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What is TV, eh?

An online hub covering Canadian television shows and the industry that produces them, TV, eh? serves up fresh content daily, including news, reviews, interviews, links and podcasts. It’s the ultimate source for TV enthusiasts and entertainment industry types alike.

Original Content

TV, eh? features original reviews, interviews and commentary. Respected television critic and TV, eh? editor Greg David has extensive access to key players and talent in the Canadian television industry, resulting in coverage that provides an insider’s perspective on the best and worst in Canadian TV (and everything in between).

Opinion pieces from TV, eh? founder Diane Wild and pieces from numerous contributors offer fresh perspectives and round out the original content on the site.

Shared Content

In addition to an abundance of original content, TV, eh? features links to Canadian television coverage from various other sources.

Daily E-newsletter

The daily TV, eh? email newsletter features links to the day’s original news stories and reviews, as well as links to Canadian television coverage from other sources.


  • TV, eh? podcast: Greg David and veteran podcaster Anthony Marco give their opinions on the latest Canadian television news.
  • TV Eh B Cs podcast: Anthony Marco sheds light on the Canadian television industry through interviews with the writers, directors, producers, showrunners, talent and executives behind top shows. Past interviewees include Murdoch Mysteries showrunner Peter Mitchell, Bones creator Hart Hanson, 19-2 showrunner Bruce M. Smith, director Tim Southam and actors Patrick McKenna (Remedy, Hard Rock Medical), Ari Millen (Orphan Black), Carmen Moore (Blackstone), Aaron Poole (Strange Empire) and Eric Johnson (The Knick).

Quick Facts

  • We’ve got great Google juice: TV, eh? is Google News approved, meaning it pops up in Google searches more often. And because we post frequently, cover items few others do, and link to and are linked from many other sites, our stories pop up high in search results.
  • We’ve got great grassroots support: In the summer of 2014, a total of $21,022 was raised through an Indiegogo campaign to fund the re-launch of TV, eh? after a brief hiatus. Donations exceeded the campaign’s fundraising goal by 1,401%. The 210 contributors included Canadian TV fans, networks, the Writers Guild of Canada and its members, actors, production companies, the Directors Guild of Canada and its members and the Canadian Film Centre, among many others.
  • We’re trying for great karma: TV, eh? has helped raise over $10,000 for Kids Help Phone through charity auctions on the site.