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Cra$h & Burn partners with BBC Worldwide

From a media release:

Whizbang Films Announces Partnership with BBC Worldwide for Distribution of Original Canadian Drama Series, Cra$h & Burn

Whizbang Films announced today that BBC Worldwide will be distributing 13 one-hour episodes of the new original Canadian drama series, Cra$h & Burn. Originally commissioned by Canwest for Showcase Television in Canada, BBC Worldwide will introduce the show to over 500 TV buyers from around the world at its annual BBC Showcase event in Brighton, UK, from February 21 to 25th, 2010. The show’s Executive Producer Malcolm MacRury and Lead Actor Luke Kirby will be in attendance.

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In the news: Cra$h & Burn ‘most underrated’

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • What’s hotter than a woman yelling “harder?”
    “Crash & Burn (Showcase 10 p.m.) ends its season tonight. The most underrated Canadian series in recent years, it’s been a triumph – a hybrid of wit and grit, a crazy journey into the insurance racket. Anyone who has watched has seen the life of messed-up Jimmy (Luke Kirby) unravel as he tried and failed to tie his criminality together with his job in the insurance game. Tonight, big decisions are necessary. Hope the series returns and gets the admiration it deserves.” Read more.

Review: Cra$h & Burn

From Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings:

  • Darkness on the Edge of Dramatic Satire: Showcase’s Cra$h & Burn
    “If you had told me going in that the show would present itself as part Better Off Ted (Workplace Satire!), part The Wire (Corruption, and Clark Johnson!), and part Six Feet Under (People Die in the Cold Open!), I probably would have raised my eyebrow faster than ever before, but Crash & Burn is an interesting little dramatic experiment which plays with elements from all these shows. It is not as successful as any of them, struggling early on with the weight of having its hand in so many cookie jars, but it gets a lot of points for going for it, and achieves a sense of dramatic weight and purpose around the midpoint of its first season which makes me anxious, at some point in the future, to finish it.” Read more.