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In the news: Trey Anthony of Da Kink in My Hair

From Tamara Shephard of Inside Toronto:

  • smallActress still in disbelief over own success
    “Standing in a Toronto subway station this week next to the poster of her Gemini award-winning TV series still makes Trey Anthony do a double take. ‘Da Kink in My Hair follows the lives of a group of women who let their hair down in more ways than one and discuss love, life and everything in between at Letty’s, a vibrant, bustling hair salon in Toronto’s Caribbean community.” Read more.

In the news: Comedy weakest part of Da Kink in My Hair

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • A kink in the plan
    “If we were in charge of da Kink in my Hair, we would turn it into a drama. We’re not being facetious. The thought came to us as we were watching the second-season premiere of da Kink in my Hair, which airs tonight on Global. da Kink in my Hair is a Canadian sitcom set in a hair-dressing salon in Toronto’s Jamaican community. But the comedy actually is the weakest part of the show.” Read more.

Tonight: Da Kink in My Hair season 2 premiere on Global

Thursday, February 12 – 9:30pm ET/PT


With a new man in her life, Letty is finding it hard to balance motherhood, the shop and her clients – especially without Joy and Nigel around. Over at Claudette’s, Joy tries to change herself in order to fit in to the cold, sterile environment. Her spirit is hard to quash, especially in the presence of Trish Stratus, former wrestler turned media mogul. Meanwhile, left to run the shop, well-intentioned Starr tries to change the rules and finds she is alienating the whole of Letty’s clientele. In the mirror story, Nina, an overweight client, is the victim of weight discrimination at work.

The Cast of 'da Kink in my Hair (l to r) Daniel Gordon, Trey Anthony, Ordena Stevens-Thompson, Ngozi Paul, Eli Goree
The Cast of 'da Kink in my Hair (l to r) Daniel Gordon, Trey Anthony, Ordena Stevens-Thompson, Ngozi Paul, Eli Goree

Tonight: Da Kink in My Hair documentary special on Global


This Saturday, February 7 – 9pm ET/PT

Seven years in the making, Embracing ‘da Kink is a one hour documentary recounting a collective of young women drawn together by one script, one purpose and one woman: trey Anthony. Her play, ‘da Kink In My Hair candidly portrays the joy, pain, and strife within black women’s lives. The documentary follows the journey of the play from its humble beginnings in 2000, through to its reincarnation as a dazzling television series in 2007.


In the news: Eli Goree of Da Kink in My Hair, Soul

From Eric Heino of Inside Toronto:

  • smallEAST YORK: Actor becoming a familiar face on television
    “It’s going to be hard to ignore East York resident Eli Goree for the next few months as he is playing major roles in two Canadian television series, both debuting next week. Playing dual roles as Malik in the popular Global TV series Da Kink in My Hair and Samson in Vision TV’s new series Soul, Goree is viewed by many as an up and coming star.” Read more.