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The year in TV

Alex Strachan of CanWest News Service lists the best of TV, including Intelligence, Corner Gas, and Robson Arms:

  • Cheer up, television has never been better
    “Good grief. So that was the TV year that was. A writers strike. Catfights, celebrity spats and family feuds — and that was just The View. Here’s a look back, through the prism of the stages of grief, as defined by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of On Death and Dying.” Read more.

Joel Rubinoff of the Waterloo Record isn’t as optimistic about the state of TV, and gives Falcon Beach and Whistler the dubious distinction of being among the worst of 2007, while Degrassi is one of his best:

  • TV’s Year of Living Dangerously
    “Degrassi: The Next Generation (CTV): The greatest teen show on the planet rediscovers its mojo with a same sex romance between control freak Paige and teen rebel Alexa. The year’s most compelling — and bittersweet — love story.” Read more.

Rob Salem of the Toronto Star includes Little Mosque on the Prairie in his best of 2007:

  • We’re crazy about TV’s Mad Men
    “A provocative premise, a terrific cast … and, however unlikely and unprecedented, a large and loyal Canadian audience. (Runners-up: Durham County, Across the River to Motor City.)” Read more.

The Globe and Mail names Zarqa Nawaz of Little Mosque on the Prairie one of their people of the year:

  • Arts Person of the year runners-up
    “The public broadcaster gambled that Little Mosque would be the breakout hit it so desperately needed. Turns out, it placed the right bet. In its first season, roughly 1 million viewers tuned in weekly. This season, the average was 785,000 — a respectable turnout for a show that managed to lure away two top writing guns from its comedic rival, CTV’s Corner Gas, the most-watched Canadian comedy on TV.” Read more.

In the news: US looks to Cancon

Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail adds another article on US networks looking north during the strike, but also the international success of Canadian shows in general:

  • Wanted: Cancon, everywhere
    “‘They can’t do reality and reruns forever, and they only have so many movies in the can,’ says Jennings. ‘So they’re looking around. ReGenesis is on the desk of three networks, and I had a call this week from one of the Big Three presidents,’ she adds, referring to the chiefs of NBC, ABC and CBS. ‘Whether it amounts to anything, who knows? These calls may – or may not – have happened regardless of the strike, but let’s just say it pushes [available Canadian programming] up the pile.'” Read more.

Upcoming episode: Whistler, CTV, Nov. 10

From CTV:

Saturday Nov 10 at 9pm ET – Out of Bounds

Quinn, Griff and Travis go on a backcountry boarding trip that leaves Travis injured. Quinn stays behind to take care of Travis while Griff gets help, but as night descends, the temperature plummets and fog socks in the mountain. Though a rescue seems impossible, Ryan refuses to stand idly by and risks his life to try and rescue his nephew. While Quinn struggles to survive, his friends and family can only wait, terrified the mountain will claim another McKaye.