New tonight: Hiccups on CTV – “Strata’s Fear”

8 p.m.

Millie (Nancy Robertson) runs into trouble with the head of her strata council while Taylor (David Ingram) struggles to hold up his end of a bargain with Joyce (Laura Soltis).


5 thoughts on “New tonight: Hiccups on CTV – “Strata’s Fear””

  1. For the love of humanity, get this series OFF the air. Just because someone (BUTT) scores a hit with a previous series does not necessarily mean he gets to have carte blanche with the next.

    Butt cannot act, Robertson cannot act, the Latino wife cannot act. This just reverts back to the classic Canadian crap of the past.

    If CTV gives this series more than a year, then someone is blowing someone.

    & while you are at it Dan for Mayor, cancel that too!!!

  2. JJ Says it all…cancel these two lame shows…they’re tainting the memory of Corner Gas for me.

  3. Hiccups is a perfect example of why Canadian television can’t move forward. Do we only need 6 television actors in this country? No one acts like these characters, especially in Vancouver. There’s no redeeming qualities in Millie…painful

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