of this part of the Canadian north. It does a great job of reminding us that nothing happens in a vacuum and that the turn and return to nuclear energy has a history and very real consequences. _Somba Ke_ should be shown widely on a triple bill with _An Inconvenient Truth_ and _The Corporation_, but it has a harder edge than both of these better known films put together. Henningson is a film-maker to watch.

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