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In the news: Hardisty’s fame in The Week the Women Went

From Dawn Walton of the Globe and Mail:

  • The day the women walked
    “As the chairs were being folded, nobody complained about the way Hardisty was portrayed and the viewers promised to see each other next week at the same time. CBC said The Week the Women Went attracted an encouraging 770,000 viewers, comparable to Royal Canadian Air Farce, but not quite in the same league as Hockey Night in Canada, which gets more than one million viewers on average.” Read more.

In the news: The Week the Women Went

From Marsha Lederman of the Globe and Mail:

  • Small-town Alberta’s 15 minutes of fame
    The Week the Women Went, a new reality-TV series premiering on CBC tonight, is billed as a rare and large-scale social experiment. Based on a 2005 BBC production of the same name, and produced by Vancouver’s Paperny Films, the show examines what happens to a town when almost all of its women leave temporarily.” Read more.

From Michael D. Reid of the Victoria Times-Colonist:

  • Television: Woman-free town no macho fantasy
    “The diverse townsfolk include Mairead Morrison, whose talk-of-the-town affair ended her marriage to James. Unlike his sister Julie and others, he has forgiven her. Julie’s ex-husband Sam Holinaty is a party boy who grows closer to 11-year-old son Keaton. Then there are Teresa and Jeremy Ottenbreit, whose fragile marriage isn’t helped by Jeremy’s announcement he won’t be back from his fishing trip by the time Teresa starts doing shooters on that Rocky Mountain-bound bus.” Read more.

From Kevin Brooker of the Calgary Herald:

  • Cameras spotlight the men in aprons
    “My interest, if that’s not too strong a word for a ripped-off TV concept by a production company whose resume includes such gems as Kink and Road Hockey Rumble, mostly stems from a suspicion that the narrative will stick to a cliched gender analysis.” Read more.

From Vinay Menon of the Toronto Star:


In the news: Next week on TV

From the Canadian Press:

  • TV tips for the week of Jan. 21
    “Monday, Jan. 21: “The Week the Women Went,” an eight-part series kicking off tonight, sees a group of women from the small town of Hardisty, Alta., taking a relaxing trip away from their everyday lives for a week to find out how their spouses cope back at home. Video diaries and candid footage show the men organizing “daddy day cares” and bonding sessions to help each other out. (CBC)” Read more.