ReGenesis Finale Reveals ‘The Truth’

From a media release:

After four groundbreaking seasons, Shaftesbury’s Gemini Award-winning television series ReGenesis concludes this Sunday, May 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The Movie Network (eastern Canada) and 9 p.m. PT on Movie Central (western Canada). Created by Christina Jennings, the series stars Peter Outerbridge as molecular biologist David Sandström.

Currently broadcast in 20 languages and more than 115 countries worldwide, ReGenesis was the first syndicated original drama series to be offered in high definition in the U.S. Its innovative storylines have regularly preceded real world events, such as the assertion that the Spanish Flu outbreak started with birds (episode 113); that people can awaken after years in a coma (episode 204); that “Virgin” birth is a real phenomenon (episode 310); and reports of birds attacking en masse (episode 408).

Kate Trotter guest stars in the final episode ‘The Truth’ with a glimpse into the future revealing that Nina’s (Rosa Laborde) unborn child is Bob’s (Dmitry Chepovetsky) clone, Robert Melnikov Jr. – the first human clone.

Robert thought he was fulfilling his parents’ dream of spreading the gift of empathy to families who wanted children by opening a fertility clinic for the sale of his highly desirable sperm. What he didn’t know was that his DNA had been mutated during the deadly flu pandemic of 2010, and that his clinic had become “ground zero” for every global pandemic in the years to follow.

David (Peter Outerbridge) had always known that Bob and Nina’s decision to bear a human clone would have devastating repercussions. And given this new insight into things to come, it looks like he might have been right.


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  1. This is a fantastic show..I am Canadian and wonder..if it is a Canadian show, why can’t you buy the dvd here? It is sold in the UK and in France etc..but not in Canada? Where it is made? I would love to buy this series…region 1..anyone? Help?

    I am going to miss this show!!!!

  2. I have watched this incredible show since its first episode aired here in America. I’m in Chicago where it airs twice a week – very handy in case I miss the first showing, I can just tune in later. The show I just watched ended with the suicide bomber blowing up the lab so I think this is still Season 2. I hope so because that means I get to look forward to at two more years. Anyway, all good things must come to an end and so goes Regensis but WOW what a ride! Excellent scripts, stellar performances and characters I really care about all tied up with bio-science, chemestry, technology and just enough governmental conspiracy to spice it all up. THANK YOU CANADA! – PEACE –

  3. What a brilliant show, I’m so sad to see it end!! I thought the finale was very poignant; and had a very strong message. I will miss this show.

  4. One of the best programs on TV and it’s sad to see it go. I thought it had years left in it, personally. I thought the last episode was a bit odd, but when they hit the cast flashbacks, I only then realised it was the last episode ever! Not knowing that beforehand made it all the more entertaining. All good things come to an end…

  5. I thought most of the last season was very weak. Tooo much romance and too much sulking and not enough catastrophes. I didn’t like the last episode. To many dumb questions by the lawyer and to many unprepared replies by the scientists. I thought most of the last season was poorly written just like my little diatribe

  6. Well, I thought it a good finale, but since it really looks like Episode 12 was a season finale, leaving alot of loose ends, this episode closed some badly and some not at all.

    Like Eps. 12 left 176 world leaders activated, this episode solved that with ‘Well it didn’t work’.

    Eps 12 left Carlos in Moldova in jail and his friend about to be executed. Nothing was done with this in the series finale.

    I really think Eps 12 was the end of the season, and they decided not to pick up the show, so they made Eps. 13 to close it out

  7. I love the show, have watched it from the start.

    Couldn’t they have come up with a better ending than that? Maybe it’s being left open for a movie, but really, it was disappointing…

  8. I love this show and do not understand how it cannot be getting picked up for a fifth season their was so many unanswred questions that now will make the show worse because when I see reruns I will be reminded of them why oh why did this have to be dropped.

    Greetings from the UK

  9. If anybody ever finds the DVDs in Region 1 format PLEASE let me know. I’m near Boston MA and the same few episodes are playing over and over. I just learned today there are SEVERAL seasons-worth and I want to purchase them ALL but all I could find was Season 1 just in Region 2 format!

  10. I loved every minute of this show. It was one of the best on tv and I am sorry to see it end.

  11. Just awesome, rest in peace. But where the fuck was Ellen Page(Lilith Sandstrom) in the last season? I kind of liked the ending though it could have been sooo much more. But as said before, too many loose ends. Anyways, its been a blast, miss you allready.
    Regards from Sweden.

  12. Have just seen the final episode and am still reeling in shock. Such a terrible mess. Looks like they suddenly realised they’d been cancelled and the writer had one night and a large pot of coffee to throw somethingver together.

    One of the many great things about this show was its contemporary setting and how it all seemed so possible. Over 4 years of intelligent drama, it had a lot to say. Such a shame it ended in this way. I think I would rather have had a cliffhanger ending and been left forever wondering.

    Anyone who worked on the show like to enlighten us to the truth?

    Nevertheless, four great years of original TV. The final season lost its way a little as the science took too much of a back seat in favour of character drama which occasionally spilled into the region of soap or melodrama. But I still really enjoyed it.

    I am now going to watch it all again from the beginning. I think, however, I will end on watching season 4 episode 12 and pretend episode 13 didn’t exist.

  13. I just started watching this amazing show a month ago. I can’t stop watching it! Regenesis is an amazing show. However, I can only find the first two seasons on I live in Chicago and would like to know if anyone knows if it broadcasts here on anywhere, for that matter. Thanks and gracias Canada

  14. This was a online-message by Broadcasting & Cable
    dated June 30, 2008:

    It mentioned that U.S.- Program Partners renewed
    Syndie Crime Franchises for ReGenesis Season 2,3 and 4.

  15. I work at a TV station in the Southeastern United States and we are running the syndicated version of this show, edited for content and language.

    I have fallen in love with this show and . . . dare I say it?. . .Dr. David Sandstrom! I would love to find a poster or two from the show. No luck, yet.

    The original episodes of Season 1 and 2 are now available on You have to set up a free account because of the mature rating.

    I am sorry the show ended. :( Good TV always disappears so quickly. Only the wishes of the so-called “masses” remain.

  16. Why di d this show have to end…Doesn’t make sense. This was the best show I have ever seen. I live near San Francisco, and I am addicted to the show on HULU…but, it ends at season 3 and I know they made 4 seasons. I like to describe this show to my American friends as this show is House meets CSI…They’re addicted to it, just like I am……Sux, sux sux.. I wan them to come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….. We need more GREAT television like this. We get enough retarded television in the States, as it is…. Has a show ever been dropped and ever come back years later? If not,…this SHOULD BE THE FIRST… I feel like that 80’s kid watching Dire Straits”……I want my ReGenesis T.V….. , oh well, back to reality…

  17. Wait- do we know that was the future for sure or was that just David’s hallucination while unconscious? I think it would work better that way (unconscious hallucination)- there’s still the wondering, and we see what David’s worst fears about the clone are.

    I’m sad they killed Rachel. The virologist position was clearly cursed, and I bet there would have been a bad ending for Anuka too if the series had continued. But when the lab hijacking happened….after a few terrorist attacks on the lab, don’t you think they’d have tighter security? And that it would take more than one lab tech infiltrator/secret agent to take over the lab like that?

    I think what I loved most about the show were the research montages with centrifuges and little tiny pipettes and all that.

  18. phenomenal show. I found it late in the game about 3 months ago on hulu and was immediately hooked. I don’t know what the deal is with hulu not being able to stream season 4 so i had to go find it since it’s not being aired anywhere. I agree, the last episode was strange and an apparent attempt to tie up many of the loose ends. Best show i’ve seen in a long LONG time. Thank you for creating this show.

  19. Thank you Canada for producing a n extremley entertaining series. Very sorry to see that the show will not go to s5.

  20. I watched through season 3 on Hulu. Thank you Canada! I love your TV shows. Any suggestions of ctvI must see?

  21. I found ReGenesis on this Autumn and have been addicted to it. I was frantic to find Season 4 and Bing led me to Now, I’m in a quandry. I’ve read through the many comments on this “Finale” thread and am afraid to watch S413. I think I’ll watch again from the beginning before I dare watch the Series Finale. Why was the show canceled? Did they ever make a movie? Did they ever seriously consider bringing it back. I really connected with the characters and am sad that their presence in my life was so brief! I still wonder what happened to David’s hockey friend who appeared to attempt suicide. Did he succeed? What happeneda to Carlos’ gay friend who was dying from AIDS and received an experimental treatment from Carlos? Although it was obvious that working at NORBAC was an extreme threat to life and limb, the show had so much more ahead. Sad that it is gone!!

  22. Thanks for bringing this great series back in 2012! Just watched the new episodes of season 5 last night here in the states on channel 193 SCI. They had two new episodes on back to back. I stumbled upon it last night while looking for something good to watch. Shocked to see that the episode creation date was 2012 and that it was flagged as NEW. I have seen all past episodes and was disappointed in 2009 when I found out that is was cancelled. But now I am hopeful that it will make it another four more seasons. That would be great!!

  23. I miss this SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the BEST SCI-FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Where have I been the last few years. I just stumbled on ReGenesis fell in love watched a marathon of each season in just three days. WOW, what well written and extremely entertaining series. Why was this ever cancelled? Go Canada for bring such realism and mind boggling suspense into my not so exciting life..

  25. If you are still looking, Season 1 ONLY SEASON 1 is available they Amazon. Other seasons are nowhere to be found to play on Region 1 dvd players. Www. Tv. Com. You can WATCH All four seasons!!

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