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Upcoming episode: What’s That About? Discovery Channel, Aug. 25

From The Discovery Channel:

What’s That About?: “The Rock Concert”
Fri., Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

It’s 11 p.m. and the hockey game has just wrapped. In just 20 hours this building – bigger than an airplane hanger – will be transformed from a temple of sports and sweat into a high-tech stage hosting the concert event of the year. The mastermind behind the transformation is Rick Annett. The concert in question is The Australian Pink Floyd Show – a high-tech spectacle emulating one of the rock icons of all time – that has been playing to critical acclaim all over the world for 15 years. Follow Annett, as his crew transforms the hockey rink into one of the foremost rock concert venues in North America – literally overnight. Just where does the ice go? Will the venue be ready for the band to roll in at sunrise? Watch as tour manager Kevin Hopgood races against the clock to move in their truckloads of gear and get it set up for the performance of their lives in front of thousands of passionate “Floyd Heads” in just a few short hours? This episode also demystifies the magic of lasers and rock-and-roll SFX, and reveals how the quintessential classic electric guitars and state-of-the-art drums and speakers are made. Finally, climb aboard and experience the luxurious tour bus and see what “must have” items are part their contract rider.


Upcoming episode: What’s That About? Discovery Channel, Aug. 18

What’s That About?: “The Aquarium”
Fri., Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

They’re calling it the biggest aquarium in the world. With a dream to create the most unique public aquarium on Earth, Bernie Marcus has assembled a team of superstar designers, builders, biologists and technicians. He travelled the world to handpick the 120,000 creatures that moved into the brand new aquatic paradise – the Georgia Aquarium. And Marcus accomplished it all on an accelerated timeline, because at age 77, he wanted to be alive to enjoy it. Now Marcus and his crew are charged with the task of keeping these exotic, delicate species alive in this veritable Noah’s Ark. Will a ship load of pumps, filters, lights and a wall of living rock be enough to keep the transplanted fish alive and well? In this fully-submersible episode, check out the incredible technology behind their water world: a mega-filtration system; an orchestra of metal halide lights that feed living rock mimicking the intensity of the tropical sun; the world’s largest viewing window and what they had to do to put it in place; and even an ER ward for fish. When one of the stars of the show has to undergo a surgical procedure, will this new technology pay off?


Upcoming episode: What’s that About? Discovery Channel, Aug. 11

What’s That About?: “The Airport”
Fri., Aug. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

Examine the inner working of three airports with a common mission – moving travellers to their destinations safely and without delays. It’s a delicate balance and a massive challenge filled with daily hurdles, from snow on the runway and too many flights vying for landing rights, to high security risks and fire on the runway. At Montreal’s Trudeau International, amidst the snow and ice, veteran air traffic controller Bill Smith is on a mission to get his flights on the ground safely and get those held up in the taxi queue to take-off with no further delays. Outside Pearson International, ground traffic maintenance manager, Paul Schenk, has declared that closing Pearson – even in the worst weather – is not an option, so Todd Browne and his 11-strong corps of snow removing machines face a dangerous storm head on. And outside Hartsfield International in Atlanta, engineers Franklin Rucker and Frank Hayes are striving to solve their traffic overflow problem – by building a new runway over top of a 10-lane highway! Also, see how an army of workers, toiling away in airport areas few ever see, are driven to keep millions of people and their luggage moving safely to their destinations.